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2008 - Christmas Activities And Sights In Belgium
by D. Halet.Each year, authorities and associations of Belgian towns organize their Christmas activities and sights. If you planned to spend the holiday season in Europe, and especially in Belgium, you have made an excellent choice and will have the opportunity ...
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Top Tips for Christmas Shopping With Toddlers
by Sue Atkins.I think Christmas shopping and shopping generally with toddlers, is given a bad press! With a little bit of planning and some common sense there are many practical ways to take the stress, frustration and tension out of buying your father- in - law h...
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Set The Holiday Season Mood With A Christmas Movie
by D. Halet.Apart of Christmas tree, decorations, parties and gifts, there is something that adds a special atmosphere to the holiday season: Christmas movies.Almost all adults have sweet memories related to a Christmas movie; a movie that remains favorite and h...
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DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas
by D. Halet.It is not easy to select the Christmas gift that will please to everyone: we never know if the gift will be appreciated by its recipient.How many times have you received a gift that is never emerged out of the cupboard in which you putted it?I myself...
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A Short History of the Christmas Tree
Topic : Christmas Tree History
by Oims.Christmas tree, Yule tree or Tannenbaum (German: fir tree) is one of the most popular traditions associated with the celebration of Christmas.Some say that the tree represents the one whose wood was made into a cross and used to crucify Jesus of Naza...
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How to Have the Best Christmas
by Alyice Edrich.Did last year’s Christmas season turn into a big blur?Don’t let it happen to you again this year. Before your “to do” list gets too big, take a step back to decide what this holiday really means to you and how you want to spen...
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Christmas Wreaths: New Ideas for an Old Tradition
by Ellen Bell.When we think of wreaths, most of us typically envision a traditional wreath made of greenery.? This is usually accompanied by a bow of some sort and possibly pinecones.? While these traditional Christmas wreath will always be steadfast favorites, th...
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Christmas Lights: A Brief History
by Ellen Bell.Those of us who celebrate Christmas with a tree in our homes usually choose to light it in one way or another.? But did you ever stop to wonder how we got started lighting our trees?The first lights on Christmas trees were candles that were attached ...
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Christmas Decorating Trends for 2005
by Catherine Spelling.This year, the latest craze in Christmas decorating is going back in time. Homeowners seem to be less interested in the icicle-type lights and the use of single color strands. Baby boomers seem to be harkening back to the days of their youth, by brin...
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A Christmas Story - The First Christmas Lights
by Catherine Spelling.One would think that Christmas lights have been around for as long as Christmas itself. Can any of you imagine Christmas without lights? How would the children find their way in the dark, so early on Christmas morning without them? The history of Chr...
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It was a Christmas Miracle!
by Catherine Spelling.So there we were, awkwardly staring at one another in utter disbelief that nobody could figure it out. It was a week before Christmas, and all through the house, your narrator was fuming....I could smash my mouse! We were trying to put up our Christm...
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All Dressed Up for Christmas -the Santa Suit Tradition
by Victoria Mccraw.Many people from around the world dress in Santa suits each year but fewer people know how the tradition started. St. Nicolas was a Catholic Bishop around 300 AD who spent a large sum of his money and time giving gifts to children. Dressed in his red...
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Holiday Screensavers & Holiday Ringtones
by Tanya Zimina.Everyone has faced the problem of gift hunting, especially when here are only a couple of days left and you have no idea what to get. You go to the nearest shopping center for the fifth time hoping to see something extraordinary but cannot find anyth...
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A Dollhouse Christmas you Can Create
by Veronica Scott.As you decorate and prepare your own home for the holiday season, don't forget about the miniature home that you have displayed as well. There are a number of fun and creative options available to you as you think about ways to drape the holiday spir...
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Why Do We Hang Stockings at Christmas
by Barbara Thorp.Hanging up stockings is a Christmas tradition. How did it begin? I have two different stories to tell. The first is that when dear old Santa Claus came down the chimneys (with great difficulty, because of his chubby tummy) he jiggled and shook, occa...
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Christmas Shopping Online
by Victoria.Christmas first started when St. Nicholas gave gifts to all of the children in his village. The children would go to sleep and see gifts in there houses the next morning. Now, this tradition has evolved across generations and even internationally.The...
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Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas
by Barbara Thorp.Here are ideas on how to cheaply decorate your home for Christmas. Use Silver, Try Shopping 1 Year in advance and use free resources.
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Family Bonding Christmas Ideas
by Barbara Thorp.Instead of just playing games, why dont create a project where everyone in your family and even the neighbours can join in?
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Christmas Holiday Planner
by Barbara Thorp.Outdoor Christmas DecorationDon't buy anything yet. Measure your front yard and decide what types of decorations you want and where you would like to place them. Take photos and then draw sketches where you would like to string light, garlands, and w...
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Christmas Gifts
by Bernadette Dimitrov.Give a gift that keeps on giving - self-esteem which is the collection of feelings or beliefs that we have about ourselves. How we define ourselves influences our motivations, attitudes, and behaviors and affects our emotional well being. Self-confi...
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Nothing Gets you in the Holiday Spirit Like Christmas Music
by Lynn Williamson.When it comes to Christmas and the holidays, nothing quite gets you in the mood to celebrate the way that music does. All it takes is that certain song to trigger a memory and you're back in the kitchen with Grandma making sugar cookies or helping yo...
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Why Real Christmas Wreaths are Better for the Environment
by Lynn Jebbia.Conscientious consumers today concerned about the environment are taking the time to consider the consequences of their purchases. More and more people are making an effort to purchase products that use renewable resources. When it comes to buying a ...
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A Pickle of a Tradition - Christmas
by Emma Snow.As legend has it, in Germany parents decorate their Tannenbaums on Christmas Eve. The last ornament hung is die Weinachtsgurke-a delicate glass ornament in the shape of a pickle. This is a significant ornament, for the next morning the children will ...
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Whats Better Fake or Real Christmas Tree
by Emma Snow.Every year families are confronted with the dilemma of whether to buy a live Christmas tree, or to invest in an artificial one. 5 Pros and cons of christmas trees
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Christmas Pyramids: a 300 Year Old Tradition
by Emma Snow.Before the grand Tannenbaum, there was the Weinachts pyramide, or lightstock. This holiday tradition can be traced to Dresden, the largest city in the Erzibirge region of Germany, where in 1168 AD silver and tin were discovered. Hundreds of miners fl...
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