Aqua Marina Like Summer

By: Gianni Truvianni
Aqua Mara It is thee who beeth like summer's heat

with thine radiance that giveth this season all that it haveth

that encompasses flowers that grow from the earth

liberating colors and fragrances of beauty

that are only to be outdone by which be thine

Aqua Mara strong is thy tempestuous nature

like summer's which you inspire

with storms of thunder and lighting

that cometh as does yee temperament

of passion that like clouds above hover

over the desire's of men

Aqua Mara It be descending elongated threads a black ?

from thine head that in day's light sparkle

as does night with its stars

whilst in twilight thine mane frames thy visage

with purpose of lending contrast to its pale fairness

that cometh from the dark as if a vision

of the highest divinity that be thine soul

Aqua Mara with eyes that be azure

like what be above us in the form of firmament

does thou gaze upon all that be inspired by

thine presence which maketh celestial joy in those that be

in the earth that takes shapes of mountains

that raise beyond white configurations high above

Aqua Mara it be in all thine facade bids the beholder

though expression of true loveliness thou cultivates

from with in what be truly thee

which is not to be captured by our stare

though ours to cherish just the same

with that which we feel emit from thine inner self??

Aqua Mara it be also in what our gaze

feast upon that be thy body of eternal female grace

with all cambers that be composed by

limbs which from beneath

possess sexuality to support thine frame

whilst those that be above stretch out

to what be in the summer and thy fancy

Aqua Mara it is in the fertility of thine inner garden

that the seed thou has taken of life

which thou has nourished

in to progeny whose beauty

be equal only to thine ?

Aqua Mara it be thee who in thine score and decade

of what thou has been amongst us has bestowed

treasures which like the vigor of the summer maketh

ours be enchantment in having thee in what be this world


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