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Working With Partners to Explode Your Real Estate Business
by Omar Johnson. While there are some successful single member real estate businesses, partnering is a common method used by real estate investors to maximize their leverage and their effectiveness. Understanding some basic principles can help you be smart about ho...
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Using the Internet in Your Real Estate Business
by Omar Johnson. The value of the internet to all types of business owners applies equally to the business of the quick turn real estate investor. There are at least three distinct reasons why you should be taking your business onto the internet:Online business of ...
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Managing Your Real Estate Business Remotely
by Omar Johnson. In recent years a term has arisen for a new mode of operation of the real estate entrepreneur. This term is virtual real estate. As the digital revolution has changed whole industries and allowed for unprecedented freedom for those who engage in b...
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Using Technology in Your Real Estate Business
by Omar Johnson. While a smooth organizational style and a well-oiled system can keep most businesses going indefinitely, it is difficult to be competitive in real estate without making full use of available technology. If you think of yourself as being in the mark...
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Google Your Next Home: Using Google Earth to Find Real Estate
by Joe Pinto. Google Earth is one of those cool little tools that, for many, has no use except for "visiting" places they used to live or have visited before. However this free tool can be immensely helpful when looking for your next home.Many people have enjoyed...
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Real Estate 101: What You Need to Know Before Closing
by Eric Bramlett. So, you have found the house of your dreams and you think you are ready to initiate the closing process. Before you give your Realtor the thumbs up for finalizing the deal, however, there are a few things you should do in order to protect yourself ...
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Real Estate is Growing; so is Realty Fraud
by addi vardhaman. Every boom has a flip side. The merger mania of the Eighties produced insider trading scandals. The '90s stock bubble was busted for biased investment research and added 'built-in volatility' as a synonym. And, it is now the turn of real estate, the...
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Real Estates in Israel
by Marcia Henin. Properties in Israel are good investment. The most exclusive properties in Israel are in the desirable locations of Central Israel. Israel estates cater to people of distinct tastes and backgrounds. There are huge array of Israel real estate compani...
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Real Estate Syndicate: Dream or Reality?
by Jimmy Cox. The real estate syndicate is a pooling of resources of many investors to buy a building or long-term lease-hold.Every brochure issued pertaining to a real estate syndicate contains estimates or projections of distributions and of income which shall ...
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Real Estate Article: Internet Marketing Sells Homes
by Ronnie Bredahl.Real Estate Article: Internet Marketing Sells Homes by: Ronnie Bredahl When it comes to selling a home, in today's world, a tech-savvy listing
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Real Estate Article: Why Do I Need a Real Estate Appraisal?
by Ronnie Bredahl.Real Estate Article: Why Do I Need a Real Estate Appraisal? by: Ronnie Bredahl When it comes to buying real estate there are a few added expense
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Cutting Edge Real Estate News for You
by George Gonigal. The top real estate news from India for this week are: .Five lakh low-cost houses to come up in MumbaiThe city is all set to witness the mushrooming of affordable housing with five lakh units of middle and lower income housing expected to come up i...
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What Makes a Good Commercial Real Estate Brokerage House?
by Matt Fay. A commercial real estate brokerage, or real estate brokerage house, is a firm designed to assist clients in their commercial real estate transactions. You will find various services available at a commercial real estate brokerage. Some specialize in...
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Commercial Real Estate Landlord Representation
by Matt Fay. The field of commercial real estate has been experiencing an increase in the demand of people looking for an affordable place in which to do business. Since not everyone is able to afford to invest in commercial real estate, they are looking at thei...
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Real Estate Gets No Life Boat
by Rex Arlington. A few years ago, many seeking to buy a home were able to take advantage of special loans which now have inflated mortgage payments. Many of those homeowners can no longer afford the monthly payment and they are losing their houses due to floreclosur...
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What Happens When Real Estate Builders Park Their Cash
by Craig Berger. The slumping housing market has brought about a decline in new home construction. The building permits, which signify plans to build in the future, have slowed greatly. However, real estate companies are still afloat due to their continued hold on l...
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The Largely Ignored Aspect of the Real Estate Meltdown
by Ruth Sias.The Largely Ignored Aspect of the Real Estate Meltdown by: Ruth Sias When you read and watch the news about the mortgage/real estate meltdown yo
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It and Retail Add Flavour to Real Estate Boom
by addi vardhaman. Infrastructure in India is witnessing a positive upward thrust and due to it real estate market is also flourishing. As a result of the healthy growth trends in the post liberalization era, a high demand is noticed in both the segments viz. commerci...
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Real Estate Web Site Content That Sells Your House Fast!
by Brian Shelton. The internet is one of the best new tools to help you sell your house fast. By picking and choosing the right real estate web site content, you can spark interest in the property that you're selling without having casual lookers tromping through you...
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Recent Trends in Sofia Real Estate
by Anthony Woods. If we look into the market of real estate in Sofia, well-managed residential and business complexes are standing out as a factor on the market that attracts increasing attention. Well developed in Europe, these are just starting to gain popularity i...
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Real Estate Good News
by Tony Barns. Sales of existing homes last month rose for the first time in half a year, adding fresh evidence that the housing cycle may finally be bottoming out after nearly three years of correction. The national gains in resale's announced on Monday were 2.8 ...
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Real Estate Tidbits: Gardens More Than a Labor of Love
by Joe Cline. Green Happiness 'He who plants a garden, plants happiness' is an old saying. However, things have changed a lot nowadays. Today, the proverb could be thought of as 'He who plants a garden, plants money!' When it comes to selling a house, landscapi...
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Real Estate Industry Chances During Difficult Times
by Paul Selibio. Mark Evans and his wife Lynda were appalled at how things have gone from difficult to severe in real estate industry that sent some of their closest friends in the real estate industry to the verge of financial instabilities. For months now, ...
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Make Money Today in Real Estate
by Marco Santarelli. The real estate bubble may have burst, but the fact remains that real estate is still an attractive investment.? You just have to be able to look at the advantages that are presented in the down economy.Some say that the real estate market is in a d...
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Reasons to Acquire a Real Estate Appraisal
by Brayan Peter. There are many reasons to obtain a real estate appraisal. The most common reason to acquire an appraisal is to settle an estate. Taxing authorities often need real estate appraisals in order to establish the value of a real estate or property when a...
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