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Learn All About Feng Shui Money Trees
Topic : Feng Shui Money Tree : Money Tree Plant & Money Tree
by Jakob Jelling.A feng shui money tree is an indoor plant used in order to attract prosperity and wealth into any space. The feng shui money tree's botanical name is Pachira, and its care requires the average sun li...
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Use Feng Shui Coins To Increase Your Income
Topic : Feng Shui Coins : Feng Shui Coin & Feng Shui Wealth
by Jakob Jelling.Feng shui coins can allow you, among other things, to increase your income. By keeping three coins tied with a read thread, you would protect your already existing income as well as increase it. Acco...
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Feng Shui Office
Topic : Feng Shui Office : Feng Shui and Office & Feng Shui for Office
by Jakob Jelling.Things to take into account at the time to look for feng shui office harmony. At the time to look for feng shui office harmony, there are many important things to consider and to use in order to achi...
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Home Office Feng Shui
Topic : Office Feng Shui : Feng Shui Home Office & Feng Shui Home
by Vishal P. Rao.Whether you believe in the Oriental powers of feng shui or not, there are an increasingly large number of people who do. Either way, it's fun to examine different ideas, so let's take a look at your ...
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Learn Some Feng Shui Guidelines For Your Childrens Room
Topic : Feng Shui Children : Feng Shui for Kids & Feng Shui Bedroom
by Jakob Jelling.Feng shui indicates some specific guidelines regarding children's spaces and bedrooms. The way we decorate them and the way we distribute the furniture should be done by following those principles in...
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The Ten Most Important Feng Shui Design Tips
Topic : Feng Shui Design : Feng Shui Designs & Feng Shui Interior
by Jakob Jelling.If you wish to learn how to manage interior design according to feng shui design guidelines, there are some major tips you must know. We wish to help you achieve a balanced and harmonic feng shui des...
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Feng Shui Decorating Guidelines
Topic : Feng Shui Decorating : Feng Shui Decor & Feng Shui Decoration
by Jakob Jelling.The importance of following feng shui decorating guidelines. Feng shui decorating guidelines show us the correct way to place objects, furniture and how to decorate in order to achieve harmony. Livin...
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Using a Feng Shui Compass
Topic : Feng Shui Compass : Feng Shui Items & Feng Shui Accessories
by Jakob Jelling.What should you look for in a feng shui compass and how should you use it? A feng shui compass is a very helpful element when it comes to finding out the location and orientation of a house or buildi...
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Feng Shui Your Love Pad
Topic : Feng Shui Love : Feng Shui for Love & Feng Shui Room
by Advice Diva.What began centuries ago in China as a way of interpreting the natural world to create more efficient agricultural systems and even study astronomy to understand the passage of time is an age old ins...
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What To Expect From A Feng Shui Consultation
Topic : Feng Shui Consultation : Feng Shui Tips & Feng Shui Consultant
by Jakob Jelling.If you are wishing to harmonize or balance your house or any other environment according to feng shui, the ideal way to do so is through a feng shui consultation. A feng shui consultation would provi...
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Feng Shui Guidlines for Storage Spaces
Topic : Feng Shui Furniture : Feng Shui Tip & Feng Shui House
by Stephanie Roberts.Professional organizers and helpful-hint sources often recommend storage solutions such as shelves above doors and in corners, hooks on the backs of doors, and peg-board or tools and small appliances...
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Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen
Topic : Feng Shui Kitchen : Feng Shui Design & Kitchen Design
by Stephanie Roberts.Feng Shui (say "fung shway") associates the kitchen with both health and prosperity. Couple this perspective with the role of the kitchen as "the heart of the home," and you can see that any feng shu...
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Learn Some Useful Feng Shui Career Tips
Topic : Feng Shui Career : Feng Shui for Career & Feng Shui Business
by Jakob Jelling.As it does with every main life aspect, feng shui also provides tips and guidelines to help you improving your career. If your career is not moving on in the way you wish, that is due to a lack of ba...
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Feng Shui Advantage
by sseah163.It is a common practise in the eastern countries that Feng Shui masters are consulted for their homes and offices. This is applicable for corporate executives and more so for Entrepreneurs. Why are Feng Shui so important to these people? Will Feng S...
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Feng Shui And Prosperity At Work
by languagemaster.Using feng shui principles to change the atmosphere of your office or desk area at work can help you do better work and get ahead in your career. Feng shui can help you make any environment more pleasant to spend time in, which means that you will f...
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Beat Stress With Feng Shui
by languagemaster.For over 3,000 years Chinese people have turned to the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui to achieve greater harmony in their environment, and in themselves. Today we are bombarded by constant stress. How often do you wait anxiously in traffic, scroll throu...
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Make Every Day Special With Feng Shui
by languagemaster.When you pay the kind of attention to order, aesthetics, and positive emotion that are a part of decorating a space according to feng shui traditions, you make every day special. Feng shui is the ancient art of creating harmony in your environment s...
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Reflect Your Personality With Feng Shui
by languagemaster.Feng shui is a very flexible art that allows you a lot of room to express your own personality and style. With feng shui, you can follow ancient principles that help you create balance and harmony in your environment while still retaining your taste...
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Let Feng Shui Change Your Life
by languagemaster.Feng shui is the process of improving your life and your attitude by improving your environment. The basic principles of feng shui teach you to rethink your relationship to the objects in your space in order to help you create an area that is harmon...
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Feng Shui - High Style On A Shoestring
by languagemaster.The ancient art of feng shui teaches you to arrange the contents of a room to provide maximum visual harmony, balance, and beauty. This means that the end result of applying the simple rules and guidelines of feng shui is often comparable to the fin...
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Feng Shui Lighting - The Facts
by languagemaster.To a certain extent because of the way that it is represented in the media, feng shui is often represented as a somewhat mystical or mysterious idea that is difficult to study or to prove. However, scientific research shows that some aspects of feng...
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Feng Shui and Wind Chimes
by hunter.Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of creating a harmonious environment, is becoming more and more popular in the United States. Pronounced "fung shway," it translates to "wind and water" and its roots in Chinese history date back more than 5,000 ye...
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The Apartment Feng Shui
by Amelia_Turner.Many people confuse and thought Feng Shui for Apartments are different than houses and apartments are normally has bad Feng Shui. Are these true or just a misunderstanding?Before we dig for the answer, let see what the major differences between lande...
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Easy to Learn Feng Shui Course
by jeffd. This is a new Feng Shui E-Course, and thank God, this one is actually understandable. I am a Chinese American, and I do believe such thing as the Ying and the Yang, and energy flow, etc... I had wanted to learn the art of Feng Shui for ages!!! But ...
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Feng Shui Guide
by Jack Moundon.Most projects for home improvement are extremely dangerous. A lot of tasks call for sharp tools or power tools that can cause damages. If you were careless on the home improvement projects, it can't be successfully fix or repair. With a little carefu...
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