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This is How Debt Freedom Really Works
by Bruce Hokin.Lots of folks are confused as to how debt reduction and freedom from debt really works. It is not rocket science. There is a proven, simple system that works every time - if followed. These steps are listed below in order and can be actioned easily b...
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Credit Card Debt: the Effects and the Solution
by Billy Alvaro.Copyright (c) 2008 Billy AlvaroEveryone today is worried about credit card debt, but in most cases, they don't have a clue how to do anything about it. In fact, for most people once they get into debt, they don't have a clue how to get out again. In ...
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Re-mortgaging the Answer to Debt Problems?
by Graham Baylis.We live in a world where credit cards, overdrafts and loans make spending effortless. Online shopping brings the high street into your home and every newspaper you read offers bigger and better deals on consumer items. In this situation, it is very e...

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