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Buying Jewelry Shell Wear - 3 Surefire Strategies
by Cathy Pitts.Buying Jewelry She'll Wear - 3 Surefire Strategies by: Cathy Pitts So you want to buy her jewelry this holiday, but every necklace you've ever g
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3 Pearl Options Every Bride Should Know About
by Cathy Pitts.3 Pearl Options Every Bride Should Know About by: Cathy Pitts In keeping with the notion of purity and innocence, pearls are a traditional weddi
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Precious Pearls and the Glam Lifestyle
by sarahbaltic. Precious Pearls and the Glam LifestyleDating back to 1960 and beginning with a star made for the actress Joanne Woodward, the Hollywood Walk of Fame has added more than two thousand stars to the pavement along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. Re...
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Faceted Jewellery - Jewellery With Many Facets
by Paul Shane. Any jewellery box is incomplete without a piece of faceted jewellery. Faceted jewellery are ornaments that are studded with faceted stones. There can be one centre piece faceted stone in the jewellery or there can be a number of stones that are face...
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Seed Beads - Tell Everyone Who you are
by Paul Shane. Beads are the most sought after objects used in jewellery of different kinds, especially seed beads. Therefore bead jewellery are very much popular and preferred by people of different countries. Beads and beaded jewellery are not just restricted to...
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Diamond in Jewellery or for Industrial Applications
by gerald. Diamond is the hardest known natural material. Its hardness and high dispersion of light make it useful for industrial applications and jewellery of course.They make excellent abrasives because they can only be scratched by other diamonds, Borazon, ...
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Diamonds are Forever: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring
by Andrew Regan. A diamond ring is perhaps the most traditional and everlasting symbol of love and marriage. The circular nature of a ring and the sparkling diamond, a rare, precious stone which is eye catchingly beautiful and can take anything up to 3 billion years...
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Home-made Safety Pin Jewellery
by Suie Roberts. To make the bracelet you will need...Roughly 85 silver safety pins of the same size, an assortment of small beads and some sheering elastic.Decorate each safety pin by opening each pin and slipping on some beads. Make sure there are enough beads to ...
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Funky Personalised Umbrellas
by Suie Roberts. All you need is a computer with a printer, an umbrella, fabric paints, a lamp and some selotape.Choose a plain umbrella to work with. Patterned umbrellas distract from the design and drown it any colour brolly will do, even dark colours such as navy...
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Wholesale Freshwater Pearl Akoya Pearl
by sorrowman.Wholesale Freshwater Pearl Akoya Pearl by: sorrowman www.wspearl.comPearls have been prized for their beauty and rarity for more than four thous
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What Factors Determine Diamond Prices?
by Ian Maher. If you have been shopping for diamond jewelry, you have probably noticed that jewelry such as engagement rings, eternity rings, diamond necklaces and earrings are on the market for a wide range of prices. In fact, the difference from one di...
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Shopping for Gold Jewelry? Understand Gold Terminology
by Ian Maher. Gold has been sought, utilized and glorified throughout ancient times, and has found innumerable uses in our society today. Highly valued for purposes ranging from the crafting of fine jewelry to circuitry, gold continues to play an integral role in...
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Look your Best With Pearls
by Paul Shane. At work, at parties or at home, there are some jewellery that look good on you anywhere you wear them. They suit the occasion, the ambiance and set the mood. And jewellery made up of pearls are one such kind. You can brighten up your look at the par...
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Jewellery for the Living
by Paul Shane. Looking good is everyone's prerogative. And one can choose to look good despite age, sex, caste, creed and nationality. Every culture and every group of people have their own set of events and festivals where people come all decked up to look good. ...
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Different Types of Pearl Available
by sorrowman.Freshwater Vs Akoya Freshwater Vs Cultured Japanese Vs Chinese Japanese Akoya Pearls Hanadama Akoya Pearls Black Tahitian Pearls Saltwater Pearl 
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How to Buy a Diamond... Simplified
by Sheila Chun. The key to buying a diamond is a combination of having technical knowledge, being market savvy and most importantly, developing an 'eye'. The most important rule to remember is that the right diamond should jump out at you from the moment you see i...
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Ladies Watch Jewellery is Practical and Beautiful
by Mary-Ann Long. Here's the perfect solution for the woman who wants to wear beautiful jewellery that serves a practical purpose.A series of ladies watches that double as jewellery are expected to sell well at an auction in Birmingham, run by Fellows & Sons: ...
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Collecting Military Memorabilia is Still Popular
by Mary-Ann Long. There is still a huge market around the world for collecting military memorabilia. Avid collectors will scour the internet for the latest pieces to add to their collection. Because supply is necessarily short on some pieces, this can drive prices up...
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How an Auctioneer Assures the Quality of Its Jewellery
by Mary-Ann Long. If you've ever got seriously into collecting as a hobby, you'll know the internet can sometimes be as much as hindrance as a help.Some internet auction sites make it hard to find popular items, as many fakes or 'replicas' are put up for sale.That's ...
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That Odd Item in your Loft Could be Worth a Fortune
by Mary-Ann Long. We've all done it - come across boxes of apparent junk hidden away in the loft that we'd totally forgotten about.Well those boxes could contain hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds worth of antique and modern jewellery. 131 year old UK auction house ...
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Royal Commemorative Items are Still Popular With Collectors
by Mary-Ann Long. Commemorative items produced to celebrate Royal events in the UK are continuing to be as popular as ever.No matter what the Royal stories in the news, items sell well - especially if they coincide with a big event such as a birth or marriage.Two ant...
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Whats the Most you Would Pay for a Diamond?
by Mary-Ann Long. It's a question asked by many men as they look for a gift for the woman in their life.But modern jewellery can be incredibly expensive - and do you get your money's worth? Will that diamond continue to be worth what you paid for it?Another option is...
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Antique Jewellery Items Sold in the Same City They Were Made
by Mary-Ann Long. A unique event will soon be happening at an auction house in Birmingham, UK.Fellows and Sons is putting on an antique jewellery auction, where 20 of the items for sale were originally made and hallmarked in Birmingham.The unrelated lots can be seen ...
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Crystal: Its the Shine in your Eyes
by Paul Shane. Of all the gems and stones available, a crystal is one of the most significant and popular one, that has been used for more than one reason. It has been chiefly used for cosmetic and decoration purposes. And apart from that, it has been used in futu...
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Beads - our Jewellery for the Living
by Paul Shane. If clothes are a tell tale about a person, then jewellery does not lag far behind. They speak even more clearly about a person, his or her personality type, tastes and preferences, likes and dislikes, sense of dressing up for the moment, cultural ba...
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