Advertise Your MLM Opportunity

By: Dale Calvert

The reality of network marketing is: It is easier to
build your Business fast than it is slow!

Lots of prospects, create lots of presentations daily. Lots
of presentations daily create results...results create momentum


All heavy hitters in the industry understand this concept. I
continually try to communicate to our leaders that you must
create more leads than you can possibly handle.

You then funnel those leads through filters. What are filters?

Filters are self-qualifying tools designed for prospects to
eliminate themselves from your recruiting funnel. The idea
quite simply is to stuff your funnel full of prospects each
day and then only communicate with the few people that qualify
themselves by dropping out of the funnel at the other end.

What can be used as qualifiers?

Corporate web sites

Send and email to your prospects telling them to visit the
corporate web site, then email you back after they visit. If you
never hear back from them, they have disqualified themselves.

You can also use conference calls, recorded voice mail or sizzle
lines, audio cassettes, and the list goes on an on. One of the
very best generic pre-qualifiers I have seen is an online Flash
Presentation. Check this site out, & make sure you read the
testimonies, they are phenomenal!

In todays market place we simply do not have time to CHASE prospects.
MLM Professionals understand that they are looking for people that
are looking for them! As Jim Rohn says, to be successful in sales or
recruiting you must "Talk to lots of people EVERY DAY." The KEY

The problem with this concept?

Quality lead generation can be VERY EXPENSIVE.

If you expect to
create an endless flow of qualified prospects, you will have to
spend money. Period. There is simply no way around it!

However there IS a way to recapture (and sometimes even profit from)
the advertising dollars you must spend. It is called "A Funded
Proposal". My friend Joe Schroder was on this "Funded Proposal"
campaign a few years ago. He is the one that actually sold me on
the concept.

MLM Professionals simply find a way to recoup all or some of
their advertising investment on the back end or their lead
generation programs.

A great example of this is our generic training "Confessions of
a Network Marketing Millionaire" series. In the past, our
distributors were allowed to send out a 4-page reverse sales letter
to those who had solicited them for another MLM program. Many of
us receive dozens of offers daily through snail mail and 20-30
through email. We immediately try to reverse sponsor them into
our program. That is a mistake! Why not offer them a product
or service ie the MLM Marketing Center membership, which can
enhance their productivity! Start developing a relationship with
that person.

No one knows what the future holds. If their company ends up going
out of business, or perhaps things don't work out as they had
hoped, you are one step ahead of the game! The relationship has
already started!

If you sponsor 3 people out of 25 prospects, that is considered real
strong in the cold market game. But that still leaves 22 people that
you paid for in your lead generation efforts that wash away as
waste--an added expense in building your business. The idea here is
to find a way to turn those 22 into a small profit center that
helps pay for your advertising cost on the front end!

Network marketing is full of tire kickers! People that are
simply just curious. Think about it. I am certain that a
large number of prospects who respond to your advertising
campaigns, on and off line, are ALREADY INVOLVED IN MLM!

Lets look at this example, which is one of your typical advertising
campaigns. Over a month period lets say you start your
adverting campaign, on line, USA Today, a card deck, whatever.

Week #1 19 Prospects
2 Interested 6 not interested 11 already in MLM

Week #2 23 Prospects
4 Interested 9 not interested 10 already in MLM

Week #3 37 Prospects
8 Interested 6 not interested 23 already in MLM

Week #4 22 Prospects
2 Interested 8 not interested 12 already in MLM

After 4 weeks you have generated 101 prospects. 56 are already
involved in Network Marketing.

What if you share the MLM Marketing Center with them, and only
10 of them, less than 20% decided to take advantage of your
personal recommendation! You have just added $50 to your monthly
advertising budget! That is six hundred dollars for the year.

Here is the unique part, you have the possibility of adding $50
the next month, and the month after and the month after. Within
a relatively short period of time you could create a $100, $200Feature Articles,

What would that do for your business?

Multi Level Marketing

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