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Top 7 Tips To Strengthen Your Back Support Muscles
Not surprisingly, people with strong trunk muscles and well conditioned leg and hip muscles are less likely to develop back pain and injuries than people with weak or poorly conditioned muscles. Fortunately, your muscles will become stronger if you f...
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Can Fat Turn Into Muscle Or Muscle Into Fat?
by ChrisChew.Can muscle turn into fat or fat turn into muscle? How many time have you heard this hilarious fats and muscles myth? Yes, this is one fats and muscles myth that will never go away. Get this straight. Fat will never turn into muscle and muscle will n...
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Build Back Muscles
by ChrisChew.Want Your Back Thick And Wide To Complement Your Powerful Chest Muscles?I believe that most of you who are reading this article are already working out in gyms and have already build awesome muscles especially on your chest and arms. However, I do no...
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5 Reasons Why Alcohol Will Destroy Your Muscle Gains
by seannal.I receive emails every single day from aspiring muscle-builders all over the world, and one of the most common questions I'm asked is "does drinking really affect the muscle growth process?" I'm sorry to say it, but yes, too much alcohol will almost ...
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How To Overcome Muscle Soreness
by totalactivation.I get asked this question often - how can I minimize soreness after exercise, especially after aerobic activities like jogging?First, let's understand a little bit about exercise intensity. The intensity at which you exercise will determine what you ...
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Muscle Fiber Types and Contraction
by pilkster.Muscles generate heat and force for movement, help us breathe, and keep our bodies upright. Skeletal muscle tissue is composed of two fibers, actin (thin fibers) and myosin (thick fibers). These two fibers give the muscle a striated appearance. In or...
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Picking The Best Protein Supplement For Your Muscles
by Michael Greeves. Many athletes today are adding a variety of supplements to their diet in order to improve their athletic performance. One such supplement is a protein supplement. There are several different proteins to choose from, but the most popular ones are w...
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How Long Does It Take To Build Muscles
by Chris Chew. For a skinny person, gaining muscle weight can be very difficult without professional help. Where for some fortunate genetically blessed people, gaining muscle mass very fast is a breeze. Therefore if you are trying to figure out how long does it ta...
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How Long Does It Take To Grow Muscles
by Chris Chew. "May I know how long does it take to visibly grow muscles?" Well, as a professional fitness personal trainer, I get variations of this question from almost every new client. So how can I answer that question because there are also many variable fact...
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Tips To Gain Muscles Fast
by Chris Chew. So you want to gain muscles fast? So you can just simply join a gym, lift weights regularly and after a few short months, you should be able to gain enough muscle mass to take part in your neighborhood bodybuilding contest? If it is that simple, the...
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What Does a Electronic Muscle Stimulator Do
by Amy Nutt. Using electronic muscle stimulators for body building provides nerve and flexor training for the muscles and seems to allow the muscle tissue to grow at a rate comparable to simple exercise. However, with the stimulators the body goes without the af...
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Target These Major Muscles & Get A Super Vertical Jump Fast
by Karin Manning. Athletes wanting to increase vertical jump are often stumped about what major muscles they should be focusing all their attention on. This article will dispel all the major muscle myths for a super vertical jump.In your quest for more height it's cr...
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How Often Can You Use the EMS System on the Same Muscle Groups?
by Amy Nutt. EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a type of fitness enhancement device that involves using a low-level electric current to cause muscles to contract, helping them improve in strength and appearance. Electrical Muscle Stimulation originated in...
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Bullworker: the German Secret Weapon to Build Muscle Mass
by Frank Sherrill. Old Style Muscle BuildingBack in the late 1960's a German named Gert F Koelbel, invented an exercise device called the Tensolator which later on was renamed the Bullworker.
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Build Muscle and Lose Weight
by Terry Sandhu. Muscle is living tissue, unlike fat which is just stored energy. Just like any other living thing muscle requires calories to survive. Muscle uses calories just to stay on your body. So the more muscle you have the more calories you will use to keep...
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4 Recommended Mixes for Muscles Strength Formula
by Jesse Miller. After a grueling physical exercise in order to loose weight, tone muscles or for whatever purpose, you need to get nutrition in order to strengthen your muscles and get back that energy ready for the next schedule of workout. Muscle strength Formula...
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Working Out Those Major Back Muscles: the Back Work Out Routines
by Jesse Miller. One of the things that you should know is the fact that the reverse part of your body must be constantly toned for you to have a good posture. The flipside part of your body is so important for there are many important muscles that are located on t...
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Steps to Have Simple and Well Defined Muscles in Your Abs
by Jesse Miller. A great abs is what most people who are into diet and weight loss are after for. Hence, to have simple and well defined muscles in this part of your body is indeed what you desire to have. To have one, here are some basic exercises that you can pe...
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Steps on How to Start Building a Better Chest Muscle
by Jesse Miller. If you want to boost the wideness and the shape of your muscles on the chest, here are some of the proved and tested effective exercises on how to increase the size of your chest and how to start building a better chest muscle.?1. The Pushup - The p...
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Ways to Build Muscle Mass to Create Muscle
by Jesse Miller. People usually work out for a variety of reasons. It may be for health, to lose weight, gain mass and so on. No matter what your reasons are, the most common benefit you get from working out is build muscle mass to create muscle! It's your muscles t...
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How to Build Muscle Size Like the Old Timers
by Derek Manuel. From around the fifty's through the seventy's, we can learn a lot of solid information on how to build muscle size as well as gaining weight from the old-timers. There was a lot more common sense and simplicity when it came to weight training workou...
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Building Muscle Safely and Effectively
by Jose Freitas. Muscle building demands hard work and enormous discipline. To build your body you'll have to work extensively with heavyweights and irons, to guarantee that neither of these have a prejudicial result on your muscles or hurt you in anyway you'll have...
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The Importance of Sleep When Building Muscle
by Derek Manuel. There are a few VERY important factors that every weight trainer must follow to gain weight and build muscle mass fast. Some of the more obvious ones are a proper workout routine, diet, supplements, and hard work.Every so often I'll get an e-mail fr...
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How to Build Muscle Size and Strength Fast
by Derek Manuel. If you really want to know how to build muscle size and strength as fast as humanly possible, study the old-timers. Long before steroids and the BILLION dollar supplement industry, there was a time when men trained with nothing but heavy iron and a ...
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The Best Ways for Skinny Guys to Gain Muscles
by Jason Storm. Everyone can get the body they are dreaming of, doesn't matter if you are skinny and feel like it's impossible to even put on one single pound on your body. Don't give up, there are ma
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