How To Use Apple iPhone To Spy

By: Glenn Freiboth

The iPhone is a multimedia, Internet-enabled mobile phone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It has a multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and buttons. The iPhone's functions include those of a camera phone and a portable media player ('iPod'), in addition to text messaging and visual voicemail. It also offers Internet services including e-mail, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity.

The iPhone allows conferencing, call holding, call merging, caller ID, and integration with other cellular network features and iPhone functions. For example, a playing song fades out when the user receives a call. Once the call is ended the music fades back in. Voice dialing is not supported by the iPhone.

The iPhone is able to access the World Wide Web via a modified version of the Safari web browser when connected to a local area Wi-Fi or a wide area EDGE network. The iPhone has taken the frustration out of browsing on a mobile phone, said Charles Wolf, an analyst with Needham & Company.

The iPhone also features a built in 2.0 megapixel camera, without a flash, located on the back for still digital photos, but does not support video recording. It also includes software that allows the user to upload, view, and e-mail photos. The user zooms in and out of photos by 'unpinching' and 'pinching' them through the multi-touch interface. The software interacts with iPhoto on the Mac and Photoshop in Windows.

There are several applications located on the 'Home' screen: Text (SMS messaging), Calendar, Photos, Camera, YouTube, Stocks, Maps (Google Maps), Weather, Clock, Calculator, Notes, Settings, and iTunes. Four other applications delineate the iPhone's main purposes: Phone, Mail, Safari, and iPod.

The iPhone is one of the sleekest, slimmest and most useful multimedia and communications devices on the market. Far more than just a phone or a media player, the iPhone in its basic configuration can be used as a sophisticated surveillance device.

Yes it can Take photos, Tail your mark with maps, Observe your subject with YouTube Videos or Get continuous information updates about anything or anyone.

But few little people know that the iPhone can now be used to watch your home, kids or even your cheating spouse while your away!

The power of this lies in a small mini spy camera that can be hidden anywhere and the powerful supplied software that used to cost many thousands of dollars but now it truly possible to have an advanced mini spy camera with features that rival the most expensive surveillance system for a mere fraction of the price.

The transmitter that is included and a receiver that also can connect via USB to your computer and offer motion activation recordings, scheduled recordings and real time Internet viewing. It also will work as a stand rca type receiver you can use with vcr. Other neat features it has digital pan and zoom over Internet view. See more features below.

The System Requirements for this powerful surveillance spy camera system are low so this makes a great video surveillance system for nearly everyone looking to watch their children, cheating spouse, employees or really for any video surveillance covert operation.

Microsoft Windows 98, Me NT 4.01, 2000, XP or later versions
Microsoft DirectX (no version requirement, but the latest version is recommended.)
500 MHz CPU
128 MB RAM
At least 20MB disk space for software installation
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher version (to conduct remote monitoring in the form of webpage)
Support WAP mobile phone (to conduct remote monitoring with mobile phone)

First lets look at the hardware. The spy cam is a small pinhole camera that can be hidden or mounted in the wall or ceiling. With the pinhole camera, so no one will realize they are being secretly watched. The receiver is about size of a small thin deck of cards. Both camera and receiver are powered by a 12v AC adaptor but the camera can run on an optional 12v rechargeable battery pack with charger.

The Mini CCD Color Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera w/Receiver comes with advanced surveillance software that allows anyone to watch the mini surveillance camera over the Internet in a web page or through a web enabled cell phone including Apple's iPhone. Let's take a look at the included remote software package.

Camguard Security System Software

CamGuard is a suit of advanced guard against theft and alert system. It utilizes video frequency capture-facility, such as PC camera, and adopts advanced picture-discern technique to monitor the locale, as soon as it detect any abnormality, a loud alert will be given out to scare away the aggressor, picture or video will be taken to memorize what happened contemporarily and inform the host by many kinds of methods (Email, Phone).

Camguard has an enormous amount of functions available for any conceivable security need that used to cost thousands of dollars. Here is the rundown of features.

1. Supports any video capture device such VFW, WDM.
2. Supports video capture device plug-and-play.
3. Motion Detection.
4. Adjustable motion detection by zone.
5. Adjustable sensitivity.
6. Provides customizable Alerts like Video Recording, Photo Snaps, Sound Alarms, E-mail Notifications and phone.
7. Schedule Monitoring sessions.
8. Record video/audio with all time, a programmed schedule and motion Detection.
9. Automatic Space Management while recording. Delete old records automatically on disk full.
10. Support On Screen Display. Displays date and time on video.
11. Supports history records manager, Supports searching by date.
12. Accessorial tool for recording video.
13. Accessorial tool for capturing the picture.
14. Supports remote video/audio surveillance by WEB BROWSER and Remote View Client.
15. Supports remote surveillance by Mobile telephone (WAP).
16. Supports multi network modes, include LAN and NAT.
17. Supports running background stealthy.
18. Supports automatic running on system starting, automatic entering working status and automatic connecting to the network (such as ADSL).
19.Change Skin.

Most users will be interested in Remote access so they can watch their spy camera over the Internet or on their Internet enabled cell phone including the new Apple iPhone.

Remote access can be conducted with the program's 'Remote Monitoring', as well as 'Mobile Phone Remote Monitoring', or in the form of webpage.

The following is about how to conduct remote monitoring in the form of webpage. When installed the Camguard Security System Software will actually test you computer and find the best way to access it through a remote PC and give you 2 URL's. One for remote web page access and one for use on a remote WAP enabled Internet Phone.

For example, if the account for remote service is called 'MyHome', then you will be given a unique web address of the remote webpage. Simply input this URL into your favorite web browser.

Remarkably the new Apple iPhone can be used to monitor your spy camera surveillance also. Just enter the URL on your iPhone. You even get a choice of size of view screen! Now your iPhone can be used for any covert video surveillance mission especially for catching that cheating spouse, watching your kids, nanny or house!

For example, if the remote service account is 'MyHome', then the you will be given a unique web for your mobile phone. Simply input this unique website address on the mobile phone (Different types of mobile phone will have different styles) will appear after login.

This is the only Mini CCD Color Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera w/Receiver package on the market today that works remotely using the Apple iPhone.


Installing the software and accessing the surveillance video feed remotely is a breeze. Here we will describe the steps for installing the device.

1) Put the Mini CD software CD into the CD-ROM

2) Plug the power adaptor to the camera and the receiver and both adaptors into an AC outlet. Then turn the power on the receiver.

3) Connect the receiver and computer with the supplied USB cable to any available USB port.

4) Wait for the windows 'New Hardware Detector' wizard to open.

5) Once the wizard open up, click on the following.

'Yes, this time only'
'Install from a specified location'
Search removable media
Continue Anyway

Then install the CamGuard surveillance software described above. All help and use of the many surveillance functions are explained in detail in .PDF and help docs.


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