20 Fat Loss Tips

In case that "diet" hasn't worked...

1. About 5 minutes before lunch or dinner, drink a
glass of water or use a juicer to juice organic
veggies or fruit. Allowing you to fill your
stomach up so you don't eat as much food.

2. When choosing breads, biscuits and muffins go with
organic whole grains such as spelt, buckwheat,
barley and so on. Use organic natural spreads,
free of chemicals and additives.

3. Replace soft drinks and fruit juice with water.

4. ALWAYS eat breakfast. A meat source such as steak,
chicken, fish, or eggs with some fruit or some
steal cut oatmeal will jump start your metabolism.
Eating breakfast will stabilize your blood sugar
and prevent overeating the wrong foods later.

5. Between meals, chewing gum may satisfy your sweet
tooth at less than 10 calories. Be mindful of
dental health and don't overdo it! Chew organic
natural gums free of aspartame and other harmful

6. When the need to really treat one's self arises,
opt for organic ice cream, cookies, or something
sweet like a protein shake with some fresh or
frozen fruit. However, just enough to satisfy the
urge since they contain sugar! Make it natural

7. Consider consuming coconut oil for breakfast or
lunch to help stabilize your blood sugar and keep
the fat off.

8. Avoid dairy and cheese to help keep the fat off.

9. Replace your snack foods with organic snacks, like
raw almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds, though be
careful because calories can add up fast.

10. Replace milk with raw milk or at least organic
milk which will rid your body of unhealthy
hormones. Or avoid milk all together, you can get
plenty of calcium from leafy greens.

11. Don't alter your food. Consume your food as
mother nature intended you to, naturally. If they
have to process the food, package it or change it
from how you would eat it in nature, avoid it.

12. Remember Fruit should be your favorite dessert.
Make fruit something you crave and if necessary
add small amounts of organic brownies, cake, or

13. Remember to follow your body's bio-chemistry;
what you are made to eat and what allows you to
function the best and read about your body's
metabolic typing.

14. When the urge for pizza arises, make it. Buy
organic pizza dough and add fresh organic
toppings, raw cheese, and enjoy.

15. Watch out for the salad bar, just because it is a
salad doesn't necessarily mean you can eat as
much as you want. Use vinegar and oil for
dressing. It is a better choice than creamy
Italian, Ranch or house dressings. Be careful
with shredded cheese, potato salad, and sour
cream as well.

16. Avoid all fried foods. And if you feel the need
to eat fried food use coconut oil so it can
hold up to the high temperature of frying as
opposed to vegetable oils that go rancid and can
lead to health problems and gaining weight.

17. Buy French fries that can be baked instead of
fried. Still blot well to remove excess grease!
Or even better buy sweet potatoes and make them
into French fries.

18. Try to avoid processed foods. Chemicals,
additives and colors are not healthy, and these
food are often high in calories. Eating an apple
will fill your stomach and be better in the long
run. Don't forget, at least one fruit or
vegetable with every meal, preferably organic.

19. Occasional indulgences are allowable, but don't
feel a diet has been ruined and give up because
you "cheated." Just be mindful during the
upcoming days and remember that your body is
constantly burning calories and fuel.

20. Move as much and whenever possible, even if it's
using the stairs instead of the elevator, or
walking instead of driving to meet the kids.
Revisit a sport or activity once loved, or
attempt an entirely new physical activity. Check
the library for free workout videos, hire a
personal trainer or find a television exercise
show, for private exercise. Play with the kids.
Do what you enjoy!

Once pounds start coming off, and clothes start feeling big, these minor changes will no longer seem difficult. They will become the path to a healthier new life, new body and most importantly a new you!
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