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Is it Worthwhile Insuring your Personalised Number Plate?
by mexico. There are available insurance schemes covering the loss of personalised number plates , but are they a worthwhile expenditure? Let us look at the potential circumstances which could result in a claim.The first would be the theft of the registration ...
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Jeep Commander to Retire Soon
by Lisa Ziegler. Jeep Commander fans will not like the rumor circulating that the production of the Jeep Commander will soon stop although Jeep parts like Jeep Fuel Saver, etc. will continuously be manufactured. The Commander is one ...
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Saturn Aura Green Line, the Lowest Hybrid Available
by Noah Scott. Saturn has recently announced that the new 2007 Aura Green Line hybrid will be available at a starting price of $22,695 inclusive of the destination charge, making it as the lowest-priced hybrid on the market. Aside from its value-focused price, the...
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Tonneau Cover Maintenance and Cleaning Guides
by Noah Scott. Tonneau covers (like GM Tonneau Cover) are made of leather, vinyl or other soft flexible materials used for protecting the interior of a convertible when the soft top is down. Tonneau covers are also used in...
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2007 Saturn Aura Green Line in Detail
by Noah Scott. General Motor's Saturn division has released the details and the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the 2007 Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid. The car is now beginning to arrive in Saturn dealerships straight from General Motor's assembly...
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Run-flat Tires: the Solution or the Problem?
by Jenny Mclane. With the aim of wiping away tire blowouts and make them part of the past, run-flat tires have been unleashed. The tires are introduced to the auto industry to serve as an ideal solution to such a blowout problem. But after quite some time, criticism...

What Are Radar Detectors?
by Ken Snow. Radar detectors are products that have been developed to allow you to escape the harassment of being pulled over by policemen. It can be extremely harrowing when you are cruising at a nice even speed with no other vehicle in sight and yet you are fo...
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Volkswagens Car Caring Tips
by Natalie Anderson. In order to maintain the good running condition of your Volkswagen it is important that you know how to properly take care of it. The cooling system of your VW vehicle is one of the parts that can easily deteriorate due to constant use and exposure ...
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Goodyear Announces New President for North American Tire Unit
by Jenny Mclane. The third largest tire manufacturer in the world, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, announced recently that they have selected a new president for their North American Tire unit. The announcement came after Jonathan D. Rich announced that he will b...
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The New Audi S5 in Detail
by Benjamin Hudson. At the recent 77e Salon International de l'Auto Geneve (77th annual Geneva International Motor Show) early this March, Volkswagen Group's Audi division unveiled their latest luxury high-performance sports coupe in front of the European crowd who par...
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New Audi A5 in Detail
by Benjamin Hudson. Probably the most celebrated latest Audi model nowadays is the Audi A5 luxury 2-door coupe, which was recently unveiled at the 77e Salon International de l'Auto Geneve (77th annual Geneva International Motor Show) early this March. Audi also announc...
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Auto Escape Tools: Dont Get Trapped in your Car!
by Lauren Woods. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics' last publication in 2001, there were over 42,000 crash fatalities and that means there is almost one death every 12 minutes. Approximately 500 of these individuals died while powerlessly trapped ...
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Airbags Could Cause Foot, Ankle Trauma
by Lauren Woods. The importance of airbag in vehicles is given greater emphasis when road fatalities soared and the figures became alarming that the said auto feature was deemed indispensable. The feature became increasingly popular because of its all-positive offer...
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Equipment Needed To Change A Tire
by Jon Prunty. Changing a tire is easy if you have the right equipment. Flat tires can occur for many reasons and at any time while you are driving. Sharp rocks, pot holes, pressure, or old tires can cause leaks to occur. Many times, you will be able to get the ca...
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Ford Retirees Worried About Health Benefits Cut
by Jenny Mclane. Hundreds of Ford Motor Corporation’s retirees seek to meet with the top executives of the automaker to tackle about the possible big cuts on health care benefits. Last week, the anxious ex-salaried workers sent a letter to Ford executives ask...
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Whats Under the Hood of Mercedes-benz Vision C 220 Bluetec
by Dwyane Thomas. Last week, DaimlerChrysler AG's Mercedes-Benz luxury car division unveiled for the first time the Vision C 220 BLUETEC in front of the European crowd at the recent 77e Salon International de l'Auto Geneve (77th annual Geneva International Motor Show...
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Car Wheels
by Kalin.Car Wheels by: Kalin To understand on the best possible way what are car wheels all about and why they are usually the first thi
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Body Kits
by Kalin.Body Kits by: Kalin You can see them rushing on the races and everywhere around you. They are the things that will make your head spin. The spee
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General Motors Ready to Announce Fourth Quarter Results
by Noah Scott. Finally after all the delays, General Motors Corp. has announced that it is ready to release its fourth quarter earnings on Wednesday. It should be noted that the automaker was suppose to report its fourth quarter results last January 30 but since i...
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auto 1 of Europe Award Goes to Ford S-max
by Glady Reign. The Ford S-MAX was earlier given one of the most prestigious automotive awards in Germany - the 'Auto 1 of Europe' Award. The award was given by AutoBild, Germany's biggest car magazine, along with its 23 sister publications in Europe. A jury, which...
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Diamond Studded Bentley Shift Knob by Lp Wheel Group
by Natalie Anderson. In the vehicle-adornment industry, modesty is not a common word. Let's face it - no one buys a 24 carat gold suspension springs or a bejeweled wheel rims or a platinum steering wheel to keep a low profile. That is simply preposterous!Creating auto p...
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More Pointers for Driving a Vehicle in Ice and Snow: Tires
by Kathy Steinemann.More Pointers for Driving a Vehicle in Ice and Snow: Tires by: Kathy Steinemann This is the third in a series of articles containing useful poin
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Insider Tips on Buying and Selling Private Number Plates
by Ross O'donnell. The popularity of private number plates is blind to age and background and private car registrations can be seen on the cars of drivers from all walks of life. You can buy private number plates from as little as ?99 and cheap private registrations w...
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Turbo - How Does it Work ?
by BoostTown.com. This a article from BoostTown.comYour #1 Source For How To Increase Your Cars PerformanceVisit us to find more articles will color pictures that aid in the clarification of the various automotive components...
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GM Showcases Corvair Based Concept
by Mike Bartley. In connection with the ongoing Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, General Motors joined BMW in showcasing some of their renowned vehicles that have left indelible marks in the automobile history. GM took four Corvair-based concept cars to the said ...
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