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Navision Customization: Business Notification
Topic : Programmer & Programmers : IT Specialists
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft Business Solutions Navision is one of four Microsoft ERP applications: Navision, Axapta, Solomon and Great Plains. Navision has huge market share in Europe and becomes more popular in US, ...
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Google Revolutionizes Desktop Searching
by Dan Grossman.We're all used to searching the web at blazing fast speeds: picking out the right webpages among the five billion choices takes only a few hundredths of a second. Yet when it comes to searching a rel...
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CRM Integration with Microsoft Exchange
Topic : Microsoft Exchange & STMP
by Boris Makushkin.Microsoft CRM has variety of customizations options and tools. The official and the most popular is Microsoft CRM SDK: collection of C#.Net and partially VB.Net classes, methods and code samples. H...
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Dells Recall of Latitude and Inspiron Laptop AC Adapters
Topic : Dell Computer & Dell Computers : Inspirion Laptop
by John Gall.Dell Computer Corporation Recall of Latitude / Inspiron Laptop AC Adapters If you own one of the following models of Dell Latitude or Inspiron PC laptops you may want to check your AC Adapter part nu...
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Start process of .eu has started
by Hans Peter Oswald.The Commission of the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY and EURID, the registry of eu-domains, have signed recently the contract about the eu-domains. EURID reports that, the Commission will formally notify ICANN o...
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Microsoft RMSand Great Plains Integration
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft Retail Management System (Microsoft RMS) are getting new market share due to the Microsoft strong marketing campaign. Both products: Microsoft Great Plains and Mi...
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The Truth About Free Inkjet Cartridge Recycling
Topic : Cartridge Recycle & Inkjet Cartridge Recycle
by Niall Roche.In a recent stand-up routine, comedian George Carlin suggests that maybe man’s reason for existence is because the Earth wants plastic. The comedy team, Penn & Teller, assert in their cable show “Bu...
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Do We Take The Internet For Granted?
by Jesse S. Somer.One small change made a huge impact in a day in the life of Zardinia Zaffas. I can see you right now. You’re sitting at your desk staring into the computer screen, the Internet is connected and the i...
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Anti Trackback and Comment Spam Methods
Topic : Spam Methods & Spam Method : Method of Spam
by Bobby Masteria.What is spam ? Spam is text or URL, in one or several exemplars, neither being waited nor wished, not having, neither directly nor from its shipper, no relationship neither with the recipient nor wit...
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Table Structures For Top Search Engine Positioning
by Mary Davies.So you have a beautiful website that you paid a pretty penny for and you are completely happy with it … except no one can find it. Many web designers do not understand search engine positioning, so w...
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Tops In Toolbars?
by Jakob Jelling.Most internet marketers are aware of, and probably use, the Google Toolbar. After all, it has been the only indicator of Google's PageRank number that has been assigned to a given web page. Whether t...
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Paypal Primer
by Jakob Jelling.To conduct business on the Internet, whether informal, one-time only transactions between two friends, or a full-fledged business selling products or services, payment arrangements have to be made. B...
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Google Wireless - Search Away From Home
Topic : Wireless & Google Wireless
by Jakob Jelling.For so many web surfers, it's almost automatic to type Google.com in to our address bar when we want to search. So big and well-known is Google that many browsers have a built-in search box or typed ...
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Dont Shoot The (Yahoo) Messenger!
Topic : Yahoo Messenger & Yahoo Messangers
by Jakob Jelling.Most anyone whose kids have become teenagers over the last few years has almost certainly at least heard of "IM". It's become a verb among not only teens, but many adult surfers too. As in "IM me lat...
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The Opera Alternative
Topic : Opera & Opera Alternative
by Jakob Jelling.Security flaws have long plagued Internet Explorer (IE), the market-dominating web browser from Microsoft. IE won the early browser wars, not only because it was free and bundled with Windows, but be...
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Beyond the box with Googles Web API
Topic : Web AP & Webs AP
by Jakob Jelling.Google, the most popular, and many say best, search engine, offers searchers many options to help them zero in on just what they're looking for. Although these search modifier features are documented...
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ICANN Registrar: za-domains for anybody
by Hans Peter Oswald.Cologne, 12.10. 2004. ICANN accredited registrar Secura announces today,that the company is accepting the registration of za-domains. The co.za-domains are the domains of South Africa. The co.za-doma...
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The End of Spyware?
Topic : Spyware & Spy Ware : Spywares
by Grant Rogers.The US House of Representatives has recently passed the "Spy Act" - or to give it its full title - the Securely Protect Yourself Against Cyber Trespass Act. This aims to prevent software companies fr...
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Spy Scanners – Don’t Compromise your Privacy
Topic : Spy Scanner & Privacy
by Gina Marie Capatar.Spies, spyware, internet parasites are among what they are usually called. These are scouts that monitor your web activities. The work undercover to check on your surfing patterns, spending habits, i...
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Are Links From Unrelated Sites Really That Bad?
by Dirk Wessels.When I started GetQuotes-IT.com in 2003, I knew nothing about link exchanges and didn’t even know what SEO stood for. I remember how excited I was when googlebot visited my site 10 times in one day. ...
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10 Steps To Higher Search Engine Positioning
Topic : How to Optimise Your Site for SEO
by Dave Davies.There is perhaps no more level playing field in business than the Internet. It is this fact that has created millionaires from paupers. The amount of money that can be made depends of course on your ...
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Anchor Text Optimization
Topic : Anchor Text & Text Optimization
by Carl Seppanen.What is Anchor Text Optimization? Anchor text optimization consists of the visible hyperlinked text on a webpage (e.g. in your article). Here's an example of anchor text optimization: Articles for Ez...
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Microsoft Great Plains Integrations – Retail Management sample
Topic : Retail Management & Retailing Management
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft Business Solutions is emerging as very attractive vendor for mid-size companies. The strength of its products is in their cross integration potential. This integration strategy will be th...
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Guide to Buying Digital Cameras
Topic : Megapixel & Megapixels
by Warren Lynch.The most important part of buying a digital camera is making sure that the one you select meets all of your needs. Digital Camera 101 Better digital cameras uses a chip called a "Charged Coupled De...
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8 million de-domains
by Hans-Peter Oswald.DENIC, the registry of the German Top Level Domain (TLD) has announced, that it has received the eight millionth application for the registration of a de-domain. The de-domain has the position as t...
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