Law of Attraction & Mind Power to Attract Success

by : Priscilla Parham

Our mind absorbs many things especially the negative thoughts from other people. Subconsciously we hear them as feedback when we are doing things that make us think negative. Learn to overcome the negative and become positive by becoming more aware of your self-talk.

Look inside objectively while thinking positive to decide what it is that you don’t like about yourself and things around you. Remember don’t let the negative thoughts get in the way and keep you stuck, just use them as a guide. It takes being truthful and staying positive to be successful at this. Being consistent will bring you money and new friends.

Self-talk is telling yourself that you can and will be successful in whatever goals you choose in life. If you want to make friends or become closer to the ones you already have, you will need to be more conscious of how you act. Your friends will be flocking around you when you talk positive instead of running yourself down all the time.

Sometimes we have to write down what we want to change in order to help the mind and brain attract the things we want.? Changes are not always easy and fun to do but thinking and feeling good will move you further along in life by unleashing your mind power to succeed.

Making a list of what you want to do different and how you’re going to succeed, to reach your goals will make them seem more obtainable.? Repeating this list or what some call affirmations or intentions, again and again out loud in a soft voice will reprogram your mind and increase your effectiveness.

Think positive at the work place and tell yourself that you can learn a new way to handle certain things like how you talk to your co-workers.? When you talk to friends at work don’t say things like; “I can’t get this done in that length of time."? Instead say, “Sure I’ll work on it right away."? When you use the words "can't" or "if" you are using negative thoughts; learn to work around them by telling yourself that you can and will meet the deadline and succeed. People will be happier to work with you and at the same time, you’ll be making more money and friends.

Focusing on your self-talk will help you to remember that you have a list of goals and rewards waiting for you to work on.? If you need to, go back to the list of goals and remind yourself how you're going to succeed by making these changes.?

As time goes on your old negative thoughts will have less and less of a hold on you.

Start now and make your list while you unleash your mind power to success, money and friends. Don’t worry if you make a mistake before reaching your goals. Everyone makes mistakes at one time or another but we learn from them and press on toward the goal. Use your self-talk and positive thinking to find a different way to handle an unpleasant situation the next time it occurs.