Pros N Cons of Car Features


When we buy a car we look for the engine capacity, technology, style, performance, interiors, special features, fuel economy, color and more things and then decide on a particular model. The price also differs not only from each makes, models but also for different features it is enhances. Any special feature you opt for and the MRP goes high. But have you ever notice or utilized all the features there in your car or do you even know the advantages and disadvantages of those features. Not every body is aware of it. All the features are good but do have a negative side too. To start with let look into the good and bad sides of car features;
Adjustable Shock Absorbers
Shock absorber is device used in vehicles to smoothen down the sudden jerk while driving. And in automatic absorbers, the driver will have the control or can also be adjusted by an onboard computer.
Pro: this helps to ride to adjust in different conditions giving a balance and comfort drive.
Con: compare to the regular shock absorber, they are more costly and also have shorter life.
Air Conditioning
Pro: the ambient air circulation cools the car as well as the passengers. It is useful especially during summer and for long drives and also increases the resale value.
Con: They consume more fuel resulting in low mileage and difficult to maintain as well as expensive too.
ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes)
this devise protect and prevent brakes from getting stuck or locking up.
PRO: Very useful, especially when one looses control over the car. The ABS helps the car from skidding and reduces the stopping distance even in adverse situations.
CON: the cost can be a hindrance for the purchase of this useful device and also comes with the additional maintenance.
Automatic Transmission
There is choice of transmission that is the manual and the automatic for every car.
PRO: the automatic transmission makes driving easier and comfortable. It is very useful on mountain and hilly roads. And also an added advantage is that the resale value goes high.
CON: Not much to say but it can slow down the fuel economy as well as the acceleration.
Central Locking System
This is one of the convenient features of the car.

In some systems the doors lock automatically as the transmission is moved to gear and unlocks when the gear is shifted to neutral. Some of the best systems also come with remote control for locking n unlocking.
PRO: It ensures safety as you don't have to worry about locking each door and be sure of perfect locking.
CON: It is an extra added expense and as it is electronic, can go faulty very soon.
Continuously Variable Transmission
it again falls into the automatic gear shift class. The difference is that to change the ratio of the speed, it uses a belt rather than three to four separate gears.
PRO: The efficiency of the engine gets better resulting in better fuel economy than the manual transmission.
CON: Though it is a hi-tech technology, it is a very complex one and also not so cost-effective.

Cruise Control
It is the system where the speed of the car can be controlled automatically. Once the speed is set by the driver, then the rest of the speed control will be taken over by the system maintaining the same speed.
PRO: It is very helpful especially during the long trips, when the driver feels tired after driving to long time. It also helps in better fuel efficiency.
CON: It is an added cost to the car and also requires some maintenance.
Digital Instrumentation
The instrumentation panel consisting of speedometer, tachometer, and trip-calculator all this will be in digital.
PRO: It is easy and fast to read with attractive look.
CON: It cannot be as accurate as the analog, at times it can be confusing and if its stop working, then the repairing cost u a fortune.
Diesel Engine
Diesel engines are preferred because of the better fuel economy.
PRO: Cheaper compare to the Petrol version.
CON: Some times faces the starting trouble, reduces acceleration and the fumes emitted is unpleasant. Not as easily available as petrol.
ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
This helps in the engine-management and ABS electronics preventing the car from sliding sideways on the slippery surfaces and giving maximum stability to the vehicle.
PRO: It a complete safety mainly on the slushy and icy roads.
CON: It is expensive and difficult to maintain.
Four-Wheel Disc Brakes
it is a little technical term, a car will always be accompanied by the disc brakes in the front wheel and drum brakes on the rear wheels. In any circumstances, the disc brakes always retain their stopping power for longer time.
PRO: The disc brakes pads are easily to maintain and can be replaced with low cost.
CON: Compare to the drub brakes the, Disc brake pads wear quickly.
Four-Wheel or All-Wheel Drive
This is the system where the power is distributed to all the wheels equally.
PRO: Increases traction; particularly in snow, rain, and in off-road.
CON: It brings down the fuel economy and you can also see a hike on the price tag of the car.
Four-Wheel Steering
During the low speed, the rear wheel turn to the opposite direction to front wheel and all the wheels turn into the same direction during high speed.
PRO: handling the car becomes much easier especially during parking.
CON: It is definitely an extra cost along with high maintenance.

Integrated Child Seat
A regular adult seat can be converted ion to the child seat and is also enhanced with tits own set of seat belts.
PRO: The child seat is secured and ensures safety.
CON: The integrated child seat can create a discomfort for the adults.
Keyless Entry
it is useful in terms of safety. It is the system where the keypad will be mounted on the doors and the locking and unlocking will be through a five-digit code.
PRO: Easy entry without the keys and also allows the third person to unlock it with the code given
CON: The five digit code could be difficult to remember and there are chances of it getting stuck.


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