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General Information About The Last Will and Testament
by David Fagan.A will is a legal document that helps you to protect your assets and minimize any dispute over the distribution of your estate when you pass on. When created properly, a will is a tool that will control the distribution of your property upon your dea...
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Florida State Living Wills
by David Fagan.Out of all the documents available to make an estate plan a living will is perhaps the most important. This is probably the only life and death document you will ever sign, unless you’re a judge. Despite how important this document is many people s...
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Why You Need a Will
by Eric D. Patrick, Esq..There's an old adage that a person either devises his own plan in life or ends up as part of someone else's. Because 50%-60% of the population never executes a Will, the majority of us will allow our state legislature to determine who is most deserv...

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