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Understanding DNS
Topic : DNS & Understanding DNS : Understand DNS
by Clare Lawrence.How to understand the Domain Name System Ever wonder why DNS systems came into existence? Efficiency. Every computer has a distinct IP address, and the Internet needed an elite method for obtaining ...
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Detagged domains.
Topic : Detagged Domain & Detagged Domains
by Clare Lawrence.What is a DETAGGED domain name? We get asked this question regularly. Only UK domain names can be detagged. A domain name that has been DETAGGED is no longer hosted on valid name servers. What happe...
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Domain Names
Topic : Domain Name & Domain Names : Domains Name
by Clare Lawrence.Domain names are relatively straightforward! Or at least that’s the theory!! The domain name is also, but technically not quiet correct, known as the website address. Using an ISP’s domain name can...
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Microsoft Great Plains Development
Topic : Programmer Overview & Overview for Programmer
by Andrew Karasev.When Great Plains Software was designing and developing Great Plains Dynamics/Dynamics CS+/eEnterprise - it placed several fundamental principles into the system 1. Computer platform independence. ...
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Microsoft CRM Email Processing
Topic : Microsoft CRM Customization & Mircosoft CRM
by Andrew Karasev.We would like to give you several situations, when you may need custom development and programming to improve Microsoft CRM functionality. This overview is for programmer, software developer, IT spe...
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Introducing GRML
by Toby J. Rhodes.Creating a new markup language. Introduction. General Reuse Markup Langauge, or GRML, is a markup language for web browsers. It has the data definition features of character-delimited files and XML,...
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Device Driver Basics
by Stephen Bucaro.Most people understand that the "hardware" part of their computer is the real physical parts, like the keyboard, mouse, modem, hard drive and so on. They understand that the "software" is computer bi...
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Family Safe Web Sites
Topic : Safe Website & Kid Safe Website
by Scott Nelson.SALT LAKE CITY – September 15, 2004 – ContentWatch, Inc., a trusted provider of Internet filter and protection tools, today announced the launch of its Family Safe Program, a list of Web sites that h...
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Spyware: What It Is and How to Combat It
Topic : Spyware & Get Rid of Spyware : Spyware Detector
by Dean Phillips.Spyware is software or hardware installed on a computer without the user's knowledge which gathers information about that user for later retrieval by whomever controls the spyware. Spyware can be br...
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Theres Gold in Your Websites Server Log
Topic : Server Log & Website Server Log
by Stephen Bucaro.Many Webmasters have never bothered to view their website's server log. Ignoring your server log is like flying with a blind pilot. You may still be cruising along, but you have no idea where you are...
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Is Your Computer Sick?
by Jim Edwards.Viruses and spyware usually show up on your computer one of two ways. Either they invade your system with a frontal assault like the Huns attacking the Romans, or they sneak in a back door like a c...
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Spyware that Slow Down Your Computer
Topic : Spyware Protection & Spyware Blaster
by Syd Johnson.Spyware is a program that once loaded on your computer unknowingly collects information from your PC and sends it to another party. The most dangerous types of Spyware programs copies personal infor...
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Microsoft Great Plains Dexterity Customizations
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft Business Solutions is on the way to popularize it's ERP systems implementation. Right now such products as Microsoft CRM and Small Business Manager (cheap version of Microsoft Great Plains...
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Navision XBRL Customization
by Robert Horowitz.Microsoft bought Navision, Denmark based software development company, along with Great Plains Software. Now Microsoft Business Solutions offers following ERP applications: Navision (former Navision...
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Whats Your NICHE market?
Topic : Niche Market & Niche Marketing : Niche Markets
by Gillian Tarawhiti.Knowing your NICHE MARKET and where to find your NICHE is more important than the product you sell. Most Netpreneurs take a narrow view of NICHE MARKETING as a limitation on their business, when in f...
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Five and a Half Ways to Amp Up Your Search EngineOptimization
by Dave Carlson.Statistics show that 85% of pages visited on the Internet come from people who have gotten there from a search engine. Statistically, people look first at the top of the first page of the regular sea...
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Microsoft CRM – Typical Customizations
Topic : Typical Custimization & CRM
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft CRM was designed to be easily customizable. Microsoft CRM Software Development Kit (MS CRM SDK) which you can download from Microsoft website contains descriptions of the objects or classe...
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What is a domain name and why would I want one?
Topic : Domain Name & Use of Domain
by Ewan Bain.In this article we will cover the basics of what a domain name is, how they work and why you need to have at least one. I am going to try and avoid complicated computer terms and stick to explanation...
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Five and a Half Ways to Amp Up Your Search EngineOptimization
by Dave Carlson.Statistics show that 85% of pages visited on the Internet come from people who have gotten there from a search engine. Statistically, people look first at the top of the first page of the regular sea...
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Microsoft Great Plains Project Accounting
Topic : Project Accounting & IT Controller
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft Business Solutions is now in process of creating so called Microsoft Suites: Microsoft Financials, Microsoft Logistics, Microsoft Manufacturing, Microsoft Professional Services - this last ...
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Get Personal With Google
Topic : Google Personal & Personal Google
by Jakob Jelling.Anyone who's been on the net any time at all knows that Google has been the search engine of choice for many for a while now. Whether that continues remains to be seen, but for now, with MSN still in...
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To The Next Level With Google Groups 2
Topic : Google Group & Google Groups
by Jakob Jelling.If you haven't visited the Google Labs lately, they have released a beta of Google Groups 2 that you may want to check out. This is Google's answer to Yahoo Groups, and they've added some new feature...
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Destination: Desktop for Google
by Jakob Jelling.First we had the original Google search that evolved into the leader in its class. In fact, it became so popular that the word "google" worked its way into our everyday language as a verb, as in "to ...
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Great Plains Customization Upgrade– overview for CIO/IT Director
by Andrew Karasev.When Microsoft bought Great Plains Software, then Navision it formed special subdivision - Microsoft Business Solutions. Several accounting/ERP systems: Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise, Navision ...
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Web Copy – How Much is Enough?
Topic : Web Copy & Webcopy
by Glenn Murray.These days, there’s widespread acceptance that a website is an integral part of the marketing plan of any business. Likewise, it’s commonly accepted that web copy is a vital component of any website....
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