The Work Flow Cycle of the Editorial Industry

by : Yuwanda Black

As an editorial professional, I'm sure you're aware of the market slump right now. What you may not be aware of is that this is due to more than just the economy.

Editorial work is a seasonal profession. From mid-June through Labor Day and from Christmas through the end of January are usually pretty slow.

If you are a regular reader of a newspaper, ever notice how thin it is during the summer — especially the Help Wanted section?

What is the point in bringing this to your attention? First, to get you to relax and not worry.

And second, focus on preparatory work during down times. For example, rework your resume; order new supplies; take care of admnistrative paperwork, etc. FYI, there are some great resume tips geared specifically toward the editorial industry on Inkwell Editorial's site at I hope you find them helpful.