Why Hiring a Productive Realtor is Essential

By: Nef Cortez

"Birds of a feather?? flock together" the old adage goes. Now a
homeowner may ask what this saying has anything to do with hiring a
realtor to list their property for sale. Like any other industry,
real estate has associated businesses and or partners that realtors
consistently work with and this business association can mean all the
difference between a great sales experience or a lousy one.

In his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill identifies a
principle often referred to as--The Master Mind Principle--whose basic
premise proposes that the people a realtor works with creates a
"coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between
two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose." In
other words, you are likely to get better results when a team of like-
minded people are working towards the same objective with the same
standard of quality or desire for success.

Most people know that a realtor is an independent contractor,
essentially, one who runs his or her own business and brings his or
her own personal set of skills, experience and knowledge to the job.
However, what is often not known is that when you hire a realtor you
are essentially hiring a team. His or her job works as the gateway to
other real estate related services in the transaction that can often
streamline the whole selling process or make it turn into the
proverbial nightmare.

Top Producing agents (a term used in the industry to identify highly
successful agents) or those on the rise to being Top Producers, and/
or agents with minimum five years experience usually develop
relationships with highly productive affiliates as they need this type
of optimal service in order to complete their own volume of work that
will then satisfy their clients. These productive affiliates often
solicit the Top Producer's business which then creates a whole team of
productive partners and associates that will then make the real estate
transaction run a whole lot smoother.

Savvy realtors that are just beginning their careers usually develop
relationships with like minded associates. Top producers will have
established relationships with lenders, title reps, escrow companies,
termite inspectors, title companies, marketing reps, attorneys, and
other business professionals. When you hire a realtor, you
essentially hire a team; the higher the quality of the realtor and his
associates, the more likely the seller will be happier with the
outcome of their real estate transaction.

Furthermore, each participant in this group brings in their circle of
influence, with their cumulative experience, intellect, knowledge and
expertise which explains why some realtors who have been in the
business for a few years might outshine those that have been in the
field for many years.

A home seller should look for a professional realtor that has a record
of many years of consistently high production or one who is clearly on
their way. Top Producers or highly effective and productive agents
will have no qualms in answering questions by the seller regarding
their sales ability. A seller should be wary of those that do.

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