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Your Lenders Are Spying On Your Clients
As mortgage brokers we are always in jeopardy of losing our customers to the lenders we work with.We deal with our clients for a short amount of time, but the lender is in constant communication with them for years. And whenever your customers are as...
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The Wash Up, Signs of Weakness, Growth Area & Debt Consolidation
by U.d. Pemberton. ?As June approaches in Byron Bay, I am reminded what a brilliant place to be in autumn or spring - perfect climate with bright shiny days with warm ocean water and good surf - who could ask for anything more. It's the place to be!The Wash UpEveryone...
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Creative Financing Options
by Dena Davis. With today's rising prices it's all most people can do to stay afloat financially. So how does a young couple save enough money to break into the housing market? Sometimes you have to think outside of the box and come up with creative financing opti...
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Taking Control of Your Credit
by David Kent.  You’ve found the house of your dreams, made an offer and now it’s time to head on down to the bank. What goes on in that visit will determine if you’re able to make your dream become a reality. If so, at what price will it co...
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Pump Up Your Credit Score
by Paula Cherrist. Almost everything in life can be translated into a number. You keep track of your favorite sports team's stats, the price per gallon for gas and maybe even your cholesterol if you're really vigilant. But a large number of people neglect to keep trac...
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Financing Gas Stations
by jeff rauth.Financing Gas Stations by: jeff rauth Financing gas stations are complicated due to the single use nature of the property, environmental issues
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Why I Love Commercial Financing!
by Mario Joyner.Why I Love Commercial Financing! by: Mario Joyner Whenever one invests in real estate the most important thing that they have to look for are th
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Why Would a Lender Do a Short Sale?
by DCFawcett. There are many ways to lose a home but signing away ownership in a manner that destroys credit, embarrasses the family and strips an owner of dignity is one of the hardest. For owners who can no longer afford to keep mortgage payments current, there...
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Choosing Between Mezzanine and Equity Financing
by Mark Hasegawa. If you are an owner or a prospective owner of commercial property in need of financing up to 80-90% LTV, it is important to understand the financing options available to you, so that you choose the best option for your project. Mezzanine and Equity ...
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The Secret to Making Money With Lease-to-own Properties
by Judson Voss. As a real estate investor, you may be looking to purchase homes with the thought of renting them out as a means of generating consistent monthly passive income. However, with all of the issues that are involved with becoming a landlord, you may be ...
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Understanding Seller Financing
by Benjamin DeBell. Seller financing simply means that the seller of the property is offering financing. This means that the buyer does not have to apply to a third party lender in order to buy the property. Sellers often offer seller financing because in a buyer's mar...
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How to Buy Houses with Little or No Money and No Credit
by Dave Dinkel. Buying houses with little or no money and no credit is not a myth. In fact, the process of using creative financing is exclusive to real estate investing and offers the buyer the maximum leverage possible - zero investment. So technically any prof...
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Cash Back at Closing -- What You Need to Know
by Craig Berger. Many people who are interested in purchasing real estate may have heard about cash back at closing. Cash back at closing may seem like a great way to get some extra money to increase the value of the property through home improvements or for some ot...
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Houses - Still Better Than Money in the Bank
by Kevin Bilberry. It is obvious that we are in an unprecedented realty situation at the moment. Losing your home is listed as one of life's major crises, up there with death and divorce, and yet this crisis is predicted to continue for another year. It raises the que...
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Negotiating With Your Lender
by Gary Ashton.Negotiating With Your Lender by: Gary Ashton If the foundations of your financial world are crumbling inwardly, and the black words 'foreclosure
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Take Credit for Heritage Restorations
by Branden Schroeder. For a long time heritage properties suffered from a bum rap. Investors were reluctant to purchase a piece of the past because of the cost of dragging it into the present. Fortunately, in the last few decades, older properties have been rightfully re...
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We Sell Properties Fast for Cash to Help you Pay your Debts
by Eugene Articolov. We can help if you need to sell properties fast for cash. If you are in financial difficulty and think that selling your home is the answer, then let us help you. There are times when it takes too long to sell a property on the open market. At St Ge...
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Buyers and Refinancers Flock to Interest Rate Bargains
by Jeff Hammerberg.Buyers and Refinancers Flock to Interest Rate Bargains by: Jeff Hammerberg Rather than lowering the numbers cautiously and gradually, which is t
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The Best Way to Sell a House for Cash Fast
by Eugene Articolov. Do you want to find the best method to sell a house for cash fast?Many people find it difficult to sell their homes. It's a stressful time and if your home isn't selling, estate agents advise you to drop the asking price to achieve quick house sales...
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Sell a House for Fast Cash to Cut Credit Card Debt
by Eugene Articolov. Is your credit card debt spiralling out of control? Perhaps you need to sell a house for fast cash to solve the financial problem. When bills start to add up, some people may not know how to pay them and still handle their day to day expenses. It's ...
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Negotiating a Short Sale with Your Lender
by Seb Frey. When you fall behind in your mortgage payments, you run the risk of having your lender foreclose on you. That means you lose your home, property, everything, and end up with a very damaged credit rating that could mean you will have troubles buying ...
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Sources of Cashflow from a Lease Option Strategy
by Rob Best. Once you own an investment property, or a piece of investment real estate, then you need to make money from it. If you're not going to sell it on, then you would typically rent it out to a
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Where are Private Lenders and How Do I Find Them?
by Lou Castillo. You can't convince someone who is already earning 20% that they should do this with you because unless you want to pay more than 20% interest, it wouldn't make sense to them. People who have their money in low yield vehicles are the people you need...
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Saving the Environment While Saving Money
by Shannon Kietzman. Are you looking for a way to be kinder to the environment while also saving some money? The good news is that there are plenty of great incentives for making your home eco-friendly. Saving EnergyThe most obvious advantage to installing eco-friendl...
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Cash Out Commercial Refinance, Theres Now an Alternative
by jeff rauth.Cash Out Commercial Refinance, There's Now an Alternative by: jeff rauth If you have recently received a Letter of Intent or a 'pre approval' fr
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