Killer Copy - What is it and how you can Master the Art!

By: Chuck Crawley

Killer copy is a phrase that you probably see in the Internet
Marketing arena quite often.

What exactly is Killer Copy?

First, the word Killer is misleading. Killer as defined by the
Webster's Desk Dictionary goes something like this...
"to cause to be destroyed, to defeat or veto, to cause to
cease operating".

Not exactly what you want to do with your ads and Web Page
content. So, let's redefine what Killer Copy is all about.

We'll use the words "Persuasive" and "Irresistible". Persuasive
means "to cause (a person) to do something by appealing to
reason or understanding". Irresistible means "incapable of being
resisted, extremely tempting or enticing".

Now, Killer Copy is content that will cause a person to do
something by appealing to reason and understanding. Creating
content that a person is incapable of resisting. That's what I call
Killer Copy!

Persuasive Copy should be the MAJOR goal in your quest to
make money on the Internet. Creating a Persuasive Ad leading
to a Persuasive Web Page or Sales letter will literally make you
rich overnight.

Just imagine an Ad that draws hundreds of responses every time
that it is placed in front of your target audience.

The responses
from this ad then leads to a Web Page or Sales Letter that
produces sales like a cash generator.

The reality of this scenario is really not that far fetched!

So how can you create Persuasive Copy for your product or service?

The first step to creating Persuasive Copy is to KNOW your
product or service. Take the time to really study your product
or service. Extract the benefits of your product or service that makes
it incapable of being resisted. What is it about your product or service
that is extremely tempting or enticing?

If you can't find these benefits in the product or service that you are
presently promoting, then drop it and find one that does. Don't waste
your time on a product or service that does not meet the qualification
for Persuasive Copy.

Why not CREATE your OWN product or service? You can create the
Ultimate product that would contain all of the benefits of the Persuasive
Copy definition. An Info product or a service that you are already
familiar with or have some degree of expertise. With your OWN product
you are in control. Sculpture it to fit the attributes of Persuasive Copy.

Here's a tip on how you can learn how to write Persuasive Copy.
Business Opportunity magazines are good sources of Persuasive Copy
materials. Seek them out and read them several times a week. Reading
persuasive copy will train your mind to write irresistible copy.
To reinforce this action you should also copy the material out in your
own handwriting. Sounds like hard work but the rewards can be
overwhelming. Set aside a little time each week to teach your mind
how to write Persuasive Copy.

Killer Copy or Persuasive CopyFree Web Content, you decide. Start now to dedicate a
majority of your Internet marketing time to learning how to create this
Ultimate weapon. Now that you know what it's all about use this
information to create copy that NO ONE can resist.


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