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Style Overhaul- Change Your Style To Suit You
Topic : Hair, Fashion And Make-up: Personal Style Makeovers
by Victor Epand.Obvious starting points that will help you add a bit of edge to your style. Take a look through these ideas, pick just one or two and then add more if you still feel a bit lacking.
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Conveying Confidence & Magnetism Through Body Movements
Topic : Meaning of Body Language & Examples of Body Language
by Joseph Plazo.When used in sequence, the head, face, and eyes proffer the clearest indication of attitudes toward other people. Because of this fact, the head, face, and eyes are critical to express confidence and project magnetism. For the man or woman with low s...
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Lifting Your Spirits
Topic : Beauty And Emotional Health: Depression Self Help
by Anand R.It is a well known fact that most women when they feel down whether they are feeling depressed and ugly or whether they are just a bit out of touch with what’s happening to them they all love to go shopping or have their hair done. This is true of ...
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Best Hair Straightening
Topic : Hair Care: Hair Products: Suitable Hair Straightening Treatment
by Oliver Turner .When it comes to choosing a ceramic hair straightening iron some of the best hair straighteners on the markets today are the Sedu flat irons, Solia flat irons, and the chi flat irons but how do you know which one is the best one for you and your hair...
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Cosmetic Tips And Tricks - With A Little History
Topic : Beauty Tips For Women: Cosmetic Application Tips and Tricks
by Mary Amos .Women have been wearing cosmetics for thousands of years. Archaeologists have evidence of men and women using cosmetics in Egypt over 6000 years ago! Wealthy Egyptian women would paint their nails, massage their faces with creams and oils, apply lips...
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Is Your Eye Shadow Right for You?
Topic : Beauty and Make Up: Select and Purchase the Right Shade of Eye Shadow
by Bob Pardue .In today's world, it seems that almost any topic is open for debate. While I was gathering facts for this article, I was quite intrigued to find some of the facts you will learn here about eye shadow.
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A Look At Different Types Of Lingerie
Topic : Intimate Wear : Intimate Underwear & Intimate Lingerie
by Glenn Canady.Lingerie in the broadest sense of the term has come a long way from the boned corsets worn by the women of early Crete and the whalebone corsets worn in the 18th century when women had to undergo painful transformations of tightening laces and pullin...
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Dresses And Accessories
Topic : Tips On Getting The Right Dresses And Accessories To Fit Specific Occasions
by Victor Epand.What are the differences between a formal dress and a semi-formal dress? Formal usually means the same as Black Tie, but in some trendier cities like New York or Los Angeles, it could mean a black shirt, no tie with a tux. Women wear cocktail, long d...
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What To Wear For Important Occasions And Parties
Topic : Apparels For Women: Different Styles To Suit Different Occasions
by Victor Epand.What to wear for a holiday party that is a workday luncheon. It would not be appropriate to wear real party attire. Try a nice skirt suit or pretty tailored dress (maybe even red!). Something a bit nicer than what you typically wear to the office so ...
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Becoming a Female Entrepreneur
by LynnPierce.I was searching for something I loved doing that would create massive amounts of money.I had no idea what it would be. All I knew was that I was sick and tired of doing the same thing I'd been doing. It was time for a change. I found I could turn my ...
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Do Women Rule by Committee
by jaci_rae.Every day decisions are made that influence our lives or businesses. With men and women occupying the same space in corporate American, the Glass Ceiling is busting wide open. Men by nature want to conquer and dominate and always have, but women ha...
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Physical Activity for Womens Health
by hunter.Cleaning is an inexpensive and effective way to help you get more exercise. You might not see too many men using brooms or vacuums at your gym, but you can turn your home into a private health center. And as an added advantage, make your home spotles...
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Feel Comfortable During Your Pregnancy with Memory Foam Pillows
by pillow.Lately, pregnancy pillows have appeared on the market in hundreds of versions, aiming at helping expecting mothers deal with all the inconveniences of pregnancies. But one of the most important inventions is in the form of memory foam pillows. Any ex...
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Be Guided on the Most Effective Breast Enlargement Products
by top10herbal9.While there are women who are satisfied with the way they look, there are some females who want to appear sexier and more attractive. The latter are those women who would do anything just to enhance their appearances. They would put on makeup and the...
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Finding the Right Breast Growth Pills for You
by top10herbal9.Admit it. Nowadays, it is a necessity for most women to have their breasts looking full. Although some society don’t really bother much about the issue, women generally feel blessed if they are gifted with plump breasts and feel a little embarrasse...
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Breast Enlargement Pills and How They Work
by top10herbal9.Fortunately for some women, they have been endowed with nice plump breasts. While some women who find themselves inadequate on some areas are trying to fill them up on their breast. The breast aside from its natural function as a life-giving support ...
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Ingredients of Natural Breast Enhancement Pills
by yeastion@gmail.com.The following are the common ingredients found in pills for breast enhancement along with their harmful effects:• Pueraria mirifica - It contains compounds such as deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol, which have an effect similar to estrogen in the huma...
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Pregnancy and Smoking and First Trimester Dangers
Did you know that if women quit smoking when they were pregnant that infant deaths could be reduced by up to 10 percent? Pregnancy and smoking and first trimester are not words that go together. The good news is that no can report that a woman who ha...
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Women and Coffee
by k_buchanan32.I do not know about you, but for me, coffee drinking, especially in the morning or early evening, is more than a simple habit or cultural characteristic. Actually, it has become a necessity without which I cannot open my eyes and stand on my two feet...
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Why Women Are Easy Preys For Drug Addiction
by rsbombard.Women have for long played the multiple roles of being a home makers as well as act as the bread winners of the family in a good number of cases. This leads them to constant stress to cope with the responsibilities. It is a known fact that more you a...
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Treatment for Drug Addiction in Women
by rsbombard.Women are traditionally regarded as most uncomplicated to go by. It is not for nothing that it is aptly said that face is the index to their minds. Any ups and downs in their life can be easily determined by their changed nature. In an attempt to jug...
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What Is Progesterone Used For?
by vitalgirl.Womens' ovaries make two hormones - estrogen and progesterone. An easy way to remember what progesterone does is to break the word down. Pro (for), and gesterone (pregnancy/gestation) - it supports pregnancy. Progesterone is a progestogen. Proges...
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Menopause, Modern Medicine, and the Celebrity Spin
The medicalization of menopause is a process that has subtly been going on since the 1930's, although it wasn't until the 1960's that it really picked up momentum in the public eye. This medicalization has transformed the understanding of what is a n...
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Are you at Risk for an Ectopic Pregnancy?
by pilkster.Although the risk of pregnancy complication is higher in c-sections, it is estimated that about 25% of all pregnant women will have at least one complication of pregnancy, resulting from different situations, including infections, chronic disease or ...
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Women Are More Into Natural Lifestyles
by justarticles.Many wonder why there are more women shopping in any given natural foods store at a certain moment than there are men. Some questions that are asked are whether or not this is due to the shop being a natural foods store or whether it is an indicatio...
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