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Own Your Niche by Building a Niche Community
Topic : Business Intelligence Marketing & Market Intelligence
by Steven Van Yoder.In 1997, David Steele was making the transition from a professional therapist to relationship coach. Part of his strategy was to become a center of influence and THE Relationship Coach for his commun...
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Grab Your Share of Untold Amounts of Advertising Dollars
Topic : Co-op Advertising : Coop Advertising & Market Advertising
by Kathleen Gage.If you advertise in any way, the following information could show you how to find and utilize untold advertising dollars you may not be aware of. In the mid 80’s I was an account executive for a rad...
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Will Seminars Get You Clients?
Topic : Business Training Seminar : Business Seminar & Marketing Seminar
by C.J. Hayden.I often suggest public speaking as a powerful way to show prospective clients what you can do. Many professionals and consultants have built successful practices by giving free presentations to assoc...
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Getting The Big Picture Series: Part 6-"The Free-Way" #2
Topic : Link Popularity Check : Link Popularity & Website Popularity
by Treci Cauthen.Is your business suffering? Can't seem to get noticed by the search engines? You might want to work on your Link Popularity. If you've ever taken the time out to analyze other top ranking pages y...
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Two kinds of Advertising for a Marketing Strategy
Topic : Internet Marketing Strategy & Marketing Strategy
by Steven Boaze.Advertising is the lifeblood of any business. If you do not learn how to advertise your products and services both efficiently and effectively, you won't be in business long. While the Internet has l...
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Marketing Tourism Online
Topic : Marketing for Tourism : Tourism Promotion & Travel Marketing
by Bryan Wilson.This is part two of an article series which will introduce some basic strategies, considerations, elements, and techniques for marketing tourism products online. We plan to update and refine these a...
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Marketing Tourism Online, Part One: The Basics
Topic : Marketing in Tourism : Tourism Marketing & Tourism and Marketing
by Bryan Wilson.This is part one of an article series which will introduce some basic strategies, considerations, elements, and techniques for marketing tourism products online. We plan to update and refine these ar...
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Yellow Pages Information
Topic : Online Yellow Pages : Yellow Pages & The Yellow Pages
by Alan Saltz.Any idea? It’s a question that more than a few Yellow Page advertisers ponder. If you are currently spending money every month to run an ad in your local directory, you don’t want to wrestle with tha...
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3 Things Every Yellow Pages Advertiser Needs to Know
Topic : Yellow Pages Advertising : Yellowpages & Business Yellow Pages
by Alan Saltz.Too many business owners and marketers know that Yellow Pages advertising has an incredible amount of potential… but they don’t quite know how to take advantage of it. Fortunately, it’s a mystery th...
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5 Steps To Successful Joint Ventures
Topic : Business Joint Venture : Joint Venture & Partnership Venture
by Raam Anand.Most Internet Marketing related ezines have carried at least one article on Joint Ventures; probably many. JV's are THE MOST preferred and fastest way to increase sales and cash flows. It's no long...
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Does Your Copy Look "Fake" To the Search Engines?
Topic : Internet Network Marketing & Network Marketing
by Karon Thackston.From the early days of search engine optimization, keywords and content have always been vital to achieving your goals. Starting back in the days when we used to shove every slightly relevant keywor...
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Avoid the Top 10 Network Marketing Mistakes
Topic : Network Marketing Business & Internet and Network Marketing
by D.J. Harr.Just completed this for the December Noni Pearls Magazine, thought I would share it with all of you. Hope you enjoy it. Avoid the most common mistakes Here are the 10 most common mistakes that netw...
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How "Available" are YOU?
Topic : Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Marketing
by Anna-Marie Stewart.The internet can be pretty scary at times. Do you realise how easy it is to access your personal information? Your phone number, name, address? Even get driving instructions on how to get to your loc...

Creating Customer Value
Topic : Creating Customer Value : Customer Value & Value Customers
by R G Srinivasan.The purpose of business is to create and retain a customer. Much has been written about customer orientation, customer relationship management (CRM), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) metrics, Customer...
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So Whats Your Argument?
Topic : Internet Marketing Advertising & Online Marketing
by Ken Nadreau.Arguments aren't always bad things. Sometimes They're used to convince someone of an important point they may not yet realize. You've probably used arguments in this way most of your life in fact! ...
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The Boy Who Cried Wolf Redux
Topic : Business Marketing Plan : Creative Marketing & Marketing Plans
by Ken Nadreau.You've probably heard the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. The problem is that the child was looking for attention and thought it would be fun to scream at the top of his lungs that a wolf was nearb...
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The Key to Eliminating Objections and Increasing Sales
Topic : Business Marketing Strategy & Advertising Strategy
by Charlie Cook.You're in a meeting with a promising prospect. You review the project and the services you provide and then, just when you're hoping to get the okay, the prospect raises an objection. They may tell y...
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Does Becoming a Published Author Enhance a Business?
Topic : Web Site Publishing : Web Publishing & Web Authoring
by Vishal P. Rao.There is a boom occurring lately, especially in the online world. More and more business people are authoring their own print book and e-books. These materials can run the gamut from information book...
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Getting The Big Picture Series: Part 5-"The Free-Way" #1
Topic : Search Engine Keyword & Search Engine Placement
by Treci Cauthen.Will the search engine's take notice of you? Search engine placement is the most important aspect of internet marketing promotion. What is a search engine? The search engines function is to search th...
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Search Engine Tips & Techniques
Topic : Search Engine Tips & Search Engine Advice
by Terri Seymour.As you are building your site or getting your site built, you need to do as much as you can to ensure higher rankings in the search engines. There are a variety of little tips and techniques you can...
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Interview with a "Video Virgin"
Topic : Video Production Company : Business Video & Marketing Video
by Marie-Claire Ross.Shani Alexander is the founder of Relocations Made Easy (www.relocations-made-easy.com) which produces an interactive website and CDROM tool that advises people on how to make a stress free relocatio...
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The Impact of Price Popularity on Profits
Topic : How to Increase Profits : Increase Profits & Increase Profit
by Konstantin Goudkov.The goal of almost every business owner is to generate a profit either for themselves or their shareholders. This can be challenging at best. So much thought and effort go into running a business, ac...
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Are You a Cultivator or a Harvester?
Topic : Marketing Strategy Consulting & Marketing Consulting
by Julie Chance.As a result of providing marketing consulting, training and coaching to a variety of individuals and industries over the years, I have come to recognize that people generally approach the business ...

What is Pay-Per-Click?
Topic : Pay Per Click : Pay Per Click Advertising & Pay-per-click
by F. Terrence Markle.Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is when an advertiser pays for each qualified click that sends a search engine user (i.e., visitor) to the advertiser’s web page. PPC requires the advertiser to bid o...

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Topic : Search Engine Optimization & Website Search Engine Optimization
by F. Terrence Markle.It is no secret that search engines are the number one traffic generating method for driving visitors to the different web sites. Search engines are very useful in helping people find the relevant i...
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