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Buying a Renovators Delight (part One)
by Amos Grham. Well these little beauties may not be the buy they used to be. You may ask why, and I am going to explain. The prices of renovator's delights and handyman's delights are strengthening in line with the rest of the housing market. Modernizing terrac...
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Commercial Development in Houston Suggests Strong Market
by Tim Dillard. As we move into the fourth quarter of 2007, the Houston real estate market is slowing mildly but it remains strong in comparison to the national numbers that have been fore-casted. This is not evident in Houston as the market is showing a weakness. ...
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Marin County California Real Estate Profiles - Fairfax Ca
by Renee Adelmann. As the last suburban outpost before the San Geronimo Valley, Fairfax California has been described as "the gateway to West Marin". Only about 30 minutes from San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge, Fairfax boasts the best of everything. Access ...
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Scottsdale - There is No Place Like it
by Rick LeForce. People who live in Scottsdale will tell you that there is no place like it! People only move in here - they never move out!The climate is only a part of it and yes - it is true that here they boast 300 days of sunshine a year. Who wouldn't want to l...
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Myrtle Beach Cabana District
by Preston Guyton.Myrtle Beach Cabana District by: Preston Guyton Imagine an exclusive beachfront home, only steps from the water for under $80,000! That's what y
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Fix Air Leaks Before You Sell Your Tampa Bay Real Estate
by Lance Mohr. Most real estate experts consider the real estate market today including the Tampa Bay real estate market to be a buyer's market. Indeed, the Tampa Bay real estate market has been problematic for sellers on a number of levels over the course of the...
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A Quick-reference Guide to Manhattan for New Renters
by Gea Elika.A Quick-reference Guide to Manhattan for New Renters by: Gea Elika Manhattan is a big place. Many of its neighborhoods are larger than whole cit
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How To Purcase A Property In The State Of Colorado
by Shane Smith. To purchase a home in the state of Colorado the purchaser has to locate a property with the help of a Realtor. A reliable Realtor usually has a database of suitable housing options available for sale through the MLS or Multiple Listing Service.A Rea...
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How To Purchase A Home In The State Of Georgia
by Shane Smith. To purchase a home in the state of Georgia, the purchaser must engage a reliable realtor. The realtor should have a database with several properties for sale preferably through the MLS or Multiple Listing Service available as an arrangement between ...
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North Scottsdale, Arizona Grayhawk - Dc Ranch Real Estate
by Nick McConnell.North Scottsdale, Arizona Grayhawk - Dc Ranch Real Estate by: Nick McConnell Grayhawk in Scottsdale, Arizona is possibly one of the most prestig
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Fountain Hills, Arizona Real Estate Home Buying and Selling Tips
by Nick McConnell.Fountain Hills, Arizona Real Estate Home Buying and Selling Tips by: Nick McConnell If you have been thinking about purchasing or selling a home
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Arizona Real Estate Retirement Communities
by Nick McConnell.Arizona Real Estate Retirement Communities and Fifty Five Plus Communities by: Nick McConnell If you have been thinking about retiring in Arizon
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How To Purchase A Home In The State Of California
by Shane Smith. The first step for a purchaser who has decided to purchase a home in the State of California is to locate a realtor. A realtor who has a database which gives customized options in tune with the purchasers credit capabilities will give the purchaser ...
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National Sales Report & The New Tampa Real Estate Market
by Lance Mohr. Even though you may be looking to purchase or sell a home in the New Tampa area, it's important that you consider national and regional home sales trends. The reason it's important to understand national and regional real estate trends is because t...
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Why People Are Relocating to Gated Communities
by Tim Dillard. Gated communities are among the most popular neighborhoods for new homes in and around Houston. Gated communities are booming, which shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with housing trends across the nation. In fact, gated communities are not just a ...
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Commercial Development in Houston
by Tim Dillard. Houston may be a big city, but anyone who thinks that it is done developing is missing out on some great opportunities for commercial building both in the center of the city and in the expanding outer edges of Houston. Anyone looking for development...
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Earthcraft Atlanta: Setting the Standard for the Southeast
by Rob Muller. With successful green building programs like EarthCraft House, Metro Atlanta is slowly defining what it means to be green in the Southeast US. The city now has over 5,500 EarthCraft certified homes and condos and six EarthCraft communities. The stan...
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Selecting the Right Contractor for Renovating your Home
by William King. Home renovation has become quite the trend nowadays. It is not like the time when renovation was looked upon as big a headache as buying new property and moving to a different city. This creates a problem. For those property owners who are not in th...
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Austin is Changing
by Curtis Reddehase.Austin is Changing by: Curtis Reddehase Austin Texas is undergoing some rather large changes. Austin is experiencing massive downtown developmen
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Renters Rights in New York City
by Nicholas Adams Judge. Tenants in New York have more rights than those that rent in most other states. A long history of urban housing problems has led to a significant amount of progressive legislation that effectively makes renter's rights much more important than a lan...
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Have It All In Charleston
by Tim Stewart. There are many reasons why people are drawn to living in the South. There's the culture. There are the people who are polite but welcoming. There's the climate - temperate year round in many areas.Part of what proves to be so interesting about the S...
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New Orleans Housing Market Is Set to Heat Up Soon
by Chris Nawada. Ever since the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina many neighborhoods have struggled with rehabilitation and repair. There was much interest by investors, initially. Unfortunately there weren't very many quality contractors or subs. A lot of contracto...
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Design your Reno Right
by Matt Barker. You don't have to be designing your home from scratch to need an architect. If you're making any structural changes to your home at all, whether it be an addition, a remodel or adding a whole new floor, an architect should be the first person you ca...
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How to Choose your Second Home in Central America
by rajan mr. Looking for a ordinal bag for vacation, withdrawal or only as an investment? If so, then you should study a positioning in Central America. Properties in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama substance uncolored example as substantially as en...
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Houston New Homes on The Rise
by Tim Dillard. Why should you be looking to invest in Houston property? Well, if you drive through Houston at any time of year, you will see all of the Houston new homes that are quickly making this city one of the best new places to live in the United States. Som...
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