Confusion Over Sinus Headache Symptoms

by : Richard Romando

Many people report sinus headache symptoms to their doctors or may self diagnose for sinus symptoms when there is no sinus headache at all. The patient may be diagnosed for the sinus headache while the symptoms might be pointing to migraine headaches instead.

The Symptoms

Most symptoms of the sinus headache may be same as that of other headaches, pain in the head, and facial pain around the eyes, nose and the forehead. However the difference between the two is whether your sinus symptoms are from headache or from an infection. The sinus headache implies a sinus infection, whereas migraine means there's something going on outside of the sinuses causing the migraine.

Why Differentiate the Two?

The two headaches need an altogether different treatment. In order to cure the symptoms of a sinus headache, the infection must be taken care of, whereas curing a migraine headache involves regulating hormone levels or relieving tension. Sinus headache medications treat the infection while relieving some of the pain; migraine medications target hormones and other balances in your body.
Very few of those who have sinus headache symptoms actually suffer from the sinus headache. Most of them actually suffer from migraine headaches, yet still treat them with sinus headache medication, which doesn't work so well in most cases. It is utterly important before starting any treatment, to get a proper diagnosis so that you know exactly what you should be treating.

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