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2005 - 2004
"This website is simple yet very useful. Excellent job!" Mr Mohamed Zairul - 24 Dec 2004
"Streetdirectory.com is an excellent web site. All the maps are perfect and acurate. Well done and keep it up". Dr Asghar Rana - 19 Dec 2004
"This is the most convenient website. I hope every country in the world makes something like this". Mrs. Suchismita Banerjee - 10 Dec 2004
“Streetdirectory.com's 'bus-route' feature from my place to my destination is really great and I appreciate it! thanks for this great service:-)”. Mr Ian - 2 Dec 2004
"As I visited the website for KL map I found that the map is very updated. It also help me remendously when I was driving around KL. Thank you very much". Mr Quek Hock Seng - 24 Nov 2004
"I am a little puzzled as to why restrict the reproduction of the actual map, because after all, it still contain your company's logo on the top left-hand corner. Nevertheless, I respect your regulations and will adhere to it strictly. Streetdirectory.com has been of excellent service to me and my organisation - we sincerely appreciate the work by you and your team!". Mr. Gilbert Tay - 30 Oct 2004
"You guys are doing a lot of VERY good improvements along the way! Very user-friendly!". Mr Yang Ye - 18 Oct 2004
"I Have been using your service since early 2000s. I love it for finding the places I'm not familiar with or postal code of a place I'm going to send letters to. Excellent job. Keep it up". Mr Firnando Chau - 10 Oct 2004
“I just wanna thank you for creating this website, it has been very helpful to me especially when I am starting to learn my way around Singapore. Keep up the good work!”. Ms. Sheila Balbarino
"I just love it and wont leave home without browsing it before I go for an appointment" Mr. Ahmad Fuad
"Just like to compliment on your marvelous routing/driving instructions. Really handy for those 'ulu' places. Thanks again" Mr. Ken Tan
"All I can say is WOW! What a site. My son recently took a job there in Singapore and I was uncertain about his Postal Code on Balmoral Road. Thanks to your site I was able to resolve the problem. Really liked your map." Nicholas Yanuzzi
"My name is Leon Tay and I am a lawyer practising in Singapore. I frequently have to run around Singapore for meetings with clients, site inspections and so on. I would just like to say that Streetdirectory.com has been, on many occasions a complete lifesaver. Instead of having to take down my client's full address, I just ask them for their 6 digit postal code, punch that in and voila! out comes the place where I need to be. Another few keystrokes and my route there is nicely laid out too. Would just like to say that you have a fantastic website and hope to see more improvements (though I can't really think of any right now)". Leon Tay
"Just the other day, I actually directed someone over the phone who was lost, driving to his destination, using this website. Like I said, too good to be true. Details are so accurate it's scary!!! Tell your guys there to keep up the good work!" Koh Kayatiie
"First and foremost, I would like to tell you what an excellent website this is! I have managed to use it countless of times without it ever letting me down!!!!! Websites like these are just too good to be true..."
"Just wanted to tell you how great streetdirectory.com is . . . I use it all the time, and find it indispensable to get around Singapore. I really am amazed that you're now posting building pictures". Mrs. Marsha Schoeneman