How to Get Started on Writing Killer Articles

by : V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D.

I once wrote an article in which I offered the following tip on how to speak eloquently in public: Talk about something that you’re passionate about. When we speak about matters that are dear to our hearts, we often find wellsprings of eloquence from which we can draw.

I offer similar advice to anyone who wants to learn how to write with flair and style. Start by writing about something that you feel deeply and passionately about. The same hearty emotions that lend eloquence to an orator can also provide a jumpstart to an aspiring writer. What’s more, we are likely to be well-informed about matters that we hold dear, and we are likely to have spent many hours pondering their significance in our minds.

Of course, this is no magic bullet. An aspiring writer still needs to master the mechanics of proper composition, as well as develop his own style. Still, these skills can only come about through practice—and if you’re going to practice, it helps to start with topics that we can launch into with great passion and aplomb.