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Secret to lose weight

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1.Make Targets-

You have to plan that how much fat you want to lose in first step and then next step by step. Make small targets and those targets must be achievable-like you can make target to lose one pound in first week and then one pound in next week and so on. Make the target little harder with time.

2 Check your eating habits

Do you eat desserts after every meal or eat snakes after meal with cola drinks. If you are creasy about tongue taste and some time eat sweets, toffies chocolates after meal or any snake sitting at brake time or in just relax mood. Try to get rid of these habits.

3.Avoid temptation

Some beautiful packets, rappers and sights of cakes, biscuits and sweets drag our attention towards them and we become inclined to enjoy their taste. Kindly place those food items in such a way that most of their sight must not be visible. Hide that from your own eyes.

4. Don't eat bulk food at one time.

Most of the people eat much food in dinner so body takes rest and cannot burn those calories so that food becomes surplus. And "Remember surplus foods store in the form of fat in our body". Eat little at one time and you can eat the number of times. In this way your metabolism will feel no pressure of work and will feel relax and will be able to extract more and more nutrition's from that food.

5.Harmonize your food with work

Eat only as much as much you can work .if your job is clerical and you have to sit on the chair for long time in this way you have to eat such food which don't jeopardize your stomach and your stomach remain fresh. Fruits and juices are best for these types of people.

If you remain busy in physical work then you can plan to take most of your energy in the beginning of the day at breakfast time or at the middle of the day in lunch-because your body extracts energy from that and there should be something in your stomach .It will maintain your sugar level.

6.Eat breakfast daily.

Breakfast gives our week body a new energy for the rising day .coz at that time our body has already completed its work of digesting the smart dinner food. Dont skip breakfast other wise you will feel exhausted and tired. Your attention towards your work will be diverted. And your own processing speed will slow down.

7.Select healthy food

When you feel hungry between meals try to eat such food which easy to digest in little time. Give preference to fiber containing foods like. Popcorn etc.fruits and some vegetables, which can easily be eaten without cooking. As carrot. Salary. Reddish etc.

8.Chew the food properly.

You can enjoy the meal and can extract more taste from your food if you chew that more and more. In this way u all help your stomach to digest your favorite food. Make eating fun as www.foodsfun.com. If you are with your friends you will take as much time as they take in eating bulk and making themselves fatty.

9.Increase your Water intake.

Drink plane water or mineral water if available .our body need minimum 8 glass of water daily in order to do the body functions properly and affectively. Fewer intakes will lead your body towards bad functionings. Remove all soda drinks from your life .if you are a creasy soda drinker then give your body only one soda every day and with the passage of time abstain from it. Water also takes the place of your food and minimizes your hunger. If you feel hunger drink water.

10.Play games.

Have players as your friends or make friendship with those people who are active than you. They will lead you to play some healthy physical games in this way you will be able to lose your excess calories .you can chose badminton, volley ball, and even if you are in home you can play skipping the rope. Swimming tennis etc

11.Avoid Lifts

We are habitual to reach in our offices in the high-speed elevators or lifts. If we use stairs we will go against gravity and we have to implement our muscular force to go up and this process will help us to burn fat. People who lose their weight used this technique mostly.

12.Drink Honey

Every morning take one glass of warm water and mix one spoon of pure honey in it and drink that early in the morning 2 hours before eating breakfast...

13.Incourage Yourself.

After using these tips your weight will lose in a good speed in few weeks and after that your body will harmonize itself with new caloric count and you might feel that you have stopped losing weight.dont get discouraged its fun I will say its foodsfun.act as these tips say and weight your body early in the morning or fix any specific time to minimize the risk of drinking water or eating food fluctuations in weight.

14.Eat balanced diet

If you cut your crabs you may feel weakness in your body. So don't eat same kind of food at one time. Like don't eat only proteins or only fruits or only crabs or only deserts at one time. Keep all things in balance. Your body needs all nutrition's at the same time.

15.Make a meal

You have to eat special meal. Simply remove sugar and fats from your diet. Replace those things with fruits, chicken piece or meat pieces and fruits and skimmed milk

16.Make a Tray

Eat one egg in morning and a glass of skimmed milk if you like you can eat a piece of brown toasted bread as breakfast. 2. You can eat fruits like one apple or pure apple juice or corn flakes as breakfast.

17.Protien level

We have to provide our body one-gram protein for every one kg of our body weight if you will not provide your body proper protein your muscles will become week and you will lose the muscular tissues rather than the fatty tissues. So calculate your body weight and provide appropriate weight of protein accordingly. Chicken, egg, white meat is recommended for the people who want to lose their weight. You can eat one chicken piece with salary and a brown bread and one glass of juice as lunch.

18.Fat burns in the presence of oxygen

Use the airy places or green ways or avenues for walk and exercises. Try to hold your body in such away that the abdominal muscles feel constant pressure. Holding exercise is batter than the moving exercises. Like lay down on carpet and lift up your chest with the help of your abdominal muscles and hold yourself there. Abdominal muscles will become tight and tight and you will feel some crunches in your belly.

19.Dont lose heart.

In the beginning it may take some more time to lose your weight but with the passage of time your body will automatically start to lose weight .it happens mostly with the creasy fat losing people that when the feel that their body is not losing its weight the stop practice to lose weight and returned to their old eating habit. This is very dangerous for them because eating too much again increases their body potential to store food as fat at their body.

20.Give Work to Your Belly.

. You have experienced that most of the body fat resides at belly its only reason is that bally takes rest the whole day and nights it has no work to do. But our arms and legs have to move and use their forces and move their muscles to .so they are fit and there is no fat in these muscles.

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