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30th Birthday Gift Ideas
Topic : Gift Idea & Gift Ideas : Birthday Gift Idea & Birthday Gift
by Siwarin Eampun.Choosing a birthday gift for a friend about to turn thirty years old can be a challenging task. You want to honor the special day with a unique gift, but not necessarily draw attention to their age. ...
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Tempranillos Role As A New Varietal Wine In Australia
Topic : Varietal Wine & Varietal Food : Wine & Food
by Darby Higgs.Tempranillo is the premium red wine grape variety from the Rioja region in Spain. It is now challenging Sangiovese as the up and coming star of the red varietal wine scene in Australia. New plantings...
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The Harmony between Wine and Food
Topic : How to Pair Wine with Food
by Dan Philipe.Wine is a social drink which should be enjoyed in the company of friends and .. food. The right combination between food and wine is a source of ultimate bliss for every connoisseur. Both wine and f...
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Make Your Own Gourmet Gift Baskets
Topic : Gift Basket & Gift Baskets : Gourmet Gift Basket & Making a Gift Basket
by Donna Monday.Everyone loves to receive a gift basket. Corporate gift baskets are often given by businesses to their customers as a token of their appreciation. However, most gift baskets are person to person expr...
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No Bake Cookies Are Easy to Make and Fun to Eat
Topic : Bake Cookie & Baking Cookies : How to Bake Cookies
by Donna Monday.Got an urge for a homemade cookie snack but don’t feel like mixing up a bunch of ingredients and baking? No problem. Whip up a batch of no bake cookies to satisfy your hunger craving. No bake coo...
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Food and Feng Shui
Topic : Feng Shui & FengShui : About Feng Shui
by Jakob Jelling.Feng shui has a great impact on the food we eat. Feng shui, the food we eat and ourselves are interrelated and influence each other. Chi and our life balance are highly influenced by food, starting o...
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What about Juan Valdez?
by Iulia Pascanu.Juan Valdez is a most popular figure in the advertising world and the symbol of the Columbian 'cafetelero' since 1959. Juan Valdez is a fictious character created in 1959 to represent the National Fe...
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Portrait of a Barista
Topic : Barista & Baristas - How to be a Good Barista
by Iulia Pascanu.The barista is the Italian word for the skilled person who prepares coffee (ultimately espresso) in a coffee house. What would you want your barista to be like? This is not a trick question. The more...
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Coffee and Health
Topic : Cofffee & Coffees : Health & Healths
by Iulia Pascanu.Coffee and health used to be a controversed theme in the seventies. Nowadays, moderate coffee consumption is rather exonerated from its supposed negative long term effects upon health. My mother used...
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A Note To Food Manufacturers...
Topic : Food Manufacturers & Food Manufacturer : Food Manufacturing
by D. S. Epperson.Food manufacturing in the US has always been about convenience, product availability, taste and price. The more society ventured away from the family garden and kitchen, the more food manufacturers d...
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Herbs: Growing Your Own
Topic : Herb & Herbs : Grow Your Own Herbs & Growing Herbs
by Andy Wiley.The first thing you need to do when deciding to create your own Herb Garden is to decide on the size of the plot of land you want to use. This will depend on what herbs and how much you want to grow....
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Have Diabetes, But Enjoy Quality Food? Try Diabetic Recipes!
Topic : Diabetic & Diabetics : Diabetic Recipes & Diabetic Recipe
by Mike Yeager.Having diabetes certainly limits some of the food you can eat, but with the right diabetic recipes you can still enjoy fine food. Sometimes, it is hard to know what foods are safe for you to eat. For...
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Cotton Candy Machine
by Mike Yeager.A cotton candy machine is welcome at any festive occasion! Cotton candy is a favorite treat of young and old alike. If you are looking for concession equipment for a special event, you’ll want to gi...
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Make Your Own Sweets With a Candy Mold!
Topic : Sweet & Sweets : Candy Mold & Candies Mold
by Mike Yeager.Candy molds make candy making easy! With only a few basic tools, you can make candy that looks professional and exquisite, as if they came from any of the finest specialty shops. For chocolate lovers...
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Shake Things Up With Fun Milkshakes
Topic : Milkshake & Milkshakes : Milkshake Ingredient
by Donna Monday.Milkshakes have been around since the old days of drugstore soda fountains. Now days we tend to drink milkshakes mainly when we go out for a bite to eat at a fast food restaurant. Milkshakes are heal...
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The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Experience
Topic : Chocolate Cookie & Chocolate Cookies : Chocolate Recipes
by Donna Monday.Just about everyone loves freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Many of us have fond memories from our childhoods of the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies filling up the house. Our eager ...
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Smooth Refreshing Smoothies
Topic : Smoothies & Recipe Smoothies : Recipe for Smoothies
by Donna Monday.More people today are discovering the healthy benefits of drinking a delicious, refreshing smoothie for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Instead of soda pop at your next meal or diet cola, consider whippi...
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Tantalizing Turkey
Topic : Turkey & Cooking Turkey : Recipe For Turkey & Turkey Recipe
by Chris Sadler.You too can make a spectacular turkey dinner! TT has what you need to help you at every step. You even get carving directions with graphics, guidance about the best way to thaw, stuff and roast your...
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Enjoy Healthy Eating!
Topic : Healthy Eating & Healthy Eating Recipe : Healthy Eating Recipes
by Ingela Berger.Can you enjoy healthy eating? Some people seem to think that healthy eating is some kind of punishment. On the contrary, it's a pleasure! There are so many delicious dishes that can be made with l...
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Frugal and Easy Thanksgiving Recipes
Topic : Thanksgiving Recipes & Thanks Giving Recipes : Thanks Giving Recipe
by Cyndi Roberts.Here it is - that time of year when everyone's thoughts turn to food! I'm thankful that at our house, we have plenty of food, but sometimes I am not so grateful that I am the one who usually gets to...
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Hybrid Sweeteners in Todays Health Market
by D.S. Epperson.What is the advantage of these new half sugar and half synthetic baking sugars that are on the market? These drink products made with ? the sugar carbs and ? synthetic sweeteners and foods marketed ...
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Functional Foods Are Becoming More Popular
Topic : Functional Foods & Functional Food : Popular Funcational Food
by D. S. Epperson.Established in 1989 by Stephen DeFelice, "Foundation for Innovation in Medicine" defined "Nutraceutical", as a food, dietary suppplement, or medical food that has a medical or health benefit, includi...
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Functional Foods: What They Are And How They Work
Topic : Functional Food Defination & Functional Food Market
by D. S. Epperson.In the brain, a typical protein can live for approximately ten days. The thoughts, feelings and memories of a human being are made up of what was in the stomach only a few days before. As you can see...
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How to Host Thanksgiving Dinner and Enjoy it Anyway
by Skip Lombardi.You've been nominated; or perhaps your family has issued a decree; or perhaps it's simply your turn. No matter what the reason, you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. This need not be a burden...
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Bottled Water Is Better Than Tap Water?
Topic : Bottled Water & Tap Water : Bottled Waters & Tap Waters
by Dr. John Roberts.Is bottled water better than tap water? Nov. 6, 2004 If you think bottled water is safer than tap water, you need to read the following. A Dutch study presented at a recent meeting of the American...
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