Aromatherapy : A scent away for great relationships

By: Caroline Therancy

Is it possible that a scent can make you more mellow and increase dramatically the relation with you and your mate? Can you calm the kids down instantly? Do you wish that you would feel and look more in control for the big meeting? Thousands of people around the world have discovered the
powerful benefits of Aromatherapy. And you can do it to.

With the stress involve in our way of living today,
we get psychological and physiological consequences
to our fragile health. We spend more of our hard
earned money on over-the-counter medication or on
prescriptions to help cure our little and bigger pains.

The power of Aromatherapy could help you lead to a
better outlook of life And keep more money in your pocket.

But what is Aromatherapy exactly?

Aromatherapy is the art and practice of using essential
oils extracted from aromatic plants and herbs to restore
or enhance health, beauty and well being. Aromatic
molecules interact with the tops of your nasal cavity
and gives the signal to the limbic system (the
emotional switchboard of the brain). The limbic sys-
tem is directly connected to the part that controls
the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory,
stress level and hormone balance.

And it works. For example, we use Vicks for our colds,
sinusitis and sore throat. It contains Eucalyptus. For
me, it's the only treatment that I find effective for
Bronchitis, despite antibiotics treatment.

Let's talk about Lavender.

Lavender is multi use oil;
it has strong psychological effects and physiological cures.

We find Lavender in the France. That flower has a fresh,
sweet, floral scent. It has calming effect; smell it
when you are stressed in the traffic, or at work,
or right before an exam because Lavender has calming
proprieties for panic attacks, stress, anxiety and
even depression! It's a gentle narcotic for mental and
physical strain.

Some couples use Lavender base candles during giving
birth to have the most calming experience, for the mother
and for the new born. Other people burn a candle on a
regular basis, after a surgery to help cope with the pain.
You can also do it to calm the kids in the house! Or,
for an anticipated quiet night at home with you lover...

Lavender is a good antibiotic for the skin. If your
child has cuts and burnings, you can apply creams
or lotion with enough concentration of the oil to
prevent infection. It also reduces scaring.

Another good aromatic oil is Rosewood. It origins
from a native tree in Brazil. It has a psychological
effect of balancing, uplifting and enliving. You can
use it before an interview, or a business meeting,
or even before a hot date! If you are feeling down
or lack of "joie-de-vivre" this aromatic essence
can change your state of mind and make you look
like an enjoyable person (save on alcohol or drugs here!).

Rosewood is also good to treat sensitive of aged skin,
because it stimulates the regeneration of the skin.

You can use Aromatherapy in different forms; candles,
shower gels, soap, bath mousse, diffuser, potpourri,
spray for the room, etc... whatever you feel comfortable
with. There is a good selection on - IBO #3378953
There are 4 lines of products: FloraCalm, PureForest, Vitafruits
and AquaSpa.

You can use aromatherapy for different emotional
well-being; you can treat anger, anxiety, confidence,
depression, burnout, loneliness, concentration, etc...

With all the chemicals that float in the air, in the water
and in our food, those can produce chemical imbalance in
the brain and change our moods and alter the relation that
we have with the people in our lives. The use of aromatic
products is a cheap solutions for better health and an
happier life.

All those aromatic products can help you have better
relationship with your mate (or the opposite sex), with
your business associates, at social events, in your homeFeature Articles,
etc.... to be able to obtain more out of life because of
the uplifting attitude that you'll get. Be careful of
buying too cheap; make sure that you are buying
quality products with enough concentration to get the
beneficial effects.

Wishing you great moments!

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