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Setting Up a Network -- Wired or Wireless?
Topic : Setting up a Network & Setting a Network
by Deryck Richards.To Wire or Not to Wire Wireless networks are en vogue, but your installation won’t be successful unless you chose the right type of network and set it up properly. Wired networks require that each c...
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An Introduction to Text Messaging
Topic : Text Messaging & Text Message
by Deryck Richards.Why Text? Text messaging is a quick way to stay in touch with people for personal or business purposes. With text messaging, you can chat with a partner by typing on the keyboard and reading what th...
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Selecting a Personal Digital Assistant
Topic : Digital Assistant & Personal Digital Assistant
by Deryck Richards.A Computer in Your Hand Carrying around an address book and planner is becoming a thing of the past. With new PDA developments, you can manage your contacts and schedule, use e-mail, and even listen...
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Selecting a Laptop
Topic : Lap Top & Laptop : Notebook
by Deryck Richards.Small Can Be Beautiful When purchasing a new computer, you may be better served by a laptop than a traditional desktop computer. Recently, laptops with capabilities similar to desktops can be purcha...
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Electronic Document Interchange
Topic : EDI & Electronic Document Interchange
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft Great Plains - Microsoft Business Solutions accounting and ERP system, originally targeted to mid-size - now, with advancements and increasing reliability of its database - Microsoft SQL Se...

info Freedom Frenzy
by Jennifer Chiera.Whether you're someone that registers domain names on a regular basis, or you’re a person looking to register one domain name for your website or business, then it's likely that you've encountered th...
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Crystal Reports for Microsoft RMS
Topic : Microsoft RMS & RMS : Crystal Reports
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft Retail Management System (MS RMS), former QuickSell 2000 is very popular retail system, which is capable to automate the whole spectrum of retail businesses - from single store with invento...
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Microsoft CRM Remote Support
Topic : CRM Implementation & Support for IT
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft CRM is now on the scene and it is increasing its market share, due to the Microsoft Business Solutions muscles and marketing strategy. It is tightly integrated with other Microsoft Busines...
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Microsoft CRM Programming Secrets – tips for developer
Topic : CRM Programming & Program CRM
by Andrew Karasev.This article is for advanced Microsoft CRM SDK C# developers. It describes the technique of direct SQL programming, when SDK doesn't have the functionality to do the job. Introduction. Looks like M...
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Microsoft CRM Programming Techniques – overview for developer
Topic : CRM Programming Technique & Technique for Programming
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft CRM is the CRM answer from Microsoft and it will have all the Microsoft Business Solutions muscles behind. If you are developer who is asked: how do we customize Microsoft CRM – read this a...
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Your Computer Cant Keep Time
by Stephen Bucaro.A computer needs a certain amount of information to operate; for example, the date and time, the amount of memory installed, the number of drives and their configuration, and so on. In the early days...
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How to Backup Windows XP Home Edition
Topic : Window XP & Window XP Home Edition
by Stephen Bucaro.Your computer cost you from hundreds to thousands of dollars, but the computer itself is not the most valuable part. The data on the hard disk is the most valuable part. How many hours of work did yo...
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Microsoft Navision DB Selection
by Robert Horowitz.Microsoft Business Solutions Navision serves both European and American megamarkets. It was originally written by Denmark-based Navision Software in its own proprietary language C/SIDE (Client/Serve...
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Spam: The Tasteless Internet Meat of Criminals
Topic : Internet Spam & Spam of Internet
by M6.Net.Spam. You’ve all heard of the crazy pink meat in a can, but what’s it got to do with the Internet? Well, it’s also the namesake for a major problem in the World Wide Web-unsolicited junk email. Probl...
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Upgrading to Citrix Metaframe 3.0
by John Gall.The article below lists issues we ran into when upgrading from Metaframe XPa to Metaframe 3.0 Presentation Server Enterprise. Issue: We installed a licensing server and then installed Metaframe 3.0 E...
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Your Own Personal Online Shopper
Topic : Online Shopper & Shopper Online : Online Shopping
by Jim Edwards.Imagine you find yourself in the market to buy a new digital camera and, before you part with your money, you want to comparison shop for the best price online. If you do a search for "digital came...
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Turn One-Time "Hits" Into Repeat Visitors
Topic : Repeat Visitor & Repeating Visitor
by Jim Edwards.Every website owner faces the same challenge: How to get more traffic to their website. "Build it and they will come" worked for Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams," but that approach leads to bankr...
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Who needs T.V. News, Newspapers and Radio News?
Topic : Newspaper & News : Radio News
by Jesse S. Somer.T.V. and radio News got you down? On-line current events and News blogs make being informed a much more enjoyable experience. For many the News on television has become a trying time of the day. Focu...

Be Inspired to Create Better Websites
Topic : Create Website & Creating Website : Create Web Site
by Jesse S. Somer.Being a writer, when I was asked to do some research into what makes a good website, of course I straightaway went to check out all of my favorite authors. After sifting through a few standard sites ...
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The Shakuhachi: What is it?
by Jesse S. Somer.When most people used to hear a new word the most obvious reaction was to go straight to a dictionary and find out what it meant or what the object was. These days you could go to on-line dictionarie...

Crystal Reports for Microsoft Navision
Topic : IT Specialist & IT Programmer
by Robert Horowitz.Microsoft Business Solutions Navision serves both European and American megamarkets. It was originally written by Denmark-based Navision Software in its own proprietary language C/SIDE (Client/Serve...
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Why Java RDBMS?
Topic : Java & Java Script
by Naresh Ahuja.It is a well known fact that Java as a programming language set off a new paradigm in the software industry. Suddenly, every software programmer worth his salt was amidst software jargons like 'Platf...
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Adware - Are Downloads Safe
Topic : Adware & Adwares : Download Safetly
by S. Housley.Adware, Should I be Afraid? Developers offering downloads are paying the price for the malformed truths that have been put forth regarding downloads. While not a political campaign the smears are eve...
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Navision Customization and Reporting
Topic : IT Specialists & IT Programmers : Navision Customization
by Robert Horowitz.Founded in 1984, Navision Software is a leading developer of innovative enterprise business management solutions. Now a part of the Microsoft business solutions family it’s a growing force in the mid...
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How to Get a Blog on the Internet
Topic : Blog & Blogging : Internet Blog
by Jesse S. Somer.Of all people in the world I was easily one of the most pessimistic about computers, the Internet and now that I even know they exist-blogs. I think blogs are pretty cool but I never thought I could ...
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