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Life after Divorce
by Jamie Wallis.Both involve the volatile concept of justice, and the fallible human interpretation of it. And at the end of it all, there are two tired adversaries who retire from the field licking their wounds, trying to cope financially and emotionally. Just like...
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Redesigning Your Life After Divorce
by Annie O'neill.Remember that it will take time to ‘get over’ your partner leaving but also believe that you will recover.? The Road to Recovery? ?Work through the negative emotions – it is natural to be angry at first.? It is almost a grieving process, althou...
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Helping Your Children Through Your Divorce
by Mick Spencer.Staying together for the children when a marriage goes wrong is all very noble but is it the right thing to do? Divorce can quite often be the better option even for them as the tension within the home can do more damage than separation. Even if th...
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How to File for Divorce in Singapore
by Scott Elliott.Divorce Procedures Singapore. A divorce is the legal procedure that ends a marriage. Your divorce does not have to be a lengthy process. By understanding how divorce works, you can avoid a length and expensive process. Click here for more information
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Should I Divorce My Husband or Stay for the Kids? (Video)
by Dan And Jennifer.This scenario is much more common than you may believe…A couple has been married for 5 years or more, they have 2.5 kids, and live in a suburban wonderland.All of a sudden, they realize they’re not "a couple" anymore, just roommates. The spark ha...
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Tips and advice for handling divorce positively
by Sue Atkins.An unhappy marriage can make parenting  and life in general  stressful. The loss of the family structure can be very upsetting and distressing for everyone involved in this major change.Despite divorce being on the increase around the world, parent...
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Stop Your Divorce: Why Fight?
by Cucan.Most people live full-time with their parents for 18 years. If you meet the one whom you are meant to be with before you are 30 years old, you will hopefully end up spending more than 30 years with them.This means that you will be spending more than ...
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Parenting Tips: Helping Kids Deal With Divorce
by Craig Thornburrow.Unfortunately, divorce is a fact of modern life, and many couples seek parenting tips to help their children deal with the prospect of splitting up the family.? While there is no doubt that divorce takes a heavy toll on children, there are steps pare...
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Divorce Advice: The Causes of Divorce and How To Cope With It
by Cucan.It is a sad fact that many people do not want to acknowledge but the truth is many marriages end in divorce. In fact, approximately one third of marriages these days will fail with spouses going their separate ways.Divorce is a subject that makes peo...
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Divorce Mistakes
by Len Stauffenger.5 Common Mistakes to avoid in a Divorce. Be on the lookout for these five mistakes divorcees make.
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How To Divorce Proof Your Marriage (from a divorce attorney)
by Belinda Rachman, Esq..Let's start with an underlying assumption, good relationships are not easy. When NBC did a story called Project Everlasting, they interviewed 200 couples who had been married at least 40 years and every single one of them said they had been through s...
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Telling the children about your divorce
by Sue Atkins.I have been working with a wonderful group of parents who are all going through a divorce and one of their main worries was how to tell the children about what was going to happen and what to actually say to them.Children naturally fear that they wil...
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Divorce Stories
by Rebecca Hanson.Copyright (c) 2008 Rebecca HansonAttempted ReconciliationMy dad came armed with his own arsenal of justifications. He knew what to expect from me. I hadn't planned anything specific to confront him on--I didn't need to, I had a whole list of offenses...
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What Role Did You Play in Your Divorce?
by Len Stauffenger.Did you watch your parents learning what you did and what you did not like, formulating a plan for how you would do it when you became a parent? Me too. We knew that our parents were not perfect and we knew we could surely improve on how they did t...
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Face the Pain of Your Divorce and Youll Begin to Heal
by Len Stauffenger.Our earliest efforts to handle pain include running from it, avoiding it at any cost, saturating it with alcohol, and numbing it with drugs. None of these work. What does work is wrapping our arms around the pain and just sitting with it. Look at it...
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Guide to a Remarriage Success
by Alyssa Johnon.Remarriage is challenging in the best of situations. While most people are very excited about the idea of remarrying, very few adequately prepare themselves for the minefield of challenges that lie in wait for them. You should! Believe it or not, the...
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Divorce to Remarriage - This Is The Key to A Happy Remarriage
by Alyssa Johnon.Divorcees frequently describe feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of emotions they feel due to all of the sudden changes they are dealing with. One of the most common emotions is loneliness. This happens even for those who initiated the divorce...
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Divorce to Remarriage - Lose the Anger...Live Your Life
by Alyssa Johnon.Anger is normal with divorce. It becomes a problem when you hold on to it. How many of us can instantly think of a bitter divorcee? That person who smirks and rolls their eyes whenever their ex-spouses name is ever mentioned. Got the idea?Today, ...
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Life After Divorce
by Alyssa Johnon.Divorce causes so many different emotions that it can seem overwhelming at times. One of the strongest of these emotions is despair. It's easy to understand why despair comes along in the course and aftermath of a divorce. So many things are changing...
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Divorce Actually Helps You Discover the I of You
by Len Stauffenger.Divorce can be a time of great challenge. Because of all the emotions it stirs up, it's a lot like a fast stir of vegetable soup: all the veggies come up from the bottom and swirl helter skelter in the broth, round and round the whirlpool you've cr...
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Life After Divorce Advice
by Alyssa Johnon.Being angry after a divorce is a natural feeling. But holding onto that anger does no good for anyone. It's essential to move past the anger toward your ex-spouse in order to move into the life that's waiting for you. Today I want to focus on HOW t...
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Leading Life After Divorce
by Alyssa Johnon.Divorce leads to many changes. While, I know adding something else to your already bulging "to do" list doesn't sound feasible, it's important for both you and your children to develop some sense of normalcy as quickly as possible.First of all you n...
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Who Was the Bad Guy In Your Divorce?
by Len Stauffenger.What was the reason for your divorce? Lies, abuse, not in love any more, or my personal favorite, adultery? I'll bet a dollar to your dime, if you're reading this article, it was because of my personal favorite. Am I right? Oh, adultery is a bugaboo...
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Life After Divorce - Are You In Better Hands Now?
by Alyssa Johnon."In Better Hands Now" by Natalie Grant is my favorite song right now. I like to sing when I drive so I was listening to this song, when I suddenly realized how much it has to say to people who've recently divorced. I guess inspiration can come from...
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Life After Divorce; Im Just So Mad!
by Alyssa Johnon.One of the most common feelings experienced when you go through a divorce is anger. It's pretty universal whether you initiated the divorce or not.There are several reasons for this. Of course there is the rejection that's experienced when your spous...
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