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Does This Used Car Have Frame Damage?
by Warrenscott.The used auto market can be a very tricky market to maneuver through. Whether you are buying or selling there are challenges to both sides. I think that the more difficult side is obviously the buying side. You don't know the history of the car an...
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Your used car and its gas mileage -- helpful hints
by Paigebennett.With gas prices shooting through the roof, there's no better time than now to explore different ways to save some money on gas. Just keep on reading if you want simple, cost-efficient ways to use less gas. These tips will keep your pockets happy an...
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Used Japanese Cars
by Auctiondirectjapan.For those who don’t know, the term white elephant refers to anything that has only imaginary or perhaps aesthetic value for the owner, but has no practical or functional value. When applied to any Japanese used car for sale, it seems to merit quite...
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