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By: Robert Muhoho

Africa Vacation Highlights in Kenya

Kenya is a country located in east Africa with a population of 30 million. Kenya is by far Africa's premier vacation destination which combines a plethora of attractions, sites, places, spots and activities. African Kenya hosts over 57 national parks and reserves, 1 ice-capped mount Kenya, a breathtaking great rift valley, white sandy and sheltered beaches with turquoise colored waters, enchanted forests and water reserves, arid and dry northern range lands, the northern most Kenya lake known as the jade sea (Lake Turkana), millions of pink colored flamingos on lake Nakuru shores, hot springs geysers and active volcano mountains and craters, millions of Kenya safari animals in these national parks among many other attractions.

Affordable Africa safari vacation packages

Kenya in Africa offers some of the most affordable vacation packages in the world. Considering those other African countries with similar attractions charge and arm and two legs, Kenya's vacation travel is considerably a cheaper option. To add to this, it's the only country that you will be able to experience the awesome masaimara wildebeest migration in its millions.

Vacation packages in Kenya are a combined offering of affordable air tickets to Kenya, accommodation in Kenya wildlife safari parks, local transport in either chartered flights or in a minivan safari vehicle, Kenya park entry fees, food, and many other African vacation activities.

Local tour operators in Kenya negotiate commissions on the various vacation package components and are able to transfer the package to you at a discounted and affordable rate. Worst case scenario you will be buying your affordable Africa Kenya vacation package at the cost price. It's the duty of the operator bargain for higher commissions from the suppliers so that he gets to enjoy a higher profit margin.

Moreover, the Kenya vacation industry is so competitive that the tour operators will avoid as much as possible to mark up on the cost price of a safari tour. At the basic Kenya vacation cost level, you will be getting standard or mid range accommodation, economy class flight tickets to Kenya and entry to several parks and engagement in few vacation activities.

The upper end Africa vacation prices usually do not indicate a big mark up on the price of the vacation. In most cases, higher than average Africa Kenya vacation prices will indicate this could be an African luxury safari package. Since African Kenya hotels and safari lodges vary in prices depending on their standards and star rating, this will usually be reflected on the final cost price of your Kenya safari. Mention should however be made by the tour operators of Kenya on the type and ratings of the lodges involved if it happens to be a luxury vacation package. Likewise discount and affordable Africa vacation package prices should also be accompanied by the level and rating of facilities to be used during your Kenya tour.

Cost of affordable Africa Kenya vacations

This happens to be a tough question which might draw an equally tough answer. In most scenarios, your average Kenya tour package will vary in price depending on the quality of facilities. However vacation deals are some times cut between the Kenya operators of safari and the suppliers of beds, air flight seats, and parks. This is based on an incentive mechanism whereby the tour operator is promised a higher than normal commission margins if he is able to deliver XYZ number of clients at a time or per year.

You therefore might have noticed that some tour operators discourage single travelers while encouraging group travel. Tour operators in Kenya will usually offer a handsome discount on group vacations making them affordable safaris. The reason for this is that the operator knows he can pull in better commissions and hence be able to pass on the same to you as a traveler. The other reason that tour operators in Africa Kenya encourage group travel is because, this way, the traveling group is able to split the local transport costs among themselves. The result of which is that each traveler in the group bears less burden on the local travel costs and therefore gets an affordable Kenya safari tour.

On average, an affordable Africa Kenya vacation should cost you between $170-210 per day. Note that I have classified affordable Africa vacation cost at this margin because I believe affordable does not necessarily mean dirt cheap. The presumption is that someone seeking an affordable Africa vacation tour wants to get the tour package at a reasonable price whilst retaining the use of at the least mid-range accommodation safari lodges and hotels. In that case then you can only afford to go so low without jeopardizing the quality of your Africa safari in Kenya.

Cost of Kenya Luxury Safari

Luxury Kenya vacations will average anywhere between $250-400 and of course there is the out-of-this-world price range beyond that. Luxury safaris in Kenya as is anywhere else in the world do not place a premium on the cost of the safari. The most important aspects of the luxury Africa vacation and safari is the quality of facilities, the level of class of Kenya flight seats, the comfort of local transport means, and the access to VIP suites, lounges and clubs where applicable. Price here don't matter. Now most of us are not here, but I mention all the same.

Cost of Kenya Budget Camping Safari

Budget Kenya vacation travel is huge in Kenya. The camping budget Kenya safaris are the most affordable Africa vacations. The cost of budget Kenya vacation safari varies depending on group size. Budget Kenya safari travel seems to purely be pegged on the number of people in the group tour. The tour groups are constituted here in Kenya by the operator where he selects a predetermined departure date for the safari and sells it for that date. The group safari can also be constituted from the country of origin for the travelers in which case a special interest group or family travels together for a Kenya Africa group or family vacation.

Kenya Budget safari tours cost is anywhere from $75-150 per day depending on the type of accommodation sought and the group size. Kenya budget camping tent safaris seem to be the cheapest Africa safari option. Some tour companies of Kenya offer budget camping safaris where the travelers are part and parcel of the camp brigade and are expected to help with the camp chores. These Kenya tours involve carrying of safari tents from Nairobi, pitching them in campsites in parks, a chef preparing food for the guests with the help of the travelers.- basically a roughing it kind of safari in Kenya.

Other best camping safaris in Kenya involve better organized and semi permanent camps that have stand by staff all the time and the travelers are just expected to sit and enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

Your online Africa affordable vacation internet research

You will need to do quite some research to get your affordable, budget or luxury Kenya Africa vacation tour package. The key to efficient research for an online affordable Africa vacation booking is to know which search phrases will give you the desired results. Researching for a discount affordable Africa vacation can be such a nightmare. Most of the websites in the internet simply make sales pitches on their products with little or no information on what exactly their tour packages entail. It is even more discouraging trying to learn more of an African destination without stumbling on this or the other advert website. Below I give you some affordable, cheap, budget Africa vacation search phrases that may be helpful in your research.

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Africa affordable vacations can also be designed as self drive Africa Kenya safari. You may need a guide and hire a 4x4 safari vehicle from local Kenya Africa car rental. Cost of a self drive in Kenya safari tends to be lower and offer more flexibility in choice of attractions.

Get your self an affordable Africa vacation in Kenya and have fun!!

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