My Great Day!

By: SreeLakshmy

My great day!

Today is the great day I ever had in my life,
Because I found this day the loveliest than others
I realized my hard time I had yesterday
I lead my life without anybody for all this time,
I thought I left with aloneness,
Nobody was there with me to share my ideas
Nobody to encourage me, but today
I found everybody with me,
From sadness I came to reality
All were smiling and supporting me once again
But when I thought of my yesterday's life,
I became sad once again; my feeling of loneliness came back
My eyes started to shed tears with no hope
I saw my friends and relatives moving away
I understood my mistakes, my sins
My mind started to drown in a big lake
I suddenly gained my conscious
I realized what I done to all which made them move away from me
I cried loudly to show everybody that I need to apologize
None was there to hear me
I went to see all for apologizing
First they did not hear me but
When I opened my mind they realized me
I found a new life in me when all approached me
I told them about my last life which was full of sins
They relaxed me
I found the greatness of love that first time
When I disobeyed my parents, quarreled with my friends
I thought all hate me but when they gave me one more chance
I became proud of myself to have people like them
I told lies to my elders they corrected me with polite words
I came to know that they need me to be a good child to this world
The time when I regret and they relaxed me
I found myself a lucky fellow to be in this world
I thanked everyone to present me this good day
I cannot forget my past however I promise
I will be good in my future
I promised that I will be away from lies, quarrel, stealing
And be good and proud to my friends and relatives
I am thanking god to give me this time to regret
I once again saying,
Today is the great day I have.


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