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Jewellery for the Metal-head
by Paul Shane. Are you a devotee of Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and their ilk? Do you admire them, their music and something more than that? Are you striving hard to look as cool and as funky as your favourite band members or your favourite lead singer? Then...
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Gothic Style Jewellery - Worth the Head Banging
by Paul Shane. If you like your jewellery to be as cool as your kind of music and if your kind of music is hot heavy metal stuff, then you know you want your trinkets to be Gothic. Gothic jewellery is very famous among young people, especially teenagers who are ge...
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How to Impress a Woman With Crystals
by Paul Shane. If you think women are hard to impress, then you can never get further from the truth. Whether you are meeting someone for the first time or you are living with her for years, you can always revive the charm and romance between the two of you with n...
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Loose Diamonds for the Holiday
by Ariel. This season give her the gift that she really wants...a diamond. Almost every girl that I know would love to open up a little black velvet box to find a piece of jewelry inside, but how do you shop to get the best deal? Loose diamonds are often an ...
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Jaipur Jewelry Mixes Contemporary and Traditional
by Deepak Negi. Are you looking for Indian jewelry and confused?I would like to recommend you to get it from Jaipur. One strong reason behind this is that Indian jewelry directly relates to the tradition of India. And our Indian history proves that once Rajasthan u...
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Handcrafted Jewelry- Imparting the Special Touch
by Suzanne. The desire to stand out in the crowd is common to everyone. This is not unusual, as we all love to be admired and talked about, thus providing reason enough for the growing obsession of things that promise to be unique or different. You might have a...
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Jewellery for Her/him
by Aadil Bandukwala. When it comes to buying jewellery for beloved, people often want to choose the best possible jewellery products available in the market. At Rivazge.com we consider the importance of feelings and offer jewellery products for every occasion, which may...
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Brewer Watch Presents the Aquagraph Tide by Wenger
by hamiltonbrewer. Navigating the high seas with the AquaGraph Yach Racer by Wenger. Available at Brewer Watch and built by Wenger, the maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, the AquaGraph Yacht Racer features a 10-minute pre-race countdown timer with audible alerts a...
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Turquoise: the Birthstone of December
by Martin Filipowicz.Turquoise: the Birthstone of December by: Martin Filipowicz Turquoise is a valuable mineral and is one of the most valuable non-transparent mine
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Just Posted Cultured Pearls New!!!
by Martin Filipowicz.Just Posted Cultured Pearls New!!! by: Martin Filipowicz Have a look on just posted cultured pearls collection. Different colors like white, bla
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Trend of Organic or Botanical Jewelry
by Charlene. In view of increasing awareness of preserving nature and saving the earth, more people are going organic. Distinctive in the market, organic jewelry has great potential in the jewelry market though current jewelry trend is still largely dominated by...
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Women Jewelry Rules
by Elena. When it comes to choosing jewelry for a special occasion or just for everyday use you should think thoroughly as jewelry is a peculiar object and requires good taste.The most important thing is that you shouldn't wear two or more massive items at a ...
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Giving Jewelry as Gifts for Loved Ones
by Richard Canon. Put a little sparkle into New Year by lighting up the eyes of a loved one by presenting them with jewels made from Real diamond hanging from a piece of warm gold. An ideal gift that you can give or receive on New Year has to be a token that holds af...
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The Lost Wax Method for Creating Custom Jewelry
by SusanaGormen. Have you ever looked at a piece of your jewelry and wonderd just how the jeweler made it? How do they create the fine detail in a piece of jewelry and what about the smooth swirling shapes. The fact of the matter, is that every piece of fine jewelry...
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The Method for Creating Custom Jewelry
by SusanaGormen. If you are one of the many people that are now considering having a piece of custom jewelry created then it doesn't hurt to have an understanding of the process by which the jeweler is going to create the piece. If you have already spoken to a jewel...
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The Lost Wax Casting Process for Making Jewelry
by SusanaGormen. How many times have you looked at a piece of your jewelry and wondered just how it was made. Is the meat carved? How is it created with such fine detail? The methods that are used to create the fine jewelry that you wear use the same technology that...
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How to Spot Fake Jewelry
by SusanaGormen. If you are tossing around the idea of having a piece of custom jewelry created, there are a few things that you need to know first. One thing that you will want to know is that there are jewelers out there that will work with you but it will cost yo...
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Protect yourself From Fraudulent Jewelry Practices
by SusanaGormen. With so many different factors affecting the actual value of a piece of jewelery it is no wonder that occasional fraud is reported in the jewelry business. While it is rare it does none the less happen and it is for this reason that you should be on...
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If it is Stamped 18k is it Really Authentic?
by SusanaGormen. Times have changed in the world that we all live in and one thing that has changed is that counterfeit jewelry is far more difficult to spot then it used to be. Just about everything that can be counterfeited, is being counterfeited now and the qual...
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How to Spot Fake Jewelry and Jewelry Fraud
by SusanaGormen. It is a sad fact that you realy do have to be on your toes when buying jewelry in this day and age. The scams run the gamut from stone switching to the the selling of fake gold jewelry with a legitimate looking stamp on it. If you have a piece that ...
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Quick Tips for Creating Custom Jewelry
by SusanaGormen. Perhaps you have thought of or have known someone that has had a piece of custom jewelry created and wondered how it was done. From time to time everyone has seen something that was beautiful and small enough and thought to themselves that it would ...
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Cellini Rolex Watch
by Jessie Hurley. If you don't want to spend few thousand dollars and still enjoy the elegance of Rolex Cellini collection, the Cellini watches are for you. The Cellini collection constitutes graceful and traditional timepieces, the best one being the Cellinium repli...
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Jewellery Collection
by Aadil Bandukwala. Since last few years Online Shopping trends are being popular. People not only buy apparel, electronic goods, music or movies disks, or book tickets online. Online shopping continues to grow at a healthy clip. It reached a total of $65 billion last ...
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Mens Signet Rings
by Elena Zharina. Be it plain or ornate, with a monogram or initials, family shield or motto, gemstone, semiprecious stone or enamel inlay, a classic signet ring is a finishing touch in creating a substantial look of yours. Though there are many outstanding ready-for...
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Chains & Necklaces Size Guide
by Elena Zharina. You will know how to choose the right chain or necklace length from our chains & necklaces size guide. If you're a man then half work done cause you know for sure your collar size. If not take a sewing measuring tape and measure your neck.You can ta...
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