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Fraudsters Target Online Car Sales
Topic : Car Buying Scams : Auto Fraud & Car Scams
by Jim Limerick.There is a growing car shipping scam on the internet which has been targeting sellers of cars, boats, motorbikes and other single high value items, even horses ! We first came across this in January...
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Two and Four Stroke Engines: Fast and Simple Answers.
Topic : 2 Stroke Engines : 4 Stroke Engines & Engine Information
by Daniel Levy.A few fast responses and facts about Two and Four Stroke Engines. Many years ago when I got hooked by motorcycles, I started to hear a lot about two and four stroke engines... It seemed there were (a...
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Why Online Car Sales is Better than The Auto Dealer
Topic : Online Car Sales : Selling Cars Online & Sell Car Online
by Cherie Szilvagyi.Auto Dealers are finding selling their vehicles online hit or miss at best. Auto Trader and Ebay along with Smart Auction from General Motors are offering some of the best options to an Auto Dealer....
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How To Escape a Speeding Ticket By Getting Away With A Warning
Topic : Beat A Speeding Ticket : How To Beat A Speeding Ticket
by Ron B..Learn the tips on how to act when stopped by a police officer and what to say to increase your chances of getting away with a warning and not being ticketed. If you want to save yourself from the wor...
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What is Road Hazard Warranty? Do You Really Need It?
Topic : Road Hazard Warranty : Car Warranty & Car Warranties
by Gene Grant.You are prepared to spend an average of $300 - $500 for new sneakers for you vehicle. It's a maintenance item that is not optional and then the salesperson asks you if you want to purchase the Road H...
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FAQ on Modifying the Toyota Supra
Topic : Supra Performance : Supra Body Kits & Supra Bodykits
by Stuart B.What does BPU™ stand for? (BPU™ is a trademark of SupraStore.com) Basic Performance Upgrades. These modifications are: A full length three inch down-pipe (with or with-out high flow cats), 3” (75mm) ...
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Effective Online Car Sales on Ebay Motors
Topic : Ebay Car Sales : Online Car Sale & Sell Cars Online
by Cherie Szilvagyi.Remember back when selling online was a new experience? Dealers tried everything to sell their vehicles online. Today’s market has expanded to include several hot online marketplaces. The largest ...
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Selling Effectively on Ebay Motors
Topic : Ebay Auto Sales & Ebay Car Sales
by Cherie Szilvagyi.Remember back when selling online was a new experience? Dealers tried everything to sell their vehicles online. Today’s market has expanded to include several hot online marketplaces but there is t...
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Car Ground Effects : Should You Install Yourself ??
Topic : Car Ground Effects : Ground Effects Kits & Car Ground Effect
by Marc Deschamps.To make your car handle and look better you need the right car ground effects. Use aero-dynamic wings, spoilers, dams or skirts to get the down force plus the stylish look you have been looking for. ...
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The Three Basic Methods Of Car Pinstriping
Topic : Car Pinstriping : Car Pin Striping & Auto Pinstriping
by Marc Deschamps.Before we talk about the different auto pinstriping methods we need to cover a couple of basic points : 1) Pinstripes are usually done in two colors: one that compliments the body color, and another...
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Topic : Artificial Intelligence Robots & Robotic Automation
by Seamus Dolly.With the release of I ROBOT, one is immediately reminded of Professor Ken Warwick, and the research or experiments that he was involved in. His chip implant in 1998 was the source of some curiosity a...
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Confidence is King of the Road
Topic : Car Buying Tips : Car Buying Advice & Car Buying Guide
by Mark Sawyer.Confidence is more than just sexy. It can save you a ton of money on your next car or truck. Lots of people hate buying cars. When you get right down to it, the root causes of this fear and loathing ...
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Never Get Lost Again - Map Reading is a Thing of the Past
Topic : Magellan Roadmate GPS & Magellan Roadmate & Magellan Roadmate GPS
by Niall Kennedy.Do you spend lots of time planning routes and checking maps on the road. You don't have any more with a Magellan RoadMate. I work in the film industry, scouting locations for possible shooting. These...
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Cat And Mouse with Anti Laser Detectors
Topic : Radar Laser Detector : Laser Detectors & Radar Detector
by Michael Oliver.Anti-Laser Detectors are what drivers use to warn of oncoming police hunting for speeders. Original laser detectors had short ranges less than .25 miles. The laser detector becomes less accurate as t...
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After The Sale
Topic : New Car Maintenance : Auto Maintenance & Car Maintenance
by Kevin Schappell.Enjoy your car... that's simple huh? Well it's not really that simple. Here is a list of things to think about after the sale. Notify your insurance agent about the new car. Read the entire owner...
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Closing The Deal
Topic : Car Trade In : Trade In a Car & Trade In Cars
by Kevin Schappell.Congratulations !!!! You got the deal you were looking for. Now is the perfect time to mention to the dealer that you are looking to trade in that car you are currently driving. This way they can...
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Your Money, Your Life, or Your Seat Belt
Topic : Seat Belt Safety : Car Safety & Seatbelt Safety
by Michael Oliver.A seat belt is one of those things in life that just doesn't make sense to about 40,000,000 people in the United States. After all, freedom of choice is the Free World cornerstone and when it comes ...
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See And Be Seen
Topic : Road Safety for Kids & Kids Road Safety
by News Canada.Tips for parents on how to keep kids safe on the street (NC)—Hopping on the bus, walking home with friends, or even riding a bike to school for the first time – there are so many milestones that chil...

Getting An Edge On Wet Roads
Topic : Hydroplaning Tires : Hydroplane & Hydroplaning
by News Canada.(NC)—There's probably no worse feeling. You're driving on a wet stretch of road and all of a sudden it feels as though your vehicle has a mind of its own. Of course, your vehicle isn't possessed; it ...
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From Mower To Thrower
Topic : Lawn Mower Maintenance & Tractor Maintenance
by News Canada.(NC)—The days are getting shorter. The nights cooler. And finally, your grass has stopped growing. Looks like it's time to store your lawn tractor or mower for the winter. And get that trusty snow th...
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Whats With Those Noisy Lights?
Topic : Car Indicator Lights : Car Indicator Light & Car Interior Lights
by News Canada.(NC)—Not too long ago, you hopped in your car and turned the key. A couple of lights flashed for a second, the motor started and you were ready to go. Not true anymore. A modern car or truck has bell...
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Putting Your Palace To Bed
Topic : Boat Maintenance and Repair : Boat Protection & Boat Repair
by News Canada.(NC) —If you're a sailor, there are few things as precious as your boat. Power or sail, whatever the size, your boat is your escape, your refuge, your palace. Below are a few tips on protecting that ...
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Online Towing Company Mission: Piece of Mind
Topic : Tow Truck Services : Towing Services & Tow Truck Companies
by David Moceri.News from Secure Towing Millions of Americans are frequently unprepared for the inevitable car mishaps or breakdowns that are bound to eventually happen. As a result, many motorists have taken steps ...
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Traffic Zoology
Topic : Traffic Behavior : Animal Traffic & Traffic Animals
by Matthew Frederick Davis Hemming.There is a secret zoo that runs encaged along the roads. They are liquid, semi-visible goliaths that rage through the streams and chunks of ordinary traffic, with the effervescent tendrils of mile-lo...
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Putting The Brakes On Road Rage
Topic : Aggressive Driving : Roadrage & Angry Drivers
by News Canada.Research project drives anger to the curb (NC)—Has the driver in front of you ever slammed on the breaks for no apparent reason? Why do slowpokes always land in the fast lane? Is signaling to change ...
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