Stop Hair loss!

by : Kenia Morales

Losing a Lot of Hair?
Are you losing more than 20-100 strands of hairs a day?

If your answer is yes; you are part of 50 percent of the population experiencing hair loss.

For most people, losing a lot of hair is sometimes due to changes in your body. These could be conscious or unconscious changes that maybe causing your hair to shed. Example

  • 1) Did you make a change in your diet?
  • 2) Are you eating enough proteins and amino acids?
  • 3) Is your body going trough a hormonal change (postpartum, thyroid), Anemia, stress, medications etc.?

Stop Hair Loss

Here are some recipes that will act on the scalp by tightening it and helping to avoid hair loss and promote hair growth. But please make sure the recipes are not to hot before applying to your hair or scalp.

1. Apply 2 tablespoons of warm olive oil to scalp, leave on for 10-30 minutes before washing hair.

2. Boil 2 cinnamon sticks in one cup of water apply to hair and live on for at least 5 minutes then rinse off. (it will sting a little).

3. Apply & massage vitamin E oil to scalp at least once a week. It's also helpful for dull hair lacking shine.

4. Increase your protein intake by taking multivitamins. Eat high protein foods like meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dried beans, grains etc.

5. Massage your hair with warm Castor and Almond oil once a week.

It is advisable to consult a dermatologist for anyone losing a lot of hair and experiencing extreme hair loss. A professional will evaluate all the possibilities and right treatment for those with a more serious problem.