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To Think Big as a Leader Think Small First
by John Nicholas.How often have you heard, "You want me to do what? Get someone else!"When you feel you're too important to help in some menial, but necessary task, you're only fooling yourself. You will never be exempt from the mundane. The upside is: that's what he...
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A Technical Whiz Becomes a Business Leader
by Donald Mitchell.Can you have a Cinderella story about a man? I think so if you see becoming a highly admired business leader as a big change for a technical whiz. I hope you'll agree after learning about Mr. Warren Seetahal, a native of Trinidad. But be warned that ...
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Team Building Through Leadership
by Elizabeth Partin.Can you hold on to your best people? What is your reaction when good people decide that their careers would be better off if they did not work on your team anymore? Do you say to yourself: "Hah, good riddance!" or do you ask yourself: "What could I ...
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The Leader
by Malik Tariq Mahmood.Malik Tariq MahmoodM. Sc. Mass CommunicationPGD (English Language)Allama Iqbal Open UniversityIslamabad ABSTRACTIt has to be remembered that it was not only Jinnah's superb political strategy that eclipsed his Muslim opponents but, thirteen years b...
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The Leadership Style of the Agency and Quality Systems
by Olivia Hunt.Many companies measure their research and development performance, associated with their business strategy process. The companies might vary their strategic business procedures, since they select most suitable alternatives and solutions to solve prob...
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