Death By Workers Compensation

by : D.A. Hougaard

Excerpt of Death By Workers' Compensation

"The Bleeding Rose"

In this Excerpt the time that has lapsed is over an hour after the accident. What you are about to read will sicken you and make you wonder why no charges were ever pressed and why this man was not arrested for his part in destroying another person's life, let alone possibly destroying a unborn child's. Alex is seven and half months pregnant. The man who injured her, basically throughout the client who saw the injury he enacted out on Alex. The client Mr. Foxworth waited. in the parking lot for help to arrive and give his statement to the police.... From the loss of blood.....

Alex sat drifting in and out of conscious. She needed to lie down because her head was spinning. Alex knew that it was getting late because it was close to 6 PM when the accident occurred. It had to be close to 7 P.M . She felt very cold. She did not understand why she felt cold because the weatherperson on the morning news said it was suppose to be in the high 90’s.

Alex started hearing voices of other workers leaving. That is when her senses came rolling back on her like a wave over taking the shore. She knew, she was bleeding, it was apparent that she was on her own. There was no Gary - no police - no 911.

Alex started the car. Pulling out of the parking lot to go home, she turned left noticing there were several phones across the street. Thanking God above, all the phone booths in the city had been replace by car level systems. Straining to see the numbers on the phone pad, Alex was able to dial her home number after numerous attempts. Anthony picked up immediately.

“Alex! Where are you?" Anthony was asking with all the calm he could muster, he sounded scared.

“In my car… Gary put me in my car….he left… never called paramedic or police…he left me….Anthony I’m cold, very cold… me." Alex told him.

“Honey, stay on the phone; the police are on the other line, they will help find you okay? Do you know where you are?’" Anthony begged.

“Ok …ok it is Rich Street , somewhere." Alex said. Anthony was not sure Alex was going to stay with him. He told her the police were on the other line. He told her to wait, to stay on the line.

“Officer, she is on the other line at a pay phone on Rich Street . “ Anthony told the officer.

“Keep her on the phone because we can trace the call back to you, do it now!" The officer instructed him. Anthony clicked back his call waiting to Alex.

“Alex! Talk to me, they are trying to find you but you got to stay on the phone with me….Alex." Anthony was telling Alex that they would trace the number back from their home and back to her. Anthony was trying to reassure Alex everything was going to be ok.

“I am coming home, I can’t wait…I am bleeding….I am so….tired. I want to come home…be there…to help me, but be there…." Alex hung up the phone.

Anthony was beside himself. He clicked back to the officer.

“Officer she hung up, she said she is going to drive home." Anthony stated.

“It is okay, we have finished the trace to the phone she is at. However, it would not do us any good if she were trying to drive to you. What is she driving?" The officer asked.

Anthony gave the route she normally takes, he explained, the car make, model and license number. For all he could do for now is wait for her to come to him, or be called she had an accident.

Shaken, he grabbed his sweater and his phones and went out into the parking lot to see if he could see her coming. Pacing up and down the parking lot, he saw police car with their lights and sirens going and then her car, then two more police cars one in front one to the right side of her and one in the back.

They were turning into the parking lot the police officer pulled on one side of her car the others followed up the rear. Police, plus Anthony were all running towards the car........

Questions you need to ask yourself:

Did Alex have her baby? Did it survive? Did Alex?survive the lost of blood... The book is well worth the read. It has the actual depositions of each party involved.? It is heart breaking, it will make you anger at what lengths big business go to save a buck? What games did the insurance company play with the Marshall's?