Want To Lose Weight? Understand Your Body Type

By: Kevin Sinclair

Many of us have the same question, what is obesity and what causes it? Obesity is a serious medical condition. This occurs when there is an imbalance in calories and the results are many times attributed to factors environmentally and genetically.

In the 80's, there were literally half of the number of American's suffering from obesity as there is today. The alarming fact is that those Americans who are overweight or obese has literally doubled in the last two decades. If you look state by state, the state of California sits at number 36 when it comes to adults suffering from obesity and number 32 when it comes to children suffering from obesity. That is 22.7% of adults and 13.2% for children.

Want to hear another alarming fact? When it comes to deaths from preventable causes, obesity is number two, only after smoking. We all need body fat, it gives us the energy our bodies will later need. It also gives the body some insulation and cushioning from actions such as jumping, walking, or moving in general. However, the best defense in weight loss in knowing your specific body type.

There are four general types of bodies. These include:

- Ovary
- Adrenal
- Thyroid
- Liver Belly

The typical person is some combination of all four types. The problem is that ever person also has a type that is more predominant than the others. Each type has their own set of symptoms or characteristics if you will.

Liver Belly

What does someone with a predominance towards liver belly look like/ Well, take a person who is relatively small, their legs and arms are quite thin, but they look like they have a pot belly, as their belly protrudes more so than any other part of their body.

This is known as Liver Belly. Both men and women suffer from this type, which means the distribution of fat is focusing on the belly. However, men seem to suffer from this type to more extremes than women will.

Some symptoms include:

- Soreness
- Back Pain
- Pain in Right Shoulder
- Belching
- Flatulence
- Bloating


With this type, the entire body suffers from the fat distribution. This means that areas such as legs, shoulders, neck, and face all suffer. Some symptoms include:

- Fatigue
- Brittle Fingernails
- Thinning Eyebrows
- Hair Loss
- Fat Craving
- Carbohydrate Craving


This type of body generally shows when the abdomen fat will sag or droop towards your legs. Also known as stress glands, the adrenal glands drive the adrenal body type. Typically those suffering from this type of body type, women and men both, are dealing with extreme stresses and for a long period of time. Some symptoms include:

- Salt Cravings
- Heavy Thigh feeling when using stairs
- Fatigue
- Fibromyalgia
- Lower back pain


This type only effects women and can generally be spotted in a few different ways. In most cases, the area above the navel and up to the mid thigh area are small and petite. However, with the Ovary body type, the thigh and hip areas are where the fat is distributed. If cysts exist within the ovaries, the fat generally develops in this area even faster.

Some symptoms include:

- Fatigue during Menstruation
- Hip pain during menstruation
- Lower back during menstruation
- Water Retention
- Lack of Libido
- Mood swings
- Acne
- Vaginal Dryness
- Night Sweats
- Hot Flashes
- Infertility
- Heavier Flow
- Hair thinning
- Constipation

Now What To Do?

The really good news is that once you know what type of body you are dealing with, you have the ability to now take steps to address a regimen for weight loss that deals with your specific body type. You now have a purpose and can make a solid plan. Another great piece of news is that each body type has a diet that addresses that specific type, giving you the tools you need to lose the fat and keep it away for good.

Of course, make sure that you are including exercise, natural foods, and healthy foods into your lifestyle. Nutritional supplements could also be useful as well.

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