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Clearwater Real Estate Bubble Benefits Buyers
by Robert Lipply. If you've been considering buying a home in Clearwater, the stars are lining up in your favor, say housing experts. The Clearwater real estate market has become a buyers' market, shifting almost 180 degrees in just one short year. After a sharp spik...
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Commercial Real Estate: Outlook at the Power Breakfast
by Craig Higdon. A GOOD OUTLOOK FOR COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE IN 2007 I had the opportunity to sit in at the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) annual 'Power Breakfast' that featured some high powered institutional investors as panelists. They included E...
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Deciding How To Create Wealth With Real Estate
by Kevin Kiene. Real Estate has always been a tried and true type of investment that can offer both short and long-term gains, is relatively safe and creates wealth for millions of investors year after year. But, before you purchase a property you must determine if...
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Top 25 Market Forecast Shows Real Estate Stabilizing
by Mike Colpitts. The Top 25 Housing Predictor U.S. Market Forecast for 2007 shows a growing trend of local real estate markets that are stabilizing with thirteen states represented in the annual forecast. Housing Predictor is an information driven website, providing...
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Using Other Peoples Money in Your Real Estate Business
by Michel Lautensack.Discover How To Turn Your Real Estate Business Into A Cash Machine - Using Other Peoples Money by: Michel Lautensack Like many real estate inves
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A Roadmap for Commercial Real Estate Syndication
by Craig Higdon. HOW TO DO YOUR OWN SYNDICATIONS, Part 2Last week I covered the first ten steps to creating your own investment groups for commercial real estate acquisitions. I was able to take the process right up to the acquisition of the property and I'll cover...
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Challenges for Real Estate: 2007 and Beyond
by Propertiesmls. Year 2006 has been a fantastic year for the real estate sector. Most stakeholders emerged as winners. Riding on the back of exceptional economic performance and future expectations, Indian realty has had an extraordinary run. Coming out of the shado...
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Sell and Buy your Properties, and Get All Real Estate Resources
by MAHI Infobase. Hi,Thanks for giving your time to read this post!A long awaited completed real estate solution for you all free of cost. Engineers, lawyers, Agents, brokers, mortgage providers, landlords, tenants etc meet at one place. Sell-buy-rent properties and ...
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First Impressions Count in Real Estate
by The House Team Of Mortgage Intellingence. In the world of real estate, curb appeal is everything. Whether you're selling your home, getting ready for some special entertaining, or just sprucing things up for spring... you need to make an impact in a flash. The place doesn't look so good fro...
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Commercial Real Estate Syndication
by Craig Higdon. HOW TO DO YOUR OWN SYNDICATIONS, Part 1One of the most important requirements for purchasing commercial property is having enough down payment money, called 'equity,' to complete the transaction. A very popular method of raising these funds when yo...
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How To Find The Value Of Your Real Estate (in Ten Minutes)
by Tuks Engineer. We've all heard it a million times before - "your property is only worth what someone is willing to PAY for it". And it's very true. But how can you determine what that dollar value is, quickly and for free? This article looks at some simple strateg...
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Four Details Of Ranch Real Estate
by Robert Flournoy. Ranch real estate is quite popular in both the Midwest and Western parts of the United States. The fact of the matter is that if you want to buy this type of real estate you have to travel to this part of the country. If you do not you will never ...
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What To Look For When Buying Ranch Real Estate
by Robert Flournoy. Buying ranch real estate is a relatively easy process if you keep one thing in mind. That being that you have to be flexible with your purchase. When searching for ranch real estate you need to take your time, and make sure that you see all of the ...
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Baby Boomers Will Drive Real Estate Growth
by Real Estate Advisor. Baby boomers, baby boomers, baby boomers; we all hear this term over and over again. So who are the baby boomers? Baby boomers are people in the United States who were born between 1946 and 1964. Approximately 78.2 million people fall into this cate...
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Selling Ranch Real Estate
by Robert Flournoy. Do you have a piece of ranch real estate that you are interested in selling? If so, you are in luck. Over the past few years this industry has really began to take off. This means that you should not have any problems finding a buyer for your prop...
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Buying Ranch Real Estate
by Robert Flournoy. If you are interested in ranch real estate you are not alone. Over the past five to ten years this sector of the real estate industry has become increasingly more popular. Even though ranch real estate is not quite as common as others areas of the...
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Real Estate: What Everyone Should Know
by Gabriel Adams. The term real estate can be attached to any home, dwelling, land, or other property. The area of real estate has many faces including those who sell it, those who buy it, lenders, agents, and investors. Real estate transactions take place in all are...
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Tips For Locating Real Estate At Wholesale Prices
by Kevin Kiene. Wholesaling most often refers to the process of buying real estate for below it's market value, and then selling that property to another investor, without fixing it up - this process is also sometimes known as "flipping properties"Buying and sellin...
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How Is Feng Shui Used In Real Estate?
by Rakesh Lall. Feng Shui is an ancient science of Chinese art of placement for creating harmonious environments at homes, offices and other premises. Feng Shui is said to balance the relationship between nature and the dwelling spaces.The fundamental part of Feng ...
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Can you Make Milions in Real Estate?
by Martin Lukac. There are several shows on television that feature people buying properties and then flipping them after minor repairs. Many people make a profit doing this, but if you really pay attention, you will often only see what the house could make the owne...
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Commercial Real Estate - How to Ask your Discovery Questions
by Craig Higdon. In order to make a successful commercial real estate investment you need to know the right questions to ask and the right way to ask them. Since purchasing commercial real estate is a negotiation between the buyer and the seller (and probably their...
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Real Estate Website Design
by Sam Dodd. If i were going to build a real estate website today starting from scratch. These are a few things I would focus on. Understanding what I know now about webdesign, SEO and Real Estate Websites.1. Domain name - This is tricky because if your only ma...
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Rise of the Left - the Fall of Real Estate?
by The Global Property Guide.Rise of the Left - the Fall of Real Estate? by: The Global Property Guide With the reelection of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Brazil’
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Commercial Real Estate: Raising Equity
by Craig Higdon. Those researching the subject of commercial real estate investment are likely to encounter the term 'OPM' on a regular basis. OPM is an acronym for 'Other People's Money.' I've covered this topic in general in an earlier article, but today I want ...
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Commercial Real Estate: the Importance of Population Trends
by Craig Higdon. While commercial real estate can be an excellent investment, it's all but impossible to succeed in this competitive environment without some sort of game plan. The most successful professional real estate investors are those who are able to look at...
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