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Lake Tahoe Luxury Homes - Lake Tahoe Luxury Real Estate
by Adam Morien. Welcome to the Lake Tahoe Luxury Home Magazine online edition. See some of the most beautiful Lake Tahoe luxury homes, estates and land for sale in the Lake Tahoe...
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Three Dynamic Deal-Makers in Commercial Real Estate Transactions
by Emil Emilov.Three Dynamic Deal-Makers in Commercial Real Estate Transactions by: Emil Emilov Commercial real estate can be a very lucrative field for invest
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The Truth About Commercial Real Estate
by Emil Emilov.The Truth About Commercial Real Estate by: Emil Emilov Many people confuse commercial real estate with residential real estate. What is the diff
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How to Make Money in Commercial Real Estate
by Emil Emilov.Commercial real estate investment is like any other investment. You have an end goal - making more money than you spent. The processes, and setting your objectives, offer a great deal of latitude in how to turn your initial investing dollars into a s...
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Make Your Real Estate Pictures Perfect
by Nelson Stewart. So your selling your house, and the agent is coming to take photographs. Do yourself a favor and consider the following advice. After all, the picture is what most buyers are going to see first. If they like the picture, they'll search further for m...
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Attracting Attention With Real Estate Virtual Tours
by Cole Stevens. Online virtual tours are the wave of the future for real estate advertising. They allow prospective buyers to view a home 24 hours a day, attract attention to your listings, and even appeal to prospective clients and home sellers looking for a real ...
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Turn Second Lien Real Estate Notes Into Gold
by Tom Henderson. ?Not a month goes by that I do not get at least one question as to ...
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Real Estate - the Greatest Wealth Builder Ever
by Brad Wozny. There's a poster on the wall at McDonald's headquarters in Illinois which outlines their corporate mandate, 'We Sell Hamburgers To Buy Real Estate'.Since before the invention of the bread slicer, real estate has always been around...and unless you l...
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How to Build a Real Estate Business
by Brad Wozny. It's not exactly easy learning how to build a real estate business, but the rewards can be tremendous. Life changing. Wealth altering. One of the common problems faced by entrepreneurs looking to build a real estate business is figuring out the 'how...
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5 Ways of Earning Alternative Income With Real Estate
by Melanie Speed. When people think of real estate income, they usually think of the two most popular ways of gaining this: buying/selling and renting. These are very successful methods of gaining income through real estate, but there are other ways that you can get ...
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Learn from an Experienced Real Estate Mentor
by Brad Wozny. It is useful to find the specific real estate mentoring program that encapsulate each area you want to improve -marketing, time management, business growth strategies, and specific processes or SOP's for outsourcing, recruiting power team members, a...
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The Value of Real Estate Lawyers
by Art Gib. It is very hard to ignore the impact that real estate has on our lives today. Around every turn, there is a sign offering great values on real estate or an ad for a "real estate apprentice" which guarantees that you will make $20,000 a month.Additio...
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Make Money in Real Estate
by Brad Wozny. ?There are horrendous stories that you hear about people who have lost a fortune playing in the stock market. There are also people who have made money investing in the stock market. But have you ever heard of any person losing a fortune in the real...
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Price: Important Factor To Consider In Real Estate Business
by Stephen Campbell. Price is an important factor to consider in the sale of your home. You need to make sure that your house is priced properly. Don't think of going out there to start looking for buyers for your house without first knowing the ideal amount to sell it....
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Luxury Homes and Luxury Real Estate
by Phoenix Delray. Luxury real estate is a very small niche in the real estate market that is tailored to meet the needs of the highest socio economic group of consumers. This type of real estate is much different than the normal market because it requires a very high...
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Selling Your Real Estate Using Owner Financing
by Tom Henderson. Last week a veteran real estate professional asked me how to purchase notes at closing without being considered a lender and actually funding the deal. The term "simultaneous closing" is really a misnomer when referring to a seller selling...
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Making Money in Real Estate Even in a Down Market
by Gary Nealon. Everyone is aware of the dramatic changes that have occurred in the national real estate market over the past year or two years. Prior to that, when property values were on a continuous increase, it was easy to buy a house, make some simple improve...
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A Guide to Going Bankrupt in Real Estate!
by Ki Gray. First off, you should watch some late night infomercials on TV, and possibly order some real estate tapes from Carlton Sheets. This will provide you with a positive upbeat attitude and a sense of false confidence that is essential in order to go ba...
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Prepare for the New Real Estate Boom
by Paul LeJoy.Prepare for the New Real Estate Boom by: Paul LeJoy Even as foreclosures have reached an all-time high, the vibe I feel is that the good days wi
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Real Estate Guide in Todays Uncertain Market
by Ted Gaurnero. Homeowners, investors and real estate agents alike may have all gone through some similar cycles of shock, fear and confusion as a result of the subprime mortgage debacle and its aftermath. But, in understanding the key to success, agents need to kn...
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How to Increase the Real Estate Value of Your Home
by Shannon. If you are planning on selling your home, there are some simple things that you can do to drastically increase the amount of money you will receive from it. Remember that most people that will look at your home will also look at comparable homes in ...
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Real Estate: Wheres the Bottom?
by Dane. In recent months, the US real estate market has seen its fair share of turbulent weather as house prices continue to fall. While the Federal Reserve has taken significant steps towards making lending cheaper, interest rates remain artificially high ...
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Dealing With Real Estate Taxes
by Joe Cline. Real estate or property taxes are something that all property owners have to be concerned with. The amount of tax that you will pay on a specific piece of property varies greatly depending on many factors. These can include location, home condition,...
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Buying From a Real Estate Auction
by Joe Cline. Buying real estate is something that many people are just not knowledgeable about. They have never attempted it and have no idea what they need to do. The process can be very easy as long as you have some basic information and just so long as you ar...
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Seniors Deserve Special Care in Their Real Estate Transactions
by Dw Wilson. There is a niche in the real estate market that deserves some special attention. With a flood of baby boomers retiring and these folks heading into their golden senior years, many are in a position where they'll want to downsize from their larger fa...
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