Treatments of Eczema - How to Accelerate your Eczema Cure

by : Janet Simpson

Treatments of Eczema - When the focus of your daily diet is that of organic raw foods you discover two amazing things. When you eat over 50% of your foods raw you find that you have a greater resistance to diseases such as eczema. Your body will have the ability to self heal skin rash, eczema, asthma and hay fever.

You also discover that the pace as which you age is dramatically reduced.

So what can eating raw foods do you for eczema?

#1 - Treatments of Eczema - If you suffer from eczema and eat above 60% of your foods raw and organic you are affected in a totally different manner physiologically than an Eczema sufferer who eats mostly cooked foods in high quantities.

#2 - Treatments of Eczema - Raw foods have the ability to help your skin to radiate. Your skin will heal, glow, and tighten giving off high levels of radiance. You will also radiate more energy if you reduce the amount of cooked foods you eat and increase the raw.

#3 - Treatments of Eczema - It is important for the proper functioning of your system that you keep the acid/alkaline balance stable. Eating raw foods will do this automatically.