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Da Paolo Bistro Bar Pte Ltd
Da Paolo Bistro Bar Pte Ltd
We had brunch at Da Paolo and ordered Tuna loin tartare ($21) as the starter. The tuna tartare is very fresh, and well-seasoned with tiny hint of lemon taste. No fishy taste at all. The generous amount of tartare is served with two slightly toasted bread sticks, good start of the meal.We also had the Grilled seafood board ($38). The presentation might be boring and all over the place, but the seafood is so fresh. They taste so good even with such a simple cooking method.Torta al cioccolato ($12) is quite ordinary, as in you can expect what it taste like with such rich and thick chocolate layers.
Seoul Yummy
Seoul Yummy

This hotpot spicy chicken soup is not bad. It looks spicy,but it is not. So i add lots of kimchii(appertise) inside the soup. This make it taste nicer. The chicken is tender and there are really lots of it inside. The hoptpot is really big size,it's so full after finishing it. The environment there is very quiet and comfortable.
I really had a good meal there and will patronise again next time.
Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant
Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant
My hubby drove the family to the bird park ah yat seafood for dim sum breakfast. Since both of us took leave on a weekday, we could not miss the chance of their fifty percent dim sum discount. I must say their selection of the dim sum dishes is really a lot. We ordered two bowls of their century egg porridge to share between the four of us. We thought the portion would be quite small and we will have a few mouths each, but when they served it to us, the portion was pretty huge. By the time my hubby and I finished the bowl of century porridge, we were quite full. The porridge was really tasty. it was very thick and filling. There were other dim sum like har gou, siew mai and char siew bao that were really good. they used the freshest ingredients.
Da Paolo Bistro Bar Pte Ltd
Da Paolo Bistro Bar Pte Ltd
This is their chocolate fudge cake which looks really presentable and looks really tasty isn't it ? Ohwell, it is really awesome because the taste of the chocolate is of good quality and the sponge inside is not really hard, whereas the texture is just nice and well done made! (: I would definately look forward to try more of their cakes especially at the paragon outlet! (:
Crystal Jade Kitchen
Crystal Jade Kitchen
Craving for simple dinner, we walked in to Crystal Jade at Clementi Mall and ordered only two dishes. Coincidentally both with eggs. Simmerred seasonal vegetable in superior broth ($12.80) is a good dish on a hot day. The vegetable is simmerred till very soft, and the broth together with egg, salted egg and century egg is good in flavour.
Ji De Chi
Ji De Chi
white funugus sweet soup with lotus seed
The menu was quite intensive, with choices for both hot or cold for some of their desserts. Prices were also considered quite reasonable. Come all the way, of course it's a MUST to try their durian desserts! We ordered most of their durian desserts, but they were sold out. Still, the ones we ordered were SUPER NICE!!! will definitely visit again!
I happened to pass by bread talk and saw that they were having some sale for their buns, each bun cost $1.10 each and if you buy 12, it cost $12 for the 12 buns. I decided just to buy one cos my family doesn’t really eat breakfast. I bought the pork floss bun for myself. I like bread talk’s pork floss bn. The pork floss is really delicious, a little sweet, a little salty. Goes really well with the bun. The bun is very big, when I finished everything, I was so full.
There is promotion of $1.10 for a piece of bread from Breadtalk because they are celebrate their 12th anniversary. And so if you purchase 12 pieces of bread from Breadtalk, it only costs $12 instead of the usual pricing. I have bought the hotdog bun which is warm as i saw them carry them out of the kitchen. It is not bad just that it is abit plain already with no sauce added on the inside.
LiHO Singapore
LiHO Singapore
First time trying this as i have a craving for milk tea. Wanted to try something new so I ordered the ginger milk tea. Ordered zero percent sugar yet still taste a little sweet as if sugar syrup was still added, but i doubt so.

The ginger is not too "hot" and do not blends in with the drink. This way , i actually tasted the ginger. Not too bad. But more should be given though.

Nice .
Mr Bean
Mr Bean
This costs only less than $1 and is a perfect snack to takeaway on your way back home or eat it as breakfast. It is thin and crispy with it filled with red bean. Of course there are other flavours you can choose from such as peanuts if you want. However i felt that red bean is less heaty and healthier therefore i purchased it! (: It is easily eaten, simply bite or tear them!
This evening, we ordered Pastamania in for dinner. Its our first time trying the delivery for Pastamania. For my first time trying their delivery, I am impressed, the food came within the hour promised
And the pasta was separated from the gravy to ensure that they don't get soggy. The pizza was abit cold though by the time it got here, but taste was still pretty good - Hot Basil Chicken.
Most impressive was that they included several packet of chilli flakes and cheese along with some tabasco sauce along!
They also gave a complimentary tissue packet that says RESERVED -pretty cool
I would definitely not hesitate to have their delivery again in the future.
TCC - The Connoisseur Concerto
TCC - The Connoisseur Concerto
This Royal Pumpkin Cheesecake taste not bad.
The cheesecake is smooth and soft.
And the cheese taste also wont too concentrated.
But after i ate half slices of it, i can taste some weird taste.
Maybe is the pumpkin..??
But my friend said that it is very nice as it is very light and fresh.
By the way, i'm still not a cheese cake lover, so this cake for me still ok only.
The Manhattan Fish Market
The Manhattan Fish Market
Manhattan fish market was having some lunch promotion set meal so on my day off, my kids and I headed to give it a try. Their set meal was pretty cheap, they have a light and regular version. My daughter and I took the light version while my son opted for the regular version. I ordered the fulton fish wrap. The fish wrap was served with some salad. The vegetables were very fresh and crisp. The fish was deep fried till very crispy. It was kind of filling for me. when they served the soup, I was kind of glad that it was not the creamy ones. It was actually those clear seafood broth. The soup was very tasty. it was one of the best soups I had at manhattan fish market.
I was down at 112 Katong last weekend to check out the new shopping mall in the east. Located at the basement of the mall is Obolo which means "the cake" in Portuguese. Obolo is behind the inspiring story of 2architecture graduates Mac Woo & June Lee baking from homes to forming an online patisserie specializing in gourmet cheesecakes and chocolate cakes.

As the flagship patisserie cafe under Obolo’s repertoire of F&B lifestyle concepts, Obolo features a 44-seater open-concept cafe space and an impressive 8-feet showcase housing the best cakes and pastries that Obolo offers.

Obolo serves an array of gourmet fine tea from Gryphon Tea Company which are a good complement to their lovely dessert. I had the Sakura Flower Tea which is a green tea that is light and refreshing with a little bitter after taste.

If you can't decide what to order from the myriad of mouth watering fine cakes, pastries and desserts that fills up the entire showcase, the All Day Dessert Platter comes with the choice of 1 slice of cake/tart, 2 macarons and 1 scoop of ice cream at $14.90++.

For their widely acclaimed french styled macarons, I had the Salted Caramel Chocolate and Fraise macarons. The macarons were well executed with a good balance of sweetness and the shells were moist.

The waitress recommends us to their signature mousse cake, Noisette. The waitress told us that it was voted as top 50 cakes by Strait Times and Top 10 chocolate cakes by A good recommendation by the waitress. It is beautifully executed, moist with a good balance of sweetness too.
Plaza Brasserie
Plaza Brasserie
Ever since I went to plaza brasserie at parkroyal beach road with my colleagues, I have been dying to go again. The buffet there is simply good. the seafood section is really amazing. A lot of fresh seafood awaiting your selection. They actually have a prata counter with many kinds of prata, both sweet and savoury. The durian prata is a killer. The durian is so thick, it goes so well with the prata. Even the normal egg prata taste very good, light, crispy and chewy. goes well with the curry they provides. Not many buffets have a prata counter.
Plaza Brasserie
Plaza Brasserie
For full write up & photos, please visit my blog:
or follow me on twitter for food reviews:

Nothing ends off a hard week of work better than a splendiferous night of delicious crabs. Special thanks to Daniel's Food Diary who extended his invitation for me to attend this amazing Crab Fiesta at Plaza Brasserie, PARKROYAL on Beach Road.

For starters, we got to choose from a wide spread of appetizers ranging from Dijon Crab Cakes with Coriander Paste, Baked Crab Shell, Chilli Crab Roll with Vegetables, Crab Meat Gyoza with Dip Sauce, Bread Crab Claw, Mini Crab Meat Samosas, Olive & Potato Crabmeat Balls with Pesto, Crabmeat Paste, Baked Whole Salmon with Spicy Dip to a variety of Dim Sums.
If you are one who prefers a cold start, there's the chilled seafood section with lots of really fresh hairy crabs right round the corner.

You must not miss their huge, juicy fresh oysters that's perfect with a dash of Tabasco and lemon juice. Plus its rumoured to be quite an aphrodisiac.

Enjoy the prawns without accompanying sauces to savour its freshness. It's hard to stop once you start peeling!

Next came the star dishes for the evening, prepared using the humble Mud Crab:

First to be served was the familiar Chilli Crab. The colour was vibrant & looked extremely inviting. The chilli sauce was a little spicy with a tint of sweetness.

Although Chilli Crab is one of Singaporean's favourites, it took a back seat as we got introduced to the other contenders. Stir-Fried Crabs with Spring Onions and Gingermild flavouring allowed us to fully appreciate the natural sweetness and taste of the mud crab.

Stir Fried Sri Lanka Crab with XO Sauce was quite an innovation. The crab meat tasted sweet in general but the XO seasoning was not prominent.

It will take more than high cholesterol to keep me away from these delightful Stirred Fried Crab with Egg Yolk. I stand true to the statement 'Anything goes well with salted egg yolks'.This was my favourite Mud Crab dish for the evening.

Here's Chef Jackson, the man behind all these new wonderful creations with his last Mud Crab recipe for the evening - Butter Crab. To be honest, it was really tough trying to identify Butter Crab & Stirred Fried Crab with Egg Yolk by taste.

How can I not take a photo together with our talented Chef Jackson.

Besides the Mud Crab, the co-star of the evening was the pretty flower crab.

Nyonya Curry Flower Crab was indisputably my overall favourite crab dish for the evening. The spicy Nyonya Sambal was a perfect match for the sweet, tender flower crab meat.

One is never enough. This is a die die must try!

If the crabs were not enough to fill you up completely, you can always pop by the Noodles Section for Crab Meat Le Mein with Miso Paste and Condiments or Braised Tang Hoon with Live Crabs. There's also the hot variety section for Braised Pork Ball with Preserved Vegetable and Taro, Oatmeal Prawns, Stir-fried Chicken in Honey and Sesame, Fried Baby Kai Lan and Crabmeat Fried Rice, Crispy Soft Shell Crabs and Braised Sea Cucumber with Roast Pork and Mushrooms.

Also remember to check out their Drunken Prawns. You can definitely taste the alcohol here!

Their assorted Roti Pratas are worth a visit. I particularly loved the Durian Prata. Just imagine yummy durian pengat spread generously within a nice crispy prata. Heavenly...

The Indian Pastry Chef was friendly and approachable. You can drop by his station any time for special requests like this really colourful paper thin prata!

Last but not least, do not leave the place without trying their famous Carrot Cake. Best part of the cake? The cream cheese icing.

If you love crabs, this is one hell of a buffet that's not to be missed.

You may also like to check out my posts on other delicious food places here
Aster Pau
Aster Pau
I was attracted by the variety of snacks when i was there last week. I ordered quite a few: Signature Pork Bun ($1.30), Crystal Dumpling ($1.00), Onion Pancake ($1.20) and Pan Seared & Treasures ($1.50). I tried all but i did not like any of them. I tried some of these in Taiwan but the taste of these snacks did not even come close to what i had tasted then. The most disappointing got to be the Pan Seared & Treasures as it tasted a little stale and i left it unfinished. This is going to be the only one time.
Scoop Of Art
Scoop Of Art
The passion and love for art and gelato has brought together 2 ladies Varsha Mulani and Anisa Tyebally to open Scoop of Art at Marine Parade Community Club back in July 2010. Its philosophy is to create an unique experience that combines Gelato enjoyment with Art appreciation.

Creative art pieces decorated the cafe giving it a funky and lively interior. Besides food and beverages, the cafe has a wide range of Art activities for everyone. With a free flow of paints and brushes, one can spend the day immersed in a relaxing art jamming such as tiles/canvas painting, t-shirt painting, umbrella painting, paint an animal coin bank or mug and many etc.

Scoop of Art has also hosted many events ranging from corporate team building to birthday parties and even Gelato workshops.

Even the famous local artist Wanton Doodle has drawn on the cupboard at Scoop of Art.

So far Scoop of Art has created over 60 Gelato flavours and everyday 18 different delectable gelato flavours will be available. The flavours are constantly rotated so that every visit comes with a different gelato experience.

If you are with a group of friends or family, the Scoop of Six ($10.50) will be great for sharing. You can choose any 6 flavours of your choices. The homemade gelato uses the freshest ingredients with no preservatives or food colouring. For my visit, I tired the White Chocolate with Raspberry, Raspberry, Ferraro Nutella, Alfonso Mango, Lemon Meringue Pie and Mars Bar & Sea Salt. I could not decide which is my favourite as I liked all of them. They all come with distinct strong flavours, smooth and creamy.

Their Premium Gelato is priced at $3.80 (small), $4.80 (medium) and $5.80 (large). Regular gelato is priced at $3.20 (small), $4.20 (medium) and $5.20 (large).

Scoop of Art is not just a gelato parlour. You can also grab a proper lunch or dinner with mains under $10. Currently the kitchen is run by an ex Botak Jones chef that creates the delicious menu. They also have student meal set that comes with a drink at $5.50 to $.6.50.

The Shepherd's Pie ($4.50) comes with a choice of either chicken or beef fillings. I really love the cheesy version by the cafe. The smooth mash potatoes with the flavourful beef stew was a winner for me. For the size of the shepherd's pie, it is definitely value for money too.

The Garlic Prawn Pasta ($8.00) is another winner for me! If you love your food hot and spicy this definitely brings a punch. The strong flavours and fresh crunchy prawns will definitely send your palate dancing.

After trying 2 dishes, I am already won over by the menu. The Torilla Melts with Thai Chilli Dip (R $5.50, L $8) comes with a choice of chicken or beef fillings. The Thai Chilli Dip made by the chef surprisingly was a delightful combination to the already delicious Tortilla Melts. It definitely lifted the dish to a new level.

For a hearty meal and if you are a cheese lover, you can try the Cheese Croque Sandwich ($8) that has ham, chicken pieces and mango. I like how the chef uses simple ingredients and combined them for a delectable dish.
Kraze Burgers
Kraze Burgers
Had late dinner at kraze burger on a friday night, because there wasn't much choices to choose from at MBS if you're looking for something affordable.

Kraze burger is generally affordable but the variety is quite little. They didn't have a set like burger, fries and drink.. unless it's the kids set or if u order ala carte. Kids set A or B has a burger, fries and a small cup of drink (apple juice, milk or orange juice).

Their main course which are burgers, comes with a side dish of salad, are too big for my liking so I bought the kids set! The kids set has too much fries as well but the burger size was okay by my opinion, good for those who don't eat much. The food was nice as well, the beef patty was well cooked and fries were crunchy!

their service was abit slow, called for bill and it came only 10 mins later.
Melting Pot Cafe-restaurant
Melting Pot Cafe-restaurant
We went to Melting Pot for their buffet dinner, and so shocked to see such a long queue on the food area at 6+pm.You can also make your own ice kacang too, but speaking from experience, the brown sugar syrup is not sweet at all.
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