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Sejarah Surakarta
by: Editorial Team

Surakarta is more commonly known as Solo with around 500,000 inhabitants situated in Central Java. This city so centrally located, was the seat of power in the time of the Mataram Kingdom.

  • History – There are two royal cities in the area of Central Java. One is Yogyakarta and the other is Surakarta. However, in terms of hierachy, Surakarta is the older and the one with more claim to the Mataram throne. Although Solo has tourist attractions like palaces and museums, the tourism industry is significant less developed than Yogya’s. Yet, Solo’s textile market, or more specifically batik produce, is the largest one in the whole of Java.

  • Today – The language the Surakarta people use is known to be the standard Indonesian dialect for all Javanese speakers throughout the country. However there are still little differences in the pronunciation and spellings of certain words with the same meanings. Another common knowledge of what Solo is reputed for is its contribution as a batik epicentre. Impressive art work of this sort can be seen at the Wuryaanigratan Gallery across the road from the Novotel Hotel.

  • Highlights – This town is where the famous Bengawan Solo River is sited. It is the longest river in Java but the main reason a lot of people in Asia know the name is due to the 1940s composition by Gesang Martohartono Bengawan Solo, a song which title was understatedly inspired by the river that lies on the eastern part of Surakarta.

Here are the list of things you can do in Surakarta:

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