Eczema on Face - your Face Needs This Now!

by : Janet Simpson

Wheatgrass juice is a food medicine which nourishes the cells with live organic nourishment and has the power to strengthen the body's immune response to disease especially that of eczema. Sufferers of eczema are prone to low levels of immunity and need to reverse this.

Let's look at some other benefits of wheatgrass juice...

#1 - Eczema on Face - The liver loves wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass keeps your liver vital and healthy. Important nutrients including Choline and potassium are fed to the liver from Wheatgrass.

#2 - A small glass of wheatgrass drunk on a regular basis will deliver the fantastic electrical energy "chi" to your system which will last all day.

#3 - Want to create new healthy skin cells? Cells that look and feel normal? Wheatgrass is brilliant and will speed up the rate at which your skin heals.