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Common Sense Can Prevent Bicycle Crashes
by Alan Haburchak. Annually, about half a million bicycle related injuries occur. In addition, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a bicyclist is killed approximately every six hours. However, most bicycle crashes are predictable and preve...
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Automobile Accidents and Insurance
by Alan Haburchak. Automobile insurance is an institutional framework for the defense, settlement, and litigation of tort (an injury to person or property) claims in the case of an automobile accident. The system of automobile accident insurance that a state adopts an...
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Cooling is Important for Car Too
by carazoo.com.Cooling is Important for Car Too by: carazoo.com Not every one is aware of the in and out of the car. As we take care of the car's interiors and
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Traffic Rules are Important Too
by carazoo.com.Traffic Rules are Important Too by: carazoo.com The transport department of every city around the world is responsible for providing a smooth tr
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The Dangers of Driving When Drunk
by Robert. According to statistics, over 90% of all UK drivers consider that driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous, and recognize the dangers of driving when drunk. The problem with this statistic is that it means that over two million ...
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Indian-global Standards of Auto Mania
by carazoo.com.Indian-global Standards of Auto Mania by: carazoo.com The car market in India is a hot topic of discussion, as much as why it may take on the Ch
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Audi Contract Hire - Know the Facts!
by Darrell F. Whether you are seeking to purchase an Audi for yourself or are merely seeking to lease one for a while, the competition for this in-demand vehicle assures you great savings on your final automotive deal. There are many styles of Audi to choose from...
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Driving a Car in Hong Kong
by Gregory Smyth. You can drive in Hong Kong using a foreign license on a temporary basis when you arrive for a visit, but if you are contemplating to live here for more than a year, you must acquire a Hong Kong license to drive without any hiccups.For people who hav...
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How to Drive When You Travel Overseas
by Matthew Reider. In order to get from one point to another, you need to drive. Unless you are going to be able to walk everywhere in your new location, you will need to be able to drive a car occasionally. But while your current driver's license works in Canada, y...
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Accidental Airbag Deployment
by dennis james. Airbags are one of the most important inventions when it comes to car safety in case of an accident. These inflatable bags are meant to prevent the driver's and the passenger's bodies from hitting the dashboard and the steering when an accident occu...
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Is a Water Powered Engine for Real?
by Bill Mann. Gasoline is a great fuel for cars and other motor vehicles. It delivers lots of energy in a small volume, is (or was) readily available, and because it is a liquid, it is pretty easy to work with. But gasoline comes with some big drawbacks too. It i...
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Hydrogen Powered Cars for Today
by Bill Mann. In many ways, hydrogen is the ideal fuel. It can deliver lots of energy when it burns, and its clean. Burn hydrogen and you get water instead of the gunk that comes out of a car's tailpipe. It would be great to run cars on hydrogen. But there are pr...
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How Well Can Your Car Withstand Collision?
by Anthony Fontanelle. How safe is your car? Is it above average? Do you have any idea how well it can withstand collision? The answers to these queries are very important not just to car occupants but to automakers as well. Experts say showing consumers how a particular ...
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Accidents Hurt, Safety Doesnt
by Anthony Fontanelle. The leading cause of deaths in vehicular accidents is seat belt misuse or disuse. Wearing a seat belt properly means having both straps fit snugly around your body. This enables the transfer of the impact from the collision to parts of your body. Yo...
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Defensive Driving: What Does It Mean?
by Alex Baumm. Unfortunately, more and more drivers don't want to become defensive drivers nowadays which increases chances of accidents related to driving and cars. This is something not only confined in a single locality, community, state or country as this is r...
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Airbag Failures Prompt Auto Makers to Issue Recalls
by Alan Haburchak. Since their invention in the 1950s, up through development during the 1970s and finally institution as a required feature in the 1980s, airbags have become an important factor in decreasing injuries of those involved in automotive accidents. Airbags...
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Ford Expedition Deadly in Rollover Accidents
by John Bisnar. Like many other SUVs, the Ford Expedition has proven to be defectively designed and extremely deadly when involved in a rollover accident. Although designed to be driven off road, the Expedition is not equipped with sufficient roof support, adequate...
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All About Whiplash!!
by Asha Wilson. Whiplash can occur in motor vehicles accidents, sporting activities, and accidental falls or in an assault. A little history on whiplash reveals that the term was coined in 1928 and was used to describe common soft tissue neck injury. Other terms us...
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A Health Check For Your Car
by Wolfgang Jaegel. A regular health check is essential to maintain the safety of your car, and spot any problems that may arise from time to time. It is highly advisable that you run a standard test of various vital mechanical elements of your car periodically. Also, ...
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Towing Precautions That Can Save Lives
by Art Gib. If you've perused the Internet very often like I have, you may have come upon some ridiculous pictures of some "redneck" towing rig where the truck's back wheels are weighed down so much the wheels sag, and are covered partially by the wheel wells, ...
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Do You Drink, Take Drugs and Drive?
by Ronnie Maurillo.Honestly - Do You Drink, Take Drugs and Drive? - (part One) by: Ronnie Maurillo People who are under the influence of alcohol believe that they
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Driving Tips For New Drivers
by Wolfgang Jaegel. It is very important for a new driver to build a good driving record. A smart driver will always be a safe driver. It is better to enroll in driving program conducted by any of the driving institutions before getting into the driver's seat. It is a ...
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How to Prevent Car Accidents
by Wolfgang Jaegel.Car accident, otherwise known as car crash, auto accidents, road accidents, or car wrecks, is a condition in which one vehicle collides with another vehicle or some object in the road, thereby resulting either in injury of a person or the damage of a...
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The Impressive Safety Measures In Automobiles Today
by Kenneth Scott. With rapid advancement in technology, cars have undergone a paradigm change in their appearance as well as the speed that they are capable of achieving. The inventor, Mr. Ford himself would be surprised at the way his invention has got along. It is ...
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Tips That Will Separate Your Car From The Pack At The Car Show
by Gregg Hall. If you are going to be in a car show then you are going to need to make your car look nice and stand out to try and win some awards and prizes. If you cannot afford the stuff to clean your car before a car show then you shouldn't be entering the car...
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