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Easy, Frugal Breakfasts!
by Cyndi Roberts.We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And that children that eat breakfast do better in school than those who don't. However, we also all know that it isn't always easy to f...
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Perfect Picnics - Frugal Food Safety Tips
Topic : Pinics & Pinic : Food Safety Tips & Tips For Foods
by Cyndi Roberts.Summer is finally here and for a lot of us that means heading out to the lake or to the park for a picnic with friends or family. Unfortunately, if we're not careful when we plan, transport and serv...
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Chocolate, Candy, Fudge
Topic : Chocolate & Candy : Chocolate Fudge & Fudge
by Mike Yeager.A delicious, mouth-watering piece of sweetened chocolate is a treat that tempts everyone. Whether it’s a delicious chocolate truffle or a double dipped chocolate nut cluster that just bursts with fla...
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Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo
by Richard Massey.Seafood Fettuccine is always a top seller in our restaurants. Any pasta alfredo recipe is easy to prepare making it a great choice for family and friends. The alfredo sauce can be made several days ...
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EASY No-Roll Pie Crust
by LeAnn R. Ralph.EASY No-Roll Pie Crust 3 cups flour 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons sugar 2/3 cup cooking oil (I like to use Canola oil) 1/3 cup water or milk Measure all ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir w...
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Oatmeal-Apple-Raisin Muffins
Topic : Oatmeal Recipes & Oatmeal Recipe : Raisin Muffin & Raisin Muffins
by LeAnn R. Ralph.These muffins are not only tasty, but they're also a good source of fiber. In recent years, health experts have come to realize that fiber is an important part of a heart-healthy diet. Using Canola o...

Cooking Lobster at Home
Topic : Lobster Recipes & Lobster Recipe : How to Cook Lobster
by Richard Massey.Lobster has always be one of those extravagant meals which few people ever try because of the high cost. With restaurants paying thirty dollars a pound, by the time they put their markup on it, you’r...
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Season Your Pans for Non Stick Cooking
Topic : Non Stick Cooking & Non Stick Pan : Non Stick Saucepans
by Richard Massey.Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cook a delicious meal and having it stick to the bottom of the pan. A well season or cured pan will make cooking more fun, easier to clean and create better...
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What’s the Thick on Roux? Thickening Soups and Sauces
by Richard Massey.Soups and sauces can be thickened in a variety of ways. A sauce must the thick enough to cling to the food, but not so thick it stands up on its own. Starches are by far the most common thickening ag...
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Bacteria and Food-borne Diseases
Topic : Bacteria & Food Borne Diseases : Food Borne Disease
by Richard Massey.Types of Bacteria Bacteria are all around us, in the air, water, ground, on our skin and in our bodies. They are classified in a variety of ways, but for our purpose we can categorize them in a more ...
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Choosing a Wine Gift Basket
Topic : Wine Gift Basket & Wines Gift Basket : Wine Basket & Wine Baskets
by Peter.During the holiday season, most of us are in a frantic search for presents for loved ones and friends. Next time, instead of the usual hassle of selecting a gift which will suit him or her, try sendi...
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Grilled Scallops with Ginger-Lime Sauce
Topic : Scallops Recipe & Scallops Recipes : Grilled Scallops & Grilled Scallop
by Richard Massey.Summer time is great for barbequing, but aren’t you tired of burgers and hotdogs? At your next party why not try something a little classier. This scallop recipe is so easy, but so good. If the weat...
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Crab Stuffed Salmon with Lobster Sauce
Topic : Lobster Recipes & Lobster Recipe : Recipes for Lobster
by Richard Massey.I served this dish at an event I catered and people are still talking about it a year later. The lobster base used in the sauce can be found at stores offering specialty foods or you can order it off...
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Ice Cream In A Baggie
Topic : Ice Cream & Ice Cream Recipes : Recipes for Ice Cream
by Merle Obrien.Yes, it sounds dangerous and the potential for messes seems highly likely, but you'll be surprised at the good, "clean" fun you'll enjoy when you make ice cream.This recipe is enough for one person t...
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Seasoning An Oven
by Glea Reno and Dennis Reno.Untreated cast iron rusts, especially around water.? To prevent metal from oxidizing in the presence of moisture, cast iron requires a process called ?seasoning?.? Seasoning is simply the procedure o...

Come to Tea: An Elegant Garden Gathering
Topic : Garden Gathering & Tea Gathering : Garden & Tea
by Debbie Rodgers.Perhaps nothing says "garden party" like having afternoon tea outdoors. It's a charming reminder of bygone days and childhood make-believe. Outdoor spaces of all kinds, including balconies, can be su...

What Are Scoville Units?
Topic : Scoville Scale & Scoville : Scoville Unit & Scoville Units
by Nick Lindauer.To understand what a Scoville Unit is, one must understand what they measure. All hot peppers contain capsaicinoids, natural substances that produce a burning sensation in the mouth, causing the eyes...
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How to Make Homemade Ice Cream (Without an Ice Cream Maker!)
Topic : Ice Cream Machine & Homemade Ice Cream : Ice Cream Making Machine
by LeAnn R. Ralph.COLFAX, WISCONSIN — June is Dairy Month and what better way to celebrate than with homemade ice cream? When I was growing up on our small family dairy farm in west central Wisconsin 40 years ago, my ...
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Spinach Salad with Mango and Papaya
Topic : Spinach Salad & Mango Salad : Papaya Sald & Papaya Salads
by Richard Massey.This is a great summer salad, leaving you refreshed even on the hottest days. For those who like to have a little protein with there salad, both grilled chicken or shrimp go well with this dish. Don’...
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Rib-Eye Steak with Mushrooms and Bleu Cheese
Topic : Rib Eye Steak & Rib Eye Steaks : Ribeye Steak & Rib Eye Steak Recipe
by Richard Massey.This is a mouth watering steak. Every time I serve this in the restaurant the customers rave. The best part, it’s so simple you can make it at home for the family. Serves 2 2 ea. Rib-eye steaks (e...

The Creamy Taste Of Fudge!
Topic : Recipe For Fudge & Fudge Recipe : Fudge Recipes & Recipes Fudge
by Mike Yeager.Fudge is a treat that everyone loves. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, the taste of a smooth, creamy piece of delicious Fudge appeals to everyone. Fudge, candy, Fudge, and sweets have been a...
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Pinatas are Fun for young and old!
Topic : Pinatas & Party Pinatas : Birthday Pinatas
by Mike Yeager.Pinatas make a great theme to center a party around. It can be a birthday party, a going away party or just a fun party where friends and family get together. Pinatas offer excitement and challenge f...
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The Heavenly taste of Chocolate!
Topic : Chocolate & Chocolate Recipe & Chocolate Recipes & Recipe for Chocolate
by Mike Yeager.A delicious, mouth-watering piece of sweetened chocolate is a treat that tempts everyone. Whether it’s a delicious chocolate truffle or a double dipped chocolate nut cluster that just bursts with fla...
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Candy, Chocolate And Gum All Treats To Tickle Your Fancy!
Topic : Candy Recipe & Recipe For Candy : Gum & Gums
by Mike Yeager.A delicious, mouth-watering piece of sweetened candy is a treat that tempts everyone. Whether it’s a spicy cinnamon candy a hard watermelon candy that just bursts with flavor as soon as it placed ins...
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5-Minute Strawberry Jam
Topic : Strawberry Jam & Recipe For Strawberry Jam : Recipes For Strawberry Jam
by Rondi Hillstrom Davis .Nothing tastes better than fresh picked strawberries. For many people, making homemade jams and jellies conjures up memories of grandmother in the kitchen preparing bushels of fruit, stirring and st...

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