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Alexandrite Effect in our Jewellery
by Paul Shane. Our love for jewellery has led us to the discovery of new and wonderful stones, elements and materials that have enabled us to make astonishing and beautiful jewellery. We have used rocks and minerals of different sorts to make ornaments or jewels. ...
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Gemstone Silver Rings Offer Elegance in an Affordable Way
by Brian Connors. Jewelry has for centuries been humanity's means of adornment to relieve the plainness of everyday life. Rings, in particular, have played an important role in this endeavor to reach beyond the mediocre towards elegance. What is a strategy to achieve...
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Wholesale Loose Pearl Akoya Pearl South Sea Pearl
by sorrowman.Wholesale Loose Pearl Akoya Pearl South Sea Pearl by: sorrowman http://www.wspearl.comCultured pearls are grown on pearl farms, where several th
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Swarovski - your Passport to Stars
by Paul Shane. The Bling ThingIf bling is your style, then Swarovski is your weapon. Swarovski, the small crystal like glass pieces, have gained immense popularity around the world in considerably short time. This is due to the fact that they have quite universal ...
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Pendants: Wear What you Love - Close to your Heart
by Paul Shane. We are living in an age that is marked by competition and all of us are more or less like a brand. Whether it is the professional life or the social circle, we need to have our own distinct identity in order to be recognised separately even when ami...
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Birminghams Famous Jewellery Quarter
by Patrick McMurray.Birmingham's Famous Jewellery Quarter: London Badge and Button Designer Cufflinks by: Patrick McMurray The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is an hi
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Stainless Steel Jewelry - a Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!
by Temp. There is no doubting the current rage for owning jewelry and it does not seem to make any difference which part of the world it is, because its appeal is universal. It is the choice of everyone and from teenagers that wish to make a style statement ...
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What Kind of Antique Jewellery Can I Buy at Auction?
by Mary-Ann Long. For serious collectors of antique jewellery, there is only one way to build a proper collection - by buying at a real auction.Compared to internet auction sites, the quality of antique jewellery items that come up for sale is significantly better. A...
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Beautiful Victorian Antique Jewellery Auction Sale
by Mary-Ann Long. If you are an avid collector of antique jewellery, some of the loveliest pieces you can buy are Victorian.Even some of the less expensive Victorian items which come up at auction are a beautiful addition to any collection.There are two Victorian ant...
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Hot Designer Jewelry on Display at Oscars and Emmy Awards
by sarahbaltic. Many of the celebrities walking down the red carpet at this year's Oscar and Emmy Awards can easily afford to buy their own sets of designer jewelry. But they need not do that. Many of the industry's best jewelry designers, including Erica Courtney,...
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Seed Beads for your Accessories
by Paul Shane. Beads gives one a feeling of staying in tune with the times and also makes one look easy going and fun to be with. Did you know you could spice up your life with beads by putting them on your accessories? Yes, beads are equally good when you decorat...
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Handicraft Findings From Africa
by Paul Shane. "Its gonna take a lot to drag me away from you, I bless the rains down in Africa"Listening to this song, Africa by Toto, always reminds - What a beautiful place Africa is! The Serengeti, the tribes and clans, the Kilimanjaro, the Olympus and everyth...
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Faceted Jewellery for your Office Wear
by Paul Shane. Office is a place where you have an ambiance of work and business. Professionalism looms heavily in the environment around and in the air we breath. Amidst all the files, laptops and paperwork, it is the professional attitude towards work that gives...
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Men?s Contemporary Fashion Accessories: Silk Ties and Cufflinks
by Patrick McMurray.Men's Contemporary Fashion Accessories: Silk Ties and Cufflinks by: Patrick McMurray There are some real treasures in the form of men's fashion

Why People Do the Piercing
by Dioperib Nbidh. To understand the 'piercing psychology' you have to remember that it's just - and foremost - is an adornment. That is, what motivates people to put this earring is the desire to beautify one's body in order to produce certain impression or create an...
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Bridal Jewelry- Spark and Grace of the Bride
by Tony. Day of wedding is the most precious day for a women and she very carefully and tastefully chooses each and every thing for that special day to be the center of attraction. She wants to look exclusively different and likes to wear the entire accessor...
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Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring
by Ariel. The best way to get her the perfect diamond engagement ring is to let her pick it out. She knows exactly what she wants and she might even be willing to cut the budget a little when she actually sees the price tags. It's not like she is picking ou...
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Celebrity Diamond Ring Styles
by Ariel. Whether we like it or not present trend in diamond rings say bigger is so much better. For examples check out the styles of diamond rings celebrities are choosing. And we all know that celebrities may have a lot of faults but they do set the standar...
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Swarovski Crystals: Anecdotes and Designer Cufflinks
by Patrick McMurray.Swarovski Crystals: Anecdotes and Designer Cufflinks by: Patrick McMurray Today, Swarovski Crystals, the choice material of world class jeweller

Engagement Ring Tips for First Time Buyers
by Ariel. The best way to get her the perfect diamond engagement ring is to let her pick it out. She knows exactly what she wants and she might even be willing to cut the budget a little when she actually sees the price tags. It's not like she is picking ou...
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Buy Her the Perfect Diamond Earrings
by Ariel. Do you want to do something nice for your special someone with out spending a fortune? Flowers are nice but they die in few days, besides give her something that she really wants...diamond earrings. A diamond earring set is the perfect way to show...
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Designer Jewelry Made by Leading Designers Today
by sarahbaltic. Sophisticated consumers are purchasing high quality jewelry like no generation has done before it. A strong middle class combined with a vibrant economy has pushed up demand as shoppers seek the right piece to add to their private collections. Trend...
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Seed Beads - the Promise of Fun and Good Times
by Paul Shane. Seed beads are so called because they are really tiny, sometimes as small as seeds. But despite their size, when lots of them are stringed together, they can make really admirable and exquisite pieces of jewellery that can make heads turn. Seed bead...
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Pendants - the Best Gift to the Woman in your Life
by Paul Shane. Quoting the famous line by Groucho Marx - Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife', let us begin by complimenting women for what they are and what they can turn any person into. Right from the stage of birth and infancy, it ha...
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How to Buy an Engagement Ring
by Elaine Mora. It's becoming more and more common for guys to let his girl choose her own engagement ring, but that's not always practical. More often than not, you'll want it to be a surprise, and not a little one. But choosing a ring isn't quite as simple as it...
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