Why MLM Works for Me!

By: Glen Palo

To tell the truth, at first, multi-level marketing (MLM) did
not work for me.

As a successful business man with my own business, I thought
starting an MLM business to create another source of income
would be easy.

As I learned in business school, marketing is the lifeblood of
every business. Businesses spend billions every day getting
their "message" out to the consumers. The "message" I was
hearing was that the internet was the place to be. The place
to make millions in a short period of time.

It was high tech this and high tech that. What I had forgotten
about success in business is that a business generates revenue
by selling products and services. And that selling involves an
exchange of money for something of "value." The more products
and services a business sells, more revenue is generated.

Unfortunately, too many MLM schemes are being marketed on the
internet as legitimate businesses.

The product being offered
is the "opportunity" to make a fortune as if the "opportunity"
has value in its own right. The message being marketed was
that anyone joining the MLM business could make a fortune by
getting other people to buy into the "opportunity."

What I and other people failed to realize is the multi-level
marketing is just one way of moving products and services into
the marketplace. Success comes from moving more products and
services into the marketplace. MLM is not the end; just the

To expand my business and make MLM work for me, I needed to
find other successful business people or business-minded,
entrepreneurial people. The kind of people I want as business
partners. I believe successful businesses are the result of
people sharing a common vision for the future, achieving the
goals of putting quality products and services into the hands
of the consumer. Ideally, the achievement of business goals
results in achieving personal goals such as creating wealth,
creating family security or simply controlling one's own

My advice to people building MLM businesses is to look for
like-minded business people. Leave Mr. or Mrs. "Average" at
home on the couch watching Jerry Springer. Like the old
cliche, don't try to teach a pig to sing. It makes the pig
mad and frustrates you. Or to use another cliche, you won't
win the race to success if you have to drag your deadweight
brother-in-law over the finish line.

MLM can work for you too.

Multi Level Marketing

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